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A Sexy Winter Getaway - Part 1

Hello sexy readers,


It’s been a while and I have a ton of drafts sitting waiting to be finished, but life has changed a lot since my last blog post and well, it’s been busy! BUT we have just come back from Gran Canaria, our first trip back to the island since 2022 and so much happened while we were out there, I just had to get it all down before the memories start fading.


The start of our trip was not looking all that auspicious. Mr L had just had Covid (just like before a trip in 2022!) and I was exhausted from working and dealing with the whole Christmas period while also looking after an ill husband. But the date came, we masked up and decided to make it at the very least a restful trip to the sun if we didn’t feel up to going out.


Our first 2 days were exactly that: spending some quality time together, walks on the beach, lovely meals out and drinking the odd wine and cocktail. On day 3 however, Mr L felt good, he was definitely past the infectious stage and he decided he really wanted to go to the bi night at the Eden Club. Eden is run by some people we know. They opened around the pandemic and last time we were in PDI, we never got to visit the club because it happened to be closed. So we were keen to visit at least once during this trip. The bi-night was the perfect opportunity as Mr L had something he wanted to possibly experiment with if he felt the club environment was right.


That day I increasingly had anxiety about going to a club to the point I was feeling a little agitated and nauseous. The anxiety wasn’t about the club environment itself, but about getting ill! I had had a constant worry that I would get ill too and going out, with the prospect of mingling with other people, only made that worry grow. The prospect of a late night and lack of sleep also got me worried. Mr L and I had a chat and we decided to go for a meal near the club and set a relatively early home time. If I still felt uneasy we could go home after the meal, if not, we could walk over to the club and check it out.

In the end, I decided that considering we had come this far, we might as well go and have a look at the club. The Eden club is a short taxi ride away from the bulk of the clubs in Playa del Ingles (PDI), which is why visiting it while in the area seemed the logical thing to do. We walked over and rang the door bell unsure what we would find behind those doors. The door opened, we were given a warm welcome by one of the awesome members of staff and all my worries and anxiety instantly melted away. We were given a quick tour and were quite impressed with what we saw; the facilities were good and the décor was pretty well done too, for a club in PDI anyway. We dumped our bags in a locker and headed to the bar, where we were offered complimentary shots, because it was our first ever visit. After our shots, Mr L ordered some drinks, I had a quick toilet visit. When I came back Mr L told me how he made a bit of a fool of himself while also feeling super proud of himself that he had approached a couple to chat to. Apparently, he thought he had recognised someone, but he was wrong and with a bit of a language barrier on top, it made for an awkward situation!

The club was a little quiet, but there were enough people to not make it feel empty, and it was early in the night. It felt like there was plenty of time for the club to fill up. We sat down on the sofas near the couple Mr L had addressed before and another couple. After a while we ended up in conversation with them, and they turned out to be Swedish. Another, British, couple came in too, we would get to know these two at the end of the night, but not quite yet!

After some time socialising, our Swedish friends told us they were going to the play area, I wondered if that was a subtle hint for us to follow them, but we didn't really take them up on it immediately. However, we were now alone in the bar, so we thought we might as well dress down and go that way after all. Our plan was to go to the hot tub after having a little walk around to see what was happening, but even the best laid plans don't always work out and sometimes that is for the best...

As soon as we entered the play area, we walked past a few single guys. As we walk past them, one of them says “hey guapa!”. It instantly reminded me of how the Spanish waitresses used to coo over our son when he was a baby and call him “guapo”, so I say to Mr L that someone just called me “guapa”. The guy then joins us and tells us it means beautiful, because he thinks I am very beautiful. I tell him I knew the world and we start chatting. His name was Paco and he was local to the island. It was really interesting to chat to him about local food and places to visit. After a little while, our conversation gets interrupted. by the British couple that had walked in earlier. We started chatting to them and felt almost instantly that there's a connection between us, however our Spanish friend returned and my mind soon wandered to the things I could do with two men next to me. Mr L spotted my very obvious interest in Paco and so we made our excuses to the couple, Rich and Evelyn, and invited him to join us for play.

Paco led us to a room that looked super sexy and had bars directly opposite the bed where people could look in, but not enter. We started off standing between the bed and the bars, where I was sandwiched between the two men; Paco kissing my neck and touching me from behind and Mr L kissing me and touching from the front. The kisses got more passionate and hands started wandering downwards. Paco was stroking my pussy and feeling my wetness and I could feel his hard cock against my back. I struggled to get my hands on both cocks in the position I was in, so I did the only logical thing there to do: I got onto the bed and beckoned the men over to join me.

Once I was on the bed, I noticed that our presence in the room had not gone unnoticed and we had accumulated a small audience. Among them were the Swedish couple, who were very obviously enjoying the live porn they were watching and were playing with each other as they watched the scene unfold. I made eye contact with them and watching their arousal added fuel to my own desire, I do love putting on a show!

Now I was on the bed surrounded by my two men, I started off by giving them both a hand job, but that did not last long, because Paco had other plans for me. He moved down, between my legs and started slowly but surely licking my clit and fingering me. He knew exactly what he was doing and I was enjoying it. At the same time, I took Mr L into my mouth and played with his cock. When the pleasure from Paco’s fingering got too intense, I did have to let go of him though! I was now also craving for a cock to enter me and I asked Paco to put on a condom, which he happily did. He fucked me and it felt good, but unfortunately the condom was a little tight (yes, it was a nice thick cock!) and he started losing his erection. He came out of me and Mr L took his place. While Mr L fucked me until he came, I gave Paco a hand job, but quickly he told me to stop as my ministrations were a little too intense! He took his own cock in one of his hands while he played with my boobs with his other hand and wanked until he came all over my tits. Watching him be so turned on by me was so hot. I felt like the sexiest woman alive in that moment! Now everyone was satisfied, we cuddled up together chatting a little until we all felt it was time to get some refreshments in the bar.

Once at the bar Mr L ordered drinks and we got chatting to the bar staff and some of the other single guys that were there. One of the bar men that was there was Belgian, and it was fun chatting to him in my own language for a bit. I haven’t talked in my native Dutch/Flemish with someone in a flirty way in probably my whole life, so I felt a little awkward, but it was fun!

After we had finished our drink, Mr L went to get dressed again. I was dressed already, so I stayed in the bar, chatting with the guys that were there with me. Mr L seemed to take forever and although I was quite happy to sit there chatting with the guys, it was very obvious that some more and more single guys started coming out of the woodworks. I felt perfectly safe with all of them, bar one who did not talk to me, but did decide to get into my personal space, he didn't touch me, but sat just that little bit too close. Single guys, let that be a lesson to you: not engaging, but moving close to someone is creepy and it will not get you into a woman’s pants!

Luckily I knew that the wonderful bar staff and the other guys were keeping an eye. When Mr L finally returned, I discovered why he took so long: he had encountered Richard and Evelyn in the changing rooms and had had a good chat with them and exchanged contact details. The two of them appeared in the bar not too long after and Evelyn threw herself into my arms, while Richard told me that Evelyn really, really wanted to play with me. Evenlyn dragged me onto the dance floor and we both ended up dancing around and twirling around the pole, before we all filed out of the club full of joy and with that lovely post play glow surrounding us. As we left, we said goodnight to the wonderful staff too, including the Belgian bar man. I couldn’t help noticing I was the only one he actually hugged and kissed goodbye and as I was walking up the stairs, I told Mr L: the barman wants me…


And that, my sexy readers was our first night out in Gran Canaria. It’s hard to believe, but it only got sexier from then on and this is going to have to be a three part story!


Stay tuned for part 2 next week!




Mrs L xx


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