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Our swingerversary holiday part 1: Gran Canaria

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Hello my sexy readers,

I am writing this from my cold and rather wet home, but am still glowing from all the memories Mr L and I made last week during our one year “swingerversary” holiday and I will share them all with you now.

Our first steps into the lifestyle had been in Tenerife. Almost as soon as we had come back home, we decided to go back. We managed to wrangle a week’s worth of childcare and so it was that we booked our first ever kids’ free holiday in forever. We split the holiday equally between Gran Canaria and Tenerife, because we had heard Gran Canaria, and Playa del Ingles in particular, was very popular with swingers, but we also wanted to revisit our first ever club in Tenerife.

Mr L did his research well and we arrived late at night in the beautiful Gold Hotel, an adult only hotel loved by swingers and the gay community, which I would highly recommend. The first night we met up with some friends at a swingers bar, but we were tired from travelling and work, so left early. However, it was clear that PDI was full of swingers and that our stay was going to be fun packed.

On our first day, during breakfast by the pool, we opened the “who is near” feature on our dating app and there at least 2 couples reporting that they were at the Gold hotel pool and countless more very nearby. It was so much fun sitting at the breakfast table by the pool trying to spot the fellow swingers. We did manage to spot a couple and introduced ourselves. By the end of the 4 days we knew all the lifestyle couples at the hotel and although we weren’t really interested in play with them, bringing a bunch of swingers together always leads to a great, relaxed and fun atmosphere. We miss those people!

So what sexy fun did we get up to? Well, we had 3 extremely busy nights.

Night 1: Taking it further with old friends.

The night started on a funny note when my dress fell apart in a tapas bar. I managed to fashion it into asymmetric designer number and off we went to the swingers' bar, where we had planned to meet up with friends we had met during a previous visit to PDI. When we got there, we discovered that a couple we knew from home (E&Y) was in PDI too. We got chatting and then decided to head to one of the clubs together, but first E, gentleman that he is, ran all the way back to their hotel and fetched a safety pin to fix my dress! Now that's what I call foreplay!

At the club I spotted a pole and everyone that knows me knows I cannot resist a bit of pole dancing. In no time I was up on the stage, dancing and twirling around in the most seductive and sexy way I possibly good. The whole group enjoyed the show and it got everyone quite turned on. Once I came down for a break, we started talking about kissing and decided to show off our kissing techniques on each other. We talked about Y and I being "fussy cummers" and at that point we thought it best to find ourselves a play room, so we could carry on testing our kissing techniques and to find out for once and for all which of the women was the hardest to get to orgasm.

In the playroom, the women started play off by kissing and playing with each other's breasts. Mr L started having sex with me while Y and E took turns kissing me and sucking my nipples. It was a great place to be: getting spoiled by three amazing people. Only in the lifestyle, right?!

Unfortunately I needed to interrupt proceedings at that point for a quick toilet visit and when I came back, Mr L is going down on Y. I went to lie down on the bed with Y and started kissing her, while E started going down on me too. Shortly after we swapped to us girls giving the guys blowjobs. After a short time E asked me to stop and we both turned our attention to the other two. Pretty much at the same time I heard Mr L making quite loud noises, which made me think he was in pain! So I ask Y to slow down, because I thought her BJ technique might be a touch too intense for Mr L. Y stopped and I took over and it didn't take long for Mr L to come. Unfortunately I interrupted something good there and Mr L told me afterwards I shouldn't have intervened. So sorry, my love!

After that us girls decided to find out who was the "fussiest cummer". We exchanged toys: I gave her my favourite mini wand and she gave me her Womanizer. I had heard a lot about Womanizers, but never used one, so was extremely curious about trying it. Y orgasmed first, but unfortunately not with my wand, because the batteries died on her! I was struggling a little with keeping the Womanizer in place, so Y helped me and a few minutes later I orgasmed too. It's very unusual for me to orgasm in front of anyone but Mr L, so I call that a win for both our friends and the toy!

The head turning outfit

Night 2: A dilemma

The night started off with yet another tapas meal. Mr L had challenged me to go for a meal dressed in my mini leather shirt, leather corset and stockings. He thought I would chicken out, but I love feeling sexy and it was fetish week in PDI, so I would look pretty normal among the people clad in leather straps, latex or even full on puppy gear. When I walked into the restaurant in my outfit one man's eyes nearly popped out of his head. He spent his meal looking back at me, while grinning a goofy grin and was lucky there were no obstacles near the exit, or he would have walked right into something. It was very amusing to see someone so mesmerised by my mere presence. I never had anyone look at me that way back when I was young, so for it to happen in my 40's is kind of a confidence booster.

