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Swinging, lockdown style.

Hi everyone!

I started writing this quite a while ago now, but lockdown life with kids around 24/7 really wasn't all that conducive to writing. They're all back out of the house now and so I have time to get out that laptop and spend a few uninterrupted hours writing. Yay! So here are our lockdown adventures. The swinging lifestyle didn't completely end for us, it just changed, as you will see.

How life has changed since our last adventure! A pandemic has hit us and the world ground to a halt, as I am sure every single person reading this blog, knows. So how are we coping with this huge change to our life and are we still managing to have some fun? Well, by the end of this post you should know the answer!

Like many of you, we suddenly found all future events cancelled and much to our sadness, that included our June trip to Mexico and Desire in particular. We had been looking forward to this so much, so that certainly put a big damper on things. And of course we now had our kids with us 24/7. We often counted on the school hours to have some daytime fun together (one of the few perks of shift work). All of this was now impossible and combined with the inability to go to our favourite LS club, our sex life inevitably took a huge nose dive to virtually non-existent. But fear not, dear readers, we managed to revive it. So how did we get our sexy back on during these stressful times, while surrounded by kids? Well, a few things happened:

When the month of April came along, I noticed that Cate from the Swinging Downunder podcast was resurrecting the #30daysoflingerie challenge on Twitter. I love wearing lingerie and Mr L loves seeing me in lingerie, so to give myself something fun to do, I decided to join in. I set myself a little personal challenge of no repeats as well. I thoroughly enjoyed joining in with this challenge and it had the unexpected side effect of rekindling our sex life. I have no idea why it was unexpected, because I know how much the sight of me in lingerie turns Mr L on; I really should have seen this coming!

At around the same time, we asked on Fab if any of our friends would like a Zoom chat. The response was underwhelming, to say the least, but one person did get in touch, let's call him George. We had met at a mini lifestyle festival last summer, but hadn't played. I really liked him at the time, because we had some really good deep conversations on all sorts of topics and he had that silver fox look that I find so hot. So one Saturday night, early on in lockdown, we got together via Skype and before we know it, all three of us were naked on screen having fun. From that moment, George and I had regular chats. At first these were often sexy chats; just him and me. There was something about the taboo of being a married woman getting sexy with another man, even if it was virtual that turned me on big time. Just thinking about the chats got me very wet and I tended to come very quickly once we got playing together. I don't normally orgasm easily, so that in itself really was quite something. Until very recently Mr L would not have been happy with me chatting with a single guy like this, so it came as a big surprise that I had Mr L's blessing to keep those regular chats with George going. This was a big step in our lifestyle journey and for ages I could not quite believe my luck; I was sure Mr L was going to change his mind at some point, but that never happened! Soon George and I got into a routine of chatting every week and our chats evolved over time from sexy chat with us getting naked and masturbating, to long conversations about everything going on in the world and society. At times Mr L would join in with the chats and occasionally we'd end up in a kind of virtual threesome. This was almost always unplanned and so I would be on my phone, instead of the laptop. It still makes me smile when I think of the times Mr L was having sex with me while I was trying to hold my phone above me to let George feel he's part of the fun. It was a little awkward at times, but we could still play at being exhibitionists during lockdown! Even though we are all back to work and lockdown has eased, George and I still chat every week. In fact, once restrictions eased, he thanked us for being there for him when he found the loneliness of lockdown getting to him. We hope to meet up with him in person, when the time is right, but George lives on the other side of the country, so who knows when that will happen.

Another lockdown adventure of ours, was our foray into an online group chat/event. We noticed that a handful of our local friends all joined a virtual group event that was organised by a local party host. It seemed like fun, so we asked if we could join too. The online party was organised as a quiz or bingo night, but with a sexy dress code. Once the winners were announced, things then quickly descended into raunchy, sexy chat. It was a lot of fun, both because we got to see some of our regular LS friends again and because everyone was in a party mood and got naked. We only got to attend two of the events, but one of them in particular will be in my memory as the wildest night I've ever had without leaving my house. It all started with me resting my head on Mr L's belly after the quiz was finished and while I was watching all the innuendo and banter happening on screen. One of our friends suggested I might as well give Mr L a blowjob, considering my head was right next to his cock. I took on the challenge and that resulted in other women following suit and going down on their partners too. I then moved on to sitting on Mr L and riding his cock. When it came clear Mr L had come, the others cheered for him; it was a night of virtual parallel play. Our inner exhibitionists were having a blast! This was as close to lifestyle party as we'd ever get while in lockdown. Unfortunately that was also the last virtual meeting. Lockdown eased after that, and from reading between the lines, it was clear that some of the participants in the group chat were planning in person meets the following week. A few days later our suspicions were confirmed, however, we had already decided not to go back to that group again. The evenings themselves had been great fun, but unfortunately things went wrong shortly afterwards. The male half of the organising couple had clearly enjoyed our on screen show and the next day he started bombarding me with a mixture of funny videos and very odd, or should I say niche, porn. As well as that, he had also tracked me down on Facebook! It felt really stalker-ish and took us completely by surprise, as he had never addressed us as a couple, or one of us personally, during the group chat. We had no idea of his interest until the barrage of porn started! Luckily he backed off quickly when we let him know we weren't interested, but it was an uncomfortable situation and as a result we were going to stay away from this particularly group chat.

We were a little concerned that the online group chat stopped so soon after the first signs of an ease in lockdown. Mr L and I both felt that it is still much too early to start having sexy in person group meets. COVID-19 is still in the world, it has not gone away at all. It also made us reconsider future meets with some of these people. If people go back so quickly to group play in a pandemic, how does it reflect on their attitude to personal safety in general and sexual health in particular? These were all questions going through our mind back in June when I started writing this post; however since then, our views on this have mellowed a little bit and although we won't be rushing back to busy clubs and parties, we do understand that everyone has a different risk perception.

I was going to write a little on our lifestyle plans now that pubs and clubs are reopening, but I will leave that for a future blog post. It is obviously a forever changing situation, but we do have a general idea how we will approach this. Hopefully that future post will be ready much more quickly than this one now the kids are all back at school and I have some more alone time.

Until next time.


Mrs L xx

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