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The Answers You Need

We are interested in joining the lifestyle. Where do we start?

Our advice is not to do as we did and just into the deep end, but to do a little research first. This will be very individual for everyone, because the lifestyle is different for everyone. Getting some info on what the lifestyle is from a wide variety of sources is useful though. 
For us this was mostly in the form of podcasts, but there are a few good blogs out there too.

What resources are out there?

We are a big fan of podcasts and have listened to a huge range of them over the years. Some we stopped listening to, because we didn't find them relevant, others stuck. There are also a handful of good blogs and websites out there. Here are a few of our favourites.


The Bedhoppers: The biggest and best UK based lifestyle podcast.

Wanderlust Swingers: They give a more international look on swinging and but have some really great episodes on rules, conflict, jealousy and more.

Normalizing Non-Monogamy: This podcast I found incredibly useful for understanding ethical non-monogamy and the myriad of ways people do swinging and polyamory or both. It really helped me understand there's no 1 right or wrong way to do ethical non-monogamy and swinging.

The By the Bi podcast: This podcast has a wealth of information on all sorts of topics to do with the lifestyle, kink, bisexuality, gender and more. It's would take forever to listen through the whole back catalogue, but you can search through their episodes to find specific topics

We Gotta Thing: One of the oldest and most well known lifestyle podcasts,  who tackle a topic a week, which makes searching a topic of specific interest easier.

Room 77: I love these two, hilarious and but still managing to cover some great topics at times.

The Sapphic Swingers: The lifestyle from the perspective of a lesbian couple, quite unique in the lifestyle


The Monogamish Marriage if you're interested in a more stag/vixen dynamic for advice on pretty much anything swinging related.

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