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The date I never thought would happen.

Hello my sexy readers,

How times have changed: I already have another post about yet another adventure! Life really has been exciting recently. Today's post is going to be about a recent experience that I honestly thought never would happen. Certainly, if you had told me 18 months ago that Mr L would suggest inviting another man along for a potential play date, I would not have believed you. Mr L has always said that he is not interested in getting a single man to join us and he seemed to feel quite strong about this. So how did we then find ourselves in exactly that scenario? What happened or what changed since we joined the LS? I am going to try and work through that here and then of course tell you a little about the night itself, because I know that's what you're all here for really!

Our first experiences with single men in the lifestyle weren't great. During our very first club visits, single men following couples around, showing little respect and trying to insert themselves into play situations without consent, essentially just trying to have sex as much as they possibly can. Over the years, however, we did find that not all single men were like that. Men, like all humans, are individuals and not all men are sex crazed creeps that roam around clubs making a nuisance of themselves. In time we discovered a few respectful, great guys that quietly hung around clubs and parties and that did everything right. The Dutch guy in that club in Amsterdam, Mr Nice Canadian guy in Grand Canaria and my good friend George, who is a very experienced single guy in the lifestyle and with whom I still chat weekly about anything and everything. These encounters all showed us, and Mr L especially, that single guys needn't be intimidating. There are men out there that are respectful, kind, friendly and who understand that they are joining a couple, rather than just a woman.

Mr L and I have also had a conversation about why I would want to play with another man. Initially he was concerned that I felt he was not enough, but of course that is not true. Mr L is the man I plan on growing old with and I love him very much. He was also my first and only relationship and when we met I had only had sex 5 times before. I'm not even kidding, I was virtually a virgin, so over the years I had wondered what it might be like to be with another man. Then once we were in the lifestyle and I had experiences with others, I came to enjoy the variety and the excitement that came with it. Mr L came to understand that this to me was about fun and trying new things, rather than a reflection on his ability as a man. So he relaxed and stopped worrying about other men being a potential threat to our relationship.

So becoming a little more comfortable with the notion of being around single guys in the LS was one factor that lead up to this meet and understanding why I might want to play with another man was another, but there was also another final part. We had had a few MFM experiences before. Either we had been with a couple where the female half didn't join in for one reason or another, or they had been MFMs with the single guys, and these experiences had always gone really well. Mr L finds these play experiences more relaxed as there's no pressure on him to perform for another woman, but mostly, he thrives on the compersion he feels when he sees me turned on, excited and happy. This is not to be confused with a hotwife dynamic, where a man gets turned on by the idea of seeing his wife with another man. If my happy place were a FFM threesome, big parties, orgies or anything else, then that is what he would look for for me. His pleasure comes specifically from my pleasure, whichever form that may take. And he knows that I really really enjoy MFM, because I very much love being the centre of attention. To be in-between two men that both focus their entire attention on me and to be touched by 4 manly hands is just heaven and then there's of course the two cocks I get to play with! Mr L knows that an MFM threesome is my perfect play scenario and because my pleasure is his turn on, he felt it was time to finally give me what I craved.

Familiarity with single guys and the discovery of compersion were needed to lead to the point Mr L suggested inviting a single man along for a date. Of course, Mr L would not just invite any old man along. It's very important to him that the man that might end up joining us in the bedroom, is someone that is low pressure. Someone for whom the lifestyle isn't purely about sex, someone who doesn't dive straight into sexy talk upon contacting us and that man happened to exist. Over the last 6 months or so, I had been having regular chats with a kind man who often kept me company over social media on nights Mr L was working, let's call this man Sam. We mostly talked about life, family and general chit chat. Mr L could read these conversations and quite liked what he saw: no pressure to meet, no demands for pictures, just respectful friendly chat. This same person was also in contact with a communal friend and one day recently we all had a group Skype chat. The impression we got of Sam via video chat was also good. He came across the same way as he had done via written communication. So when 2 weeks after that chat Mr L and I had a night in a hotel booked away, Mr L suggested inviting Sam along. I nearly choked on my drink when he said this, because I couldn't quite believe my ears. When we asked Sam, he readily said yes and so with one week left we suddenly had a date. I was excited and nervous; it had been a very very long time since we had done anything like this. In fact, hotel dates are something we have only done 2 times before. Throughout the next week, Sam and I chatted about what might possibly happen, talked about boundaries and sexy got a little more sexy than what we had had before, but nothing explicit. He made it clear that he had expectations for a nice social and that anything extra would be a bonus. I let him know, that if it was clear that we all get on well, the extra was pretty much a certainty.

Finally it was the day of the meet. It had been a tense lead up to the day, because at some point it looked like Mr L's work schedule wasn't going to work out as planned. Luckily it did all come together in the end, but things got tense, which didn't help the butterflies in my stomach, nor my sleep the night before. I was excited and really nervous about heading into the unknown. I packed about 4 outfits and and equally silly number of lingerie sets, because I couldn't make up my mind what to wear!

