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Our Journey: a trip to Amsterdam

In March 2019, we were in the lucky position to find ourselves with a child free weekend. We decided to go to Amsterdam, a city I had never visited, though Mr L had been there. It has a reputation for being a quite sexy destination, so we were hoping that we would enjoy some sexy adventures ourselves.

We stayed in a little quirky boutique hotel above a restaurant in the north of the city. The weekend was one of torrential rain and stormy winds, so we took full advantage of our lovely hotel room and big bath for some serious relaxation. In the end we did venture out and had a quick walk around the centre of town, marvelled at the amount of sex shops, the amazing display in the condom shop and then bought a cannabis laced brownie. It didn't take long for the rain to start soaking through our coats, so we hid in a bar to dry out for a while and then went back to our hotel to get ready for the night. We planned on having the brownie later that night, for when we went to a swinger club that was within walking distance of our hotel.

The night came and we were looking forward to finding out whether the Paradise Club really was the best club in Amsterdam as the website proclaimed. We walked to our destination with the usual mix of excitement and nerves and as we got close this changed into dread. A group of 3 young single men were hanging around outside. I optimistically hoped they were there because they were on their way somewhere else, but they followed us in.

Inside we were greeted with a club that was probably last decorated somewhere in the late 80's/early 90's. It was all shiny brass and mirrors, with some fake plants thrown in. The club was literally full of single men, with only about 5-6 couples. I didn't feel comfortable, but it was early and we decided to have a drink and make the best of the situation. On the big screen, that was showing some sexy show, a scrolling banner reminded men not to "hunt", but this was clearly ignored and not policed.

Wherever a couple went, a gaggle of 4-5 single men would follow and it was no different for us. We sat down on some comfy seats and as we were chatting a man, who was on the benches behind us, slowly but surely moved closer and closer to us and then suddenly I felt his hand sliding across my shoulder. I told the man to get off and move away, which he did for about 5 minutes. Fed up with the unwanted attention, we decided to explore the club. It had a pool, that looked nice enough, but was freezing cold; not what you expect in a swingers club. There was a couple in there, who were shouting at us, trying to get us to join, but it was just not appealing. The single men were still following us, so we went into the only private play room there was in this club. The play room was essentially a conservatory with blinds on all windows. The other playroom was an identical room, but with no blinds on the windows. As soon as we were in and locked the room, the men outside the room started banging the door and rattling the handle. Wow, we couldn't believe this behaviour. We wondered if this has ever made a couple go: "oh go on then, if you're so desperate, you can come in." We tried to ignore it and have a little play to continue making the best of the night.

When we emerged from the play room, we went back to the bar area and found the couple from the pool sitting there. We joined them for a chat, but pretty soon we discovered that this couple was very odd. The man told us he brain damaged due to an car accident and it was obvious. The relationship with his female companion seemed not evenly balanced, we had the impression she seemed to be taking advantage of him somehow. The conversation turned odd, with the man almost demanding to know why we weren't playing. Suddenly someone sitting near us joined the chat and rescued us from the couple. It was a single guy, but this one was quite handsome, friendly, intelligent and respectful. We had another drink with him and I really took a shine to him. We had a drink together and Mr L could tell I wanted to play with this Dutch guy. Mr L had had a couple of drinks, so was pretty chilled,. This was why he didn't object when one of us proposed moving on to the play room. I was pretty surprised, because single men had always been off the menu, so to speak. We ran the gauntlet of single guys and made our way to the play rooms. Unfortunately the playroom with the blinds was occupied and locked, so we went into the other playroom, which was essentially a conservatory inside the building, and locked the door. Again the handles were rattled and fists started banging on the door and windows, some pressed their faces against the window to see in and were masturbating. We ignored them and got down to the business of having some sexy fun. I really enjoyed being the centre of attention and getting kissed, caressed and fucked by two men in all sorts of positions. After a while the noise at the doors and windows stopped and I couldn't help but think how the Dutch guy had his strategy worked out perfectly, while those other guys will probably be going home without a chance to play. After we finished playing we went to the bar for a drink. Dutch guy was close behind me and kept gently touching and kissing me. I really enjoyed this and started leaning into him and returning the touching and kissing. Before we knew it, we moved to comfy seat in a dark corner of the bar area and we all fucked again. Time flew and next thing we know, we are told the club is about to close and it is time to go home. We look around us and we find ourselves pretty much alone. We said our goodbyes and made our way home. We didn't exchange any details and in the meantime even his name has gone from my mind, but I will forever think back to this encounter with fondness. A night that had all the omens of being a bad one, turned good in the end.

