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A Sexy Winter Getaway - Part 3

Hello my sexy readers!


Are you ready for part 3 of this epic tale? Honestly, just when I thought one night could not surpass the other one, it kept on getting better. Night three was the climax of the holiday and we sure went out with a bang, more than one in fact! Let’s get into it!


After our arrival in Gran Canaria, we had received a message on Fab from Martin and Samantha, a couple that we had played with on NYE 2021. We had tried to find them in Peaches and Cream the night. before, but had struggled to find them, so for our final night, we arranged to catch up with them in the Black Bulldog bar. We had tried to check out the BB the day before, but Ray and Claire had reported that it had been absolutely packed and so we had stayed away.  Because of this little nugget of knowledge, we had planned our night to make sure we would definitely get in. Our cunning plan was that we were going to be organised and get there early! Then after or visit to the BB bar, we were hoping to get to Eden, because we had organised to meet Richard and Evelyn over there too. It was going to be a busy last night.


Before heading to the BB Bar, we went for delicious Japanese meal right by the Cita Centre (the home of many of the swinger clubs and bars), with the idea that we would get to the BB ar for 8.30, before the crowds start arriving, however, we ended up leaving the restaurant a little later than expected, because we ran into a couple we knew from home! That was a lovely surprise for sure and shows just how small the swinging world really is. Well, that and the fact that 2 other couples we know from before were in the resort at the same time by complete coincidence. What are the chances?

We got to the BB bar at 8.50, only to discover that it opens at 9pm AND that all tables are already fully booked. We’re not used to having to book tables for a bar, so that took us by surprise. We decided to go to the Comeback bar for a drink before returning, but on our way there, we walked past a Reenie’s Bar which looked suspiciously like a swingers’ bar. We stopped to have a look and were instantly welcomed by the owner who invited us in for a drink. We recognised her from another trip and another bar and ended up having a lovely chat with her. The space she had created was really lovely and I do hope that her new bar becomes successful. She deserves it.

As we were drinking, Mr L suggested I changed into my club outfit, because I had gone to the bar in a lovely, if a little vanilla, dress and he felt it was time to get my sexy on. I was in two minds as it was quite see through and it hadn’t quite been my plan to change before we got to a club, but he convinced me and I ended up relenting. As I rejoined him, my new outfit caught people’s attention. One couple in particularly looked over and then came over. They were younger than us, or so I thought at first and she was especially good looking. She was Brazilian and look everything like the Latina beauty she was. They very much looked like people that love a good party and a dancy club, so when they asked us if we knew a good club, we directed them to Secrets. However, the conversation carried on and we when we mentioned we needed to go to the BB bar to catch up with some friends, they told us they wanted to come along and check out the place too.  They even tried to walk with us, taking their drinks with them! We couldn’t quite believe their audacious behaviour, but the bar staff intercepted them, so they told us they’d see us later

Once at the BB bar,  Mr L and I were shocked at how busy it had become in the 30min since we had last seen it. It was heaving! We were shown a spot where we could stand and the bar staff put our bag of tools behind the counter. One of the bar men also looked familiar somehow, it didn’t take me long to realise it was man 3 from the night before. He kept a professional distance from me all night, I suspect he did not want to get into trouble! We ordered our drinks, got settled and watched the bar fill up even more. Before long we were squished in position with no way to move around. The words “sardines” and “can” came to mind.  The Brazilian couple arrived and managed to squeeze their way through the crowd to find us and essentially greeted us with a “My wife wants to fuck your wife, she’s very bi and only plays with women”, well that bold proposal certainly peaked my interest! Why beat around the bush, right?! I didn’t have to t hink about it long at all, so we agreed to go to Fun4All downstairs after we finished our drinks. Not long after that, Martin and Samantha turned up. It was so lovely to see them and I instantly felt guilty about agreeing to go to Fun4All with the Brazilian couple, especially seeing that Mr L was getting a lot attention from Samantha, who kissed him quite passionately almost as soon as they arrived. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye pretty quickly, because our new friends were keen to go to play!

We made our way down to Fun4All, where we found the one room that was more private and I got pounced upon by a very hot, fiery, passionate Brazilian. The guys initially tried to join in, but it was clear that this was going to be a women’s only event. We took our clothes off, kissed, rolled around the bed,  grinded and fingered each other. It was very frantic and it went from 0-60 so fast my body didn’t quite have a chance to adjust and I didn’t quite compute what was happening. I was getting devoured by a sexy little woman! After an hour of some of the passionate sex I have ever had with a woman, I was ready for a break. My pussy was sore, because gentle was not in her repertoire. I called for time out and a toilet break and by the time I was back, it was clear that she was ready to get back to her hotel and have a nap! We all got dressed and said our goodbyes. It wasn’t even midnight yet!


We left the club and decided to get a taxi to Eden to see if Richard and Evelyn were there. It had only been a loose agreement, so we were not not sure they would definitely be there, but sure enough, there they were. They told us they had come to Eden especially to see us and that, of course, made us very happy. The club was otherwise very empty, we seemed to be the only ones there, apart from a handful of single guys. We had a drink in the bar together and pretty quickly decided to go to the hot tub. On our way to the hot tub, I let Richard know that Mr L is open to some degree of bi play, although it is very new to him. We all got in and had a lovely time in the hot tub, initially just relaxing and chatting, but things slowly but surely becoming more physical to the point we decided to move to a playroom.