We had been looking forward to the night as some of our oldest friends were arriving that night and we were looking forward to seeing them. However, when we saw them, they were accompanied by a really rowdy crowd. It was someone's 50th birthday and they were looking for 50 women so the guy could have 50 blow jobs. I did not want to be involved with that, so we moved to the other side of the bar, to another group of people we knew. When it came to the point people were going to move on to a club we had a dilemma. The rowdy bunch was moving to our favourite club, yet the group of people we really liked and wanted to hang out with was moving to a club which Mr L doesn't like (reasons why will be their very own blog post). We decided to move to the club we did not like as much. After some sexy dancing (on the pole of course!), the group decided to move to the play room. This is where we ended up having quite a long and intense chat, because I could tell Mr L was not entirely comfortable being in the particular club we were. In the end he insisted I go and find our friends and have fun, which I did, but not without reservations. Because I got to the playroom a little later and it was dark, I struggled finding our friends. When I did, I found a big orgy going on. I dived in by by kissing a Scottish man I really liked and who was fucking someone else. Before I knew it he was fucking me instead. I sort of felt guilty towards the other woman, but they both told me not to worry. Mr L had decided to sit the play session out, watching, but our Scottish friend's wife thought he looked a little lonely, so started giving him a blowjob for a while. After play, we all moved to the bar area. I was aware Mr L was not feeling happy, but unfortunately at that moment, our old friends from home arrived. We had known them for nearly a year, yet still hadn't played with them, despite there being some definite chemistry. In my happy, post sex, slightly tipsy state, I forgot about Mr L's unhappiness and ran up to them giving the biggest hug and kiss and demanded to know when I would finally get to fuck them. We spent a little longer in the club and went home. I was blissfully unaware about the extent of Mr L's feelings about the night and went to sleep.

My asymmetric broken dress.

Night 3: Hi Mr Nice Canadian Guy,

The next morning it was clear that Mr L did not feel happy about what had happened, it wasn't the sex, but the situation of going to a place he didn't like. We had planned to go to a barbecue at a swingers' resort, but cancelled that to spend the whole morning talking. We talked about what to do in situations where you should say no to the other party instead of trying to keep them happy. I am the accelerator and Mr L is the brake, but he's a brake who loves to keep the accelerator happy, which occasionally causes problems, such as the night before. I will not go into it at this point as that really is a whole blog post on its own and I want to keep this light, but this difference in mindset is important for the events of the night.

By the end of the day we were both much more relaxed and had some of the most amazing (and noisy as those in the bar later tell us) reconnection sex we have had in a while.

It was sexy secretary night in the bar and we decided that due to the events of the last 24 hours, we needed to focus on each other. We decided to go out with the intention not to play with anyone else and to just have fun together. To mix things up a little we tried another swingers' bar, but it was empty. We walked on and ended up encountering a couple and single guy from the hotel, who were sitting in a German bar where they played schlager music that reminded me of my grandparents, not a sexy place! I quite liked the couple, but really did not like the attitude and politics of the single guy. Somehow I ended up separated from Mr L and next to the not so nice single guy and it was clear he was hoping for more than just conversation. I had to kick Mr L under the table to tell him to go as soon as we finished our drink, which thankfully he understood!

We moved onto the usual bar for the sexy secretary night and to meet all our friends, but due to our conversation during the day, we did not move on to the same club as the others. Instead we went to our favourite club. As usual, I stripped down to my lingerie and did my sexy dance around the pole. I directed the dancing mostly at Mr L, but I couldn't help but notice that I have many eyes on me. I make eye contact with one in particular near us, but am aware of our intention for the night. Just flirting is fun too. Some of our friends from home arrived in the club and we all had fun dancing and chatting. By that point, we were both so very relaxed and happy.

Shortly after Mr Nice Canadian Guy walked over to talk to us. Talk was flirty, but Mr NCG was respectful and gentle. At some point during our time with him, Mr NCG touched me gently. Mr L found that very erotic and suggested we find a playroom. Well, I could not believe my ears! He who had been reluctant to accept the idea of a single guy, was now the one suggesting we should go to a play room, and that on a day where we said we wouldn't play. Of course I said yes, I could not let a chance to get spoiled by two men go by!

The club was busy, but we found a bed with space. As soon as we found a free space, both men started by kissing and caressing me all over while standing by the bed. When hands started drifting towards the space between my legs, I went to lie down on the bed. By that point Mr L was very ready to start fucking me. He entered me while Mr NCG kissed me, stroked me all over my body, played with my clit and told me how amazing and beautiful I was. He really was so gentle and nice. While Mr L was still fucking me, I pulled down Mr NCG's underwear and took his cock in my mouth. It didn't take very long for Mr NCG to come and by then Mr L was finished too. We all came back out of the room for another drink and some more chat and sexy dancing. After a while we all got horny again, so we moved back into a playroom. How I loved being on that bed, being kissed and caressed by two gorgeous men. They received alternate blowjobs, while I received oral from both and got fucked by Mr L. By the time we emerged from the playroom, the club had virtually emptied. Time really flies when you're having fun. We said our goodbyes to Mr NCG and went back to our hotel feeling light and happy.

Once back at the hotel we had a drink on the balcony of our room, where somehow I found myself kneeling in front of Mr L and sucking his cock. I told him I wanted him to tie my hands behind my back while I carried on with the blowjob. He of course obliged and after lots of dirty talk we ended up on the bed: me with my hands tied while he bent me over the bed to fuck me from behind. It was amazing how our meeting with Mr NCG had fired us up and by the time we finally fell asleep it was far too late for people who have a plane to catch the next day.

The next day we said our goodbyes to all our new friends around the pool, handed out our left over alcohol and bid farewell to Gran Canaria. It had been a blast and we are definitely going to be back next year. But for now, we were wondering what Tenerife would bring. Would it live up to our memories? Will we make new friends around the pool? If you'd like to know, hang around for episode 2 of our swingerversary trip: a trip down Tenerife's memory lane.

See you next time, sexy friends xx

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