Once back at the hotel we shared the brownie and had another drink. We chatted about the experience, especially as Mr L had always said no single guys. I asked him whether this had changed his mind about playing with a single guy in the future, and he told me it hadn't. This had been a situational exception. Then the brownie's magic kicked in and we had sex until early hours. It's quite amazing how much sex can happen in one night!

The next day we started off with doing a few touristy things, to have some pictures for the family. A swinger holiday does also require making sure you have some traditional holiday pictures to show the family, a decoy for the true purpose of your trip. We had planned to try club Fata Morgana for the day. Some well travelled friends recommended this club as a good place to go on a Sunday afternoon/evening. When we arrived, we were impressed. It genuinely was the most beautiful club we had been to so far. It has and outdoor pool that is open in summer, a very big hot tub, 3 floors of play rooms that are genuinely comfy and nicely thought out, an on site buffet restaurant and as many towels you could ever need. The entrance fee also covers all the food and drink, so it is good value.

When we got there, the club was a little quiet, but we enjoyed our free cocktails and were looking forward to relaxing in the hot tub and exploring a new place. We had some food, which was absolutely delicious, and when I was finished, but Mr L was still eating, I popped to the bar to get myself a drink. I fully planned to return to Mr L, but me being the chatty person that I am, ended up getting stuck there while chatting to a nice Dutch couple, Mr and Mrs Pianist. Mr L joined me when he realised that I was not going to be returning any soon. We all had a good chat, but weren't really planning on playing, so when Mr Pianist suggested finding a play room, we told them we had actually planned to go into the hot tub for a while. Mr and Mrs Pianist said that if that was our plan, then they'd come and join us for a while. Once inside the water, things soon became much more touchy feely. Mr Pianist started playing with me and it felt good. They suggested going to a play room and considering how good Mr Pianist was with his fingers, I thought it might be a good idea. We found ourselves a room and got comfy. Mr Pianist went back to work with his fingers, but out of the water he was a little rougher and that took me by surprise. Next thing I know he asks me if I want his whole hand in me and my vagina instantly dried up with surprise and shock at the question and I quickly and firmly said no. Getting fisted is definitely not on my fuck-it list! In the meantime Mr L is giving Mrs Pianist oral and she seems to be really enjoying it. As I am now a little worried that Mr Pianist's technique might get too aggressive for me, I move on to give him a blow job instead. This is where I came up close and personal to the biggest foreskin I have ever seen. I swear it was as long as the shaft of his penis. This did not feel nice to touch. The play session didn't last much longer after that. The unexpected proposal for a whole hand up my vagina, had made me completely lose my mojo. We had another drink with Mr and Mrs Pianist, who then left in true Dutch style, by cycling back home.

After this, Mr L and I grabbed a drink and went back to the hot tub. We spent the rest of the evening just floating in the warm water and then later relaxing on the seats by the hot tub. Mr L especially enjoyed watching a couple of beautiful women having some sexy fun, which led to us having some more sexy fun together. We really enjoyed the club. It was beautiful and had a calm, relaxed atmosphere. A bit like a spa, but for swingers. We have since been back in summer, when the outdoor pool area is open, and we hope to one day go there again, but this time with friends.

The next day we sadly had to go home. We had a late flight and the weather had picked up, so we managed to visit the famous canals and explore the centre a bit more. We thoroughly enjoyed our first ever dirty weekend away without the kids. We managed to pack in so much and we are looking forward to the next one.

I hope you enjoyed our Dutch adventures as much as we did.

Until next time sexy friends.

Love, Mrs L xx

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Mrs L is so dam sexy. Xxx


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Loved reading your blogs...invigorating

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