When we got to the hotel, we had the best check in procedure I have ever had: warm chocolate chip cookies on arrival. It was delicious! I think all hotels should do this 😋 We quickly put our stuff in our bedroom and then popped up to Sam's room to say hi and then see where we'd go for a drink and something to eat. I didn't quite know how to greet him: hug? kiss? shake hands? I didn't know what to do, so I went for the standing awkwardly as a slight distance while having an awkward chat. We agreed to meet in the lobby 30 min later so we could all get dressed into something nicer and then drive to a pub down the road.

Half an hour later we were downstairs. I had changed into my favourite leopard skin dress and a new lingerie set, because the one I had been wearing before was causing me trouble! A sad victim of my weight loss. We all drove to the pub a short way away and settled in for a few drinks. Sam and I sat together and Mr L opposite us. The awkwardness from the bedroom chat was now gone. Conversation flowed nicely and a few a few drinks we moved on to a restaurant for something to eat. We had hoped for a circular booth to be free so I could sit inbetween the men, but unfortunately they were all taken. While waiting to be seated at the restaurant, Sam gently put his arm around my waist and I leaned into him. This felt really lovely & natural. I was pretty sure I knew exactly where the night was heading. Sam and I sat next to each other again in the restaurant and after we had finished our meal and when Mr L popped to the toilet, he leant in for a kiss and of course I reciprocated. I was instantly impressed by how great a kisser Sam was. Gentle, no tongue instantly down my throat. Very much the way I like to be kissed. Mr L returned and we broke off the kiss. It was time to head back to the hotel.

Sam and I went ahead to the hotel, because Mr L had to move the car. We popped into my bedroom to pick up some bits and pieces for me and then went up to Sam's room to wait for Mr L. As soon as we walked in and the door closed behind us, Sam pulled me into him and we started kissing. His kissing was just as good as in the restaurant, but this time our hands could explore. He found the zip of my dress and my dress slipped down and fell to my feet. That was such a sensual and erotic moment, it's just seared into my memory. We carried on kissing and then my bra came off. Seconds after my bra hit the floor, there was a knock on the door: Mr L had arrived. I don't know what Mr L had expected to see, but I doubt he had expected me to be semi-naked quite so quickly!

Once Mr L had arrived, we all moved to the bed. Sam clearly is fond of kissing and as soon as we were all cuddled up on the bed, the kissing recommenced. Both men were stroking and touching me and hands soon moved down and removed my knickers. Sam knew exactly how to touch me with his fingers, he was good! My experience with men in the lifestyle is that most seem to want to fuck hard or want to quite roughly finger bang me. Sam however, seemed to know exactly what I liked, he was quite gentle and sensual, his fingers never rough and using just enough pressure to feel good. The night was mostly filled with touching and kissing. Sometimes I would be kissing Mr L, while Sam touched my body and made me squirm with pleasure, sometimes I would kiss Sam, while Mr L would give me oral or fuck me, or Sam fucked me while I kissed Mr L and of course we had moments of me giving the one of the men oral while the other fucked me, essentially every MFM configuration imaginable, we did it! Well, except for DP, that is not something that is going to happen anytime soon. In between play, we'd have the occasional little break for a drink, a cuddle and a chat. At some point I declared that threesomes are the best thing ever and everyone should do them more often, which made everyone chuckle. Both Mr L and Sam commented on how I was very obviously a very happy woman that night and that was true. I didn't really want the night to stop but after what must have been 3 hours or near enough continuous play, both Mr L and Sam had both come and I was tired and a little sore, so it was time to leave Sam's room and go and get some much deserved sleep.

The next day, Sam had to unfortunately leave much earlier than us, so we didn't get to say goodbye and thank him for the great night. A goodbye hug and kiss would have been lovely. For me, the night was filled with great memories. I think that this is the first time in our whole time in the lifestyle, that I have played with a man whose play style matched mine so closely. Sam was gentle, no pressure, he liked to take his time to explore and enjoy. Just like I like a lot of touch and sensuality, although of course I have my moments where I am in the mood for a little more rougher play, but generally I like a lot of gentle touch. I have found that is often not what happens in the play situations we have found ourselves in over the last few years. Things tend to move along quickly and that suits neither Mr L nor I. This means that I have been thinking a lot about our future approach in the lifestyle. How will we incorporate a certain level of sensuality in our future experiences? Especially considering we quite like going to clubs, places not exactly known for this. I suspect it's going to take a fair bit of the scary thing that everyone gets nervous about: communication! As for future MFM threesomes, they will definitely happen, but this will be alongside our club adventures and our search for a local couple where we finally experience that magical four way connection.

I hope that you enjoyed reading and until next time,


Mrs L xx

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