We choose the same playroom from our first visit, but this time I decided to close the curtain, because I want this to be more private, more intimate. The connection we have with these two also felt like it needed a little privacy. We get onto the bed and Evelyn and I start out kissing, our hands and mouths wandering over each other’s bodies. Everything was so natural and all 4 of us moved smoothly between each other. This was our first ever fully bi play experience and the fluidity that it brought was just amazing. My memory of the event is pretty hazy by now, it’s a blur filled with flashes of memories of highlights: watching Mr L fuck Evelyn, kissing Richard while he tells me how much he loves the way I kiss, sucking Richard’s cock, getting fucked by Richard and then by Mr L, back to being with Evelyn and looking to the side, to see Mr L giving Richard a hand job to almost completion. Richard had to stop him, because he did not want to cum just yet! The funniest memory was hearing “So long, farewell” from The Sound Of Music in the background and thinking how odd a choice of music it was for a club. We were still in the midst of the throws of passion, so none of us paid that much attention, but it stood out to me. I have no idea how much longer we were there, but Mr L and Richard both came at some point and we spent a lovely long time just cuddling with the four of us, just chatting and relaxing.

When we finally emerged from the playroom, the club was completely empty and it was very obvious that the staff had been waiting for us to finish and leave! It turned out that the music had been a sign to say the club was closing! We wanted to have a drink together before we finished our night, so we got a taxi back to the Centre and decided to pop into Fun4All.

When we got there, we ran into some familiar faces, at least one of the guys from the night before, but also the Belgian bar man from Eden, the one who had given me that hug on our first visit there. He was there with a Belgian friend who was on holiday and I was kind of excited to see him. I waived hi at him as we picked a seat and to sit and relax. But by then I was feeling very sexy after our two encounters, the music was good and I think Evelyn was feeling equally sexy. I got up to dance and Evelyn joined me, we danced on the pole together and alone and were having a blast. Of course, me being me, I stripped off to my lingerie and had a lot of fun giving people a show. The Belgian guys were watching me full of admiration too and I would stop, chat and flirt with them (badly, because I’m not used to flirting in Flemish!).

At some point, as I was sipping my drink, something overcame me and I walked up to the guys and said: “I’ve never been with a Belgian before, I want to rectify that situation.” They didn’t need asking twice. We all went to a playroom together, the one with the round bed, and I got on the bed. The Belgian bar man took a seat and his friend got his cock out and invited me to take int into my mouth. It was a very beautiful cock and I was more than happy to oblige. I was a little bit disappointed that the bar man wasn’t going to join in, but I suspect that he had his job at the back of his mind and was keeping some boundaries in place, which I of course understood. After I had enjoyed the Belgian guy’s cock in my mouth for a while, he moved down and went down on me and fingered me until I was begging for him to fuck me. We found ourselves a condom, and Begian guy entered me. By now we had a small audience who were all watching me getting fucked. It was amazing.

When we were finished, we all went back to the bar for a drink. I reported back to Richard and Evelyn that I just had been fucked again! And Evelyn replied: Same! For a woman who seems so quiet, she’s got a very naughty streak! Not much later I ran into the Belgian bar man again, I did enjoy the banter I had with him, and after a short chat, he asked me if I want a massage. He had spotted the massage table when we were looking for a free room earlier. As a big lover of massages, I of course said yes, he went to look for some massage oil, but unfortunately couldn’t find any. So, he suggested I get on the massage table anyway and he’d see what he could do. He started stroking my back, but he wasn’t quite satisfied that it wasn’t a proper massage. Somehow his hands start wandering down, it genuinely all felt like a natural progression, and his fingers slid between my legs. By now his friend is back too and now they both were “massaging” my pussy. I turned around, because the back massage was now obviously not happening and on my front there was much better access to all the good spots. I leant in to kiss both men in turn. For the next who knows how long, I spent my time kissing the men in turn while they played with my boobs and pussy until I squirt and squirt again! I was certainly not complaining that the massage oil had run out if this was the result! You might be wondering where Mr L was during all of this, well, he was enjoying going between rooms, watching both me and Evelyn enjoying our best lives. As a voyeur, he definitely had a lot of fun too!After my second play session with these two fellow countrymen of mine, I went back to our friends, we finished one last drink before saying our goodbyes. It was now 4am, it really was time to go back to the hotel because we had a flight to catch the next day. Unfortunately for my fatigue, but fortunately for Mr L, I was still very horny after the night we had had and I kept him awake doing all sorts of sexy and kinky things to him until I finally collapsed from exhaustion past 5am.

The next day, we had to check out from our hotel, luckily we had a late flight and time to just relax and recover by the pool, because after 3 late nights and 1 very late night, packing was a struggle! But in many ways it had been worth it. What a birthday treat of a holiday I had had, what a bank of sexy memories and experiences. This was totally worth the fatigue and struggle of the next day.


And that is the end of our sexy adventure in Playa Del Ingles in January. So much has happened and new boundaries have been pushed by both Mr L and I. I will probably be back with my reflections on the holiday and the boundaries that were pushed and moved another time. But for now it’s goodbye from me.


Until next time,


Mrs L

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