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A fabulous Christmas party.

Hello my sexy readers,

I'm a little bit behind with my blog again, work, both my real job and my OF work have been taking up a lot of time, but I thought I just had to pop in to write about last weekend's Christmas party at our local club, because we had the best night and a play experience like I have yet to have in the lifestyle, or anywhere else come to think about it. Oh and if you are the reader who recognised me at the bar of the club: hi! That was a bit of an unexpected surprise.

We made a fairly last minute decision to go to the Christmas party at our local club and once we had decided to go, a whole bunch of people we knew let us know they were going to be there too. Some we knew from the Bedhoppers social and Discord chat, some were long standing regulars to the club, like us, I suppose. And one couple, let's call them Johnny and Amy,who we have chatted to for many many many months, but somehow never managed to catch up with due to clashing work schedules. We really like these 2 though and always have a great time with them AND I think they're pretty sexy too.

We got to the club pretty early, because this year's Halloween event had been absolutely packed and the club had decided that it was time to start a ticketing system to keep the numbers of attendees under control. Because of how manic Halloween had been, we were worried about parking, so got to the club pretty much at opening.

When we arrived, it was clear everyone had the same idea and it was already busy, but busy with a good vibe, not utterly packed. We looked around the room and it was instantly clear that we knew a large chunk of the people there. It took us forever to reach the cloakroom, because we kept having to stop to chat to people we knew. It was so much fun and really quite a nice way to start the night!

Once we escaped the bar area and managed to get rid of our coats, we headed to the seating area. We quickly spotted Johnny and Amy. They waved at us and so we headed over to join them for a chat. We spent a really big chunk of the night chatting with them, people like Maximilian, Cleopatra and many others would join us for a while and then drift away again. Things definitely got quite flirty between Johnny and me and I jokingly then sat on his lap for a while. She then also got cozy on Mr L's lap and we sat there chatting until someone's lap got numb! Somehow us women lost a layer off clothing in the process too. When Mr L felt like it was time to stretch our legs and go and get a refill at the bar, we split up and each went our own ways to explore what was happening in the club.

We weren't exploring separately all that long, because we soon encountered each other again in the corridor. Here there was an interlude that I just have to mention, because it was quite funny. There is a couple that is from up north, they have the best accents, and every time they come to a theme night, they wear the most bonkers handmade costumes. Last year, I remember them wearing Christmas lights at the Forces night in November, because they couldn't make the Christmas party, so they decided to celebrate it a month early. This night, they were pretty much naked, bar a red bow around their torsos and full body glitter. At midnight they brought out a big cardboard present that was wrapped up with a bow. It had a hole cut into two sides: one hole so they could pull it over their head and the other left their nose and mouth free. They took turns wearing the present over their heads and because person wearing it couldn't see, they were led around on a leash. They had created a walking, talking glory hole! Johnny was the first victim and all the other men in the area quickly skedadled. Looks like no one wanted to seen like a party pooper by saying no, so they vanished. It looks like a walking, talking glory hole isn't as sexy as you might think! Johnny was a good sport, but he said there was nothing sexy and everything awkward about the moment!

Once the walking talking glory hole interlude was over, we all moved back onto the sofas and sat down for a chat. Or rather Amy went to the bar/toilet, and that left me with Mr L and Johnny. I cuddled up with Mr L who started stroking my knickers, his fingers slowly moving lower and lower until he was stroking the inside of my knickers. At the same time, I was chatting to Johnny, who was not right next to me, but at a nice touching distance. The tension between us had been there all night and I decided it was time to maybe give the situation a little nudge. I asked him if I could touch him and he was more than happy to consent. I stroked his cock through his jeans for a bit, feeling the outline through the fabric and then slowly inched my way to his fly. Unfortunately it wasn't the button fly I was hoping for, but a zip! He helped me out by opening the zip and then I stroked him through his boxers before finally removing his cock and stroking it a little while with my hand. As I saw him grow harder, I started stroking him more vigorous and moved to kiss him. At that point Amy got back and Mr L released me when Amy sat next to him and began to make out with Mr L, who had become ever so slightly neglected!

After kissing Johnny shortly and passionately, I made a move to go and give hime a blowjob, at the same time he grabbed my hair and pushed me down onto his cock. I normally don't like force, but there was something about Johnny, which meant that it didn't feel aggressive or threatening. In fact, throughout this all we were giggling and laughing. He had an air of dominance, but playfully so, instead of threateningly. The hair pulling and him pushing me down was an instant turn on, as if I wasn't horny already. As I was going down on him, he put his hand down my bra and started squeezing my boobs, unfortunately, I had hit just the wrong period of the month for much firm boob play, so I had to ask him to ease off a little, which he duly did. I then took my bra off and threw it towards Mr L, because the difficult boob access was not helping him to be gentle at all! By now I was very wet and I really really wanted a cock inside me, so straddled him (after grabbing a condom of course) and slid his cock inside me. He let out a little moan of enjoyment as he entered me. As I started riding him, he grabbed my hair, grabbed me by the throat, slapped my bum, sucked my nipples and squeezed my boobs (but not too much). It was passionate, hard: he was firm and dominant. I enjoyed every second of it and I normally do not like being held by the throat, but he did it just right. For the first time ever I felt myself enjoying the feeling of being chocked and it was HOT. After a while he came out of me and started fingering me. Very soon I could feel I was going to squirt. I told him that unless he wanted wet jeans (yes, we had not fully removed his jeans!), he better stop it and he did. He then moved me off him and laid me on the sofa and started fingering me again. I could tell he loved watching me squirm as he played with my pussy. I then started playing with his cock as he fingered me and before we knew it, I was back on top of him and we were back to me riding him while he let out his inner dom until we could go no more. It was amazing, fun, sexy and so incredibly hot. I would say it is up there with my best club experiences.

We never made it to a playroom, somehow just having sex where the moment overtook us was so much better, no break in the flow, no interrupting the moment. It was perfect. We then cuddled and chatted for a while and just as we decided it was time to make a move home as it was close to closing time for the club, another couple, who will go to the Red Hot Party in Penthouse Playrooms with us in February, showed up. We had chatted online, so it was good to see them in real life! We said our goodbyes to Johnny and Amy and our hellos to Mr and Mrs Red Hot Party and spent a short while chatting to them before getting kicked out of the club by the security staff as it was finally closing time.

What an amazing night we had. It was one of those nights that just flowed. At times moving from chat to play can be a little awkward or artificial, but this just flowed naturally. It was just perfect. I hope our next visit, for New Year's Eve, is going to be just as much fun, but it'll be a difficult one to top!

Until next time!

Mrs L xx

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