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Best birthday ever!

Hello my sexy readers,

It's finally here! The long awaited tale of what happened at my sexy birthday party. I can tell you it was a lot of fun and I think it was one of the best birthdays I have had in a long time. It was so much fun.

So in the week leading up to my birthday I had put the word out that it was my birthday and if anyone could go to the club that night, we'd love to see them. Unfortunately only 1 couple confirmed they would come, in fact they were at the NYE and when I walked into the club on NYE, Sassy, the female half of the couple, had walked up on me and told me that I was on her to do list that night. Unfortunately, I ended up a little bit distracted that night and I was still on her to do list by the end of the night. BUT at the end of the NYE party we gave them a lift home and they told us that they would be definitely be there for my birthday and so they were!

We both happened to arrive at the club at the same time, and they immediately offered us a round of Tequila Rose shots. Even though the club was quiet, it looked like it was going to be an awesome night. All four of us immediately spotted an interesting contraption in the corner of the dance floor that had not been there before. It looked like it was BDSM equipment: a cage with cushioned seating on top and a gap where whoever was in the cage could stick their head through and have access to the seated person's private parts. The possibilities for fun were obviously immediately clear. We chatted with the owner for a while about his new purchase and then of course the inevitable happened: within being in the club for less than 1h I climbed up to the seating and Sassy got into the cage and we tried out the new toy. It was super sexy and hit my exhibitionist button big time. I was enjoying her ministrations and could have been up there forever. The club's owner then asked if he could take a pic, as we were the first people to ever use the new equipment and of course we said yes...

We then moved to the sitting area where it's a little cosier after the shenanigans on top of the cage were over. A handful op people that Sassy and Sammy knew were there too, so we had a nice time just sitting around chatting with everyone. After a few rounds of drinks and a lot of fun and laughter, Sassy suddenly said it was time to spoil the birthday girl and that we should find a playroom. We, of course, didn't say no to that and we all went to the Round Room, our favourite playroom in the club which has a big round bed. Much to our surprise, it was freezing inside there, but we soon warmed up the way us swingers know how to do best. Sassy got out her big bag of tricks and fished out a harness and a BIG dildo. She put it on and told me she was finally going to fuck me with her big dildo, like she promised me the previous week. The only lube we could find was a fruit flavoured one, which turned out not to taste of any fruit at all and which was very sticky once it dried. Anyway, because the dildo was big, she was very careful when she first pushed the dildo inside me. Her worries about me were unfounded though: I could take that dildo with ease! She asked me how I liked it and I told her: "deep and hard!" She happily obliged and started fucking me as I had asked. It was very obvious she had done this before and she did an amazing job with that dildo. It felt good!

In the meantime, the men were either side of me. I tried to give Mr L and Sammy a hand job, but Sammy was circumcised and it just wasn't working without lube. Being not someone who needs to use lube often, I vastly overestimated how much lube was needed when I squeezed some onto his cock and we were pretty much growing in the stuff. BUT, the hand job went much much better and he really enjoyed himself, despite the excess lube going everywhere. I then moved on to give him a BJ, but hadn't got far when Sassy announced that it was time that I had the real thing. She instructed Sammy to come over and take over from her. He of course didn't have to be asked twice and I was just as keen to discover what his girthy cock would feel like inside me. While Sammy was fucking me, and fucking me very nicely if I may say so, Sassy had the brilliant idea of using her wand on Mr L's cock. If I remember rightly I had mentioned Mr L quite enjoys that and being the giver that she is, she got quite a bit of enjoyment out of watching Mr L's moans and squirming!

When we were finished it was back to the bar for a drink and well, I couldn't resist climbing back on the cage. Seeing me sit atop of the cage, proved irresistible to Sammy and he climbed in and went down (up?) on me. It was most enjoyable, after a while, Sassy asked him to move aside so she could have a turn. She wasn't going for long, when unfortunately things went very wrong. I have a few small vascular spots on my labia and one had opened and had started bleeding. The thing is, when these bleed, which is rare, they really bleed. Poor Sassy looked like a vampire. She told me I was bleeding and I jumped down quickly to run off to the bathroom and clean myself up.

When I walked back from the toilets, I saw that everyone had moved to the seating area. All of Sassy and Sammy's friends were gone and they were replaced by the Troublesome Twosome. Yes, it was the couple that had invented the walking glory hole that I mentioned in the story about the Christmas party We had a good chat with them, they are always hilarious, and then the topic of the earlier bloody mishap came up. Mr Trouble was intrigued. He asked me if he could inspect my pussy and I consented. As well as hilarious, he is actually also handsome in a boyish kind of way. He moved my knickers to the side and had a closer look. Could he go down on me? "Of course", I said and so he did. He was very good at this, using his fingers as well as his tongue. He then asked if he could fuck me and again, I was happy for that. I could see his cock was hard and really quite big. I was a little bit concerned my latex free condoms wouldn't fit him, but they did and it worked fine. Then while he was fucking me, he got out a mini wand from a tool belt he was wearing and put it on my clit. He was so incredibly good at fucking me without moving the vibrator away from the Good Spot. It was an awesome experience. Around me things were kicking off with others too. Especially Mrs Trouble, who was being surrounded by no less than 3 different people who all were kissing her boobs or going down on her. She looked like she was having a ball!

At the very end of the night, we all felt it was time for a little dance on the dance floor. It was just the 6 of us on the dance floor and as Sassy was putting her clothes back on to get ready go go home, Mr Trouble approached her. Next thing I know she was getting fucked by him on a bar stool, he then picked her up (she's only tiny) and put her down on the concrete floor and carried on down there, seeing this, Sammy clearly thought that that was a brilliant idea and he moved Mrs Trouble on the floor and did the same. Then as they were in the middle of fucking, while Mr L and I were watching, the lights came on, the music was turned off and it was time to go. But not before Mr Trouble had a little banter with the bar staff, asking him to please tell him off about something as they have a reputation to keep up and they hadn't been told off yet that night!

And that, my sexy reader, was how my birthday started. It was genuinely the best birthday I have had in a long time and certainly beats last year's Covid birthday!

We have a lot of things in the diary for this year already, so I'm sure I'll be back with more adventures before long.

Until then.


Mrs L x

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