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A Sexy Winter Getaway - Part 2

After our successful first club visit, we were excited to go out again the next day. We had agreed to catch up with a couple we had met during our last visit to PDI, Vince and Tash, we also had agreed to meet Rich and Evelyn in the Comeback bar. We weren’t too sure about playing with Vince and Tash, because we had changed over 16 months or so and didn’t think we were going to be attracted to them for play. And as well as catching up with these 2 couples, we also had another couple we hoped to run into at Peaches and Cream, a new club’s first birthday party, Martin and Samantha, we had spent NYE 2021 with them.

When evening came and we got to the Comeback bar to, Rich and Evelyn were already waiting for us. Just like the night before, we instantly felt comfortable with them and had a lovely time just socialising. After a little while Vince and Tash arrived. I instantly knew that this encounter would definitely be purely social, the chemistry just wasn’t there. We did have a lovely time chatting with the 6 of us, until Rich and Evelyn excused themselves as Evelyn wanted to go to have an early night.


Once Rich and Evely were gone, we decided to check out Peaches and Cream. Vince and Tash decided to come along. When we got to the club, we discovered that it was closed as it was full! Luckily, just as we were debating on what to do next, some people left, so we managed to slip through the gates as they walked out.

The club’s décor was absolutely beautiful. It looked really trendy and sexy, with a gorgeous bar at the centre. Unfortunately, the promise of the beautiful entrance and bar, was not carried on into the play areas. The play areas didn’t seem to be the focus of the club. To me it almost felt like a swingers’ bar that happens to also have a sex swing and orgy bed or two. However, now we were here, we decided to get comfortable and get some drinks. 

The club was indeed heaving. It was really difficult to find a seat, but we did find a spot in the end. As I was walking around, I looked for our other friends, but unfortunately I couldn’t spot them. As I was walking around, I began to notice something interesting. I noticed I drew a lot of attention. Not the kind of attention I normally attract, as a taller woman. No, this was stronger. I had a lot of people making eye contact and smiling at me as I walked past. It almost seemed as a lot of people wanted to get to know me, rather than the usual glances from a distance that I get. When we finally found a spot, that experience finally translated into a man looking at me, smiling and then waving. I thought he recognised me from somewhere, so I went over, for a second thinking it was our friends, but simultaneously being pretty sure it wasn’t them! I went across, had a lovely chat, Mr L even joined us, but then felt guilty about leaving Vince and Tash on their own. But the way the guy had waved at me as if he knew me left me with a proper surreal experience there.

We spent the rest of the night chatting with Vince and Tash, until they excused themselves and left. It was now almost 2am, the club was far too busy and noisy for our liking, so we decided to go to Fun4All, possibly our favourite club on PDI.


It was quite late by the time we got to Fun4All, so we expected it to be quiet. We mostly were looking for a comfy place to have a quiet-ish drink. When the door opened a young local guy followed us in, he seemed keen to party, but we kind of ignored him at that point. We got ourselves some drinks and sat down on one of the sofas. We had been right about it being quiet. There were only a couple of other couples and a few single guys. Almost as soon as Mr L and I sat down, we started kissing and Mr L started stroking my pussy. His soft strokes got me going and soon turned into fingering. Things were getting a little hot and heavy between us. The whole time this was happening, a single guy (Man 1), sitting across the way from us, was watching us. I watched him get his cock out and made eye contact to make sure he knew that I knew what he was doing. The taboo and naughtiness of the situation was a huge turn on for me, I decided to give the single guy a little bit of a show. Then a second single guy went to sit and watch too. Aroused Mrs L can get quite filthy, and a naughty scenario popped up in my mind: what if I invited both of the guys over and got them to fuck me?  Up until recently I would have kept that scenario to myself, but now, as a newly hatched domme, I was feeling brave and I whispered to Mr L what a thrill it would be to go over help Man 1 out in his endeavours and how I would love to blow both guys’ minds and invite them over. I suggested that maybe we ought to move to a room, leave the door open and see if they follow. Much to my surprise Mr L agreed to follow my cunning plan and we got up and moved to a room. Single horny men being entirely predictable, I was pretty confident they would and of course they did!.

The men walked into the room, followed by the young man who had come into the club with us, Man 3, and went to sit on the benches along to wall to watch us. I immediately invited Man 1 and 2 over but told Man 3 he could watch but not touch. Man 1 kneeled next to me, he immediately began playing with my boobs and pussy, while I took him into my mouth. At the same time I also played with Mr L’s cock. Man no2 joins us not much later and touches and strokes my body. I now take his cock in my hands, but it doesn’t last long before he moves away from the bed. I do think he had had a little too much to drink and that he was happy to just watch. I turn away to pay attention to Man 1 again and go back to giving him a blow job and let go of Mr L, who I didn’t realise was very close to climax. Mr L decided to take matters into his own hands, something I hadn’t noticed until heard a familiar sound: he came! He had tried to cum over my boobs, but somehow only hit the bed and a bit of my arm. It was kind of funny and I did tease him about his bad aim for a while after, but I was also a little annoyed, because I had hoped that we would have sex and that was now not going to happen in that room.

I turn my attention back to Man 1 one after this, but in no time something catches my attention from the corner of my eye: I turn to look and it’s only Man 2 giving Mr L a hand job. Mr L seemed to be enjoying this too. I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing and had to do a doubletake! Mr L later told me that it had all started very subtly, he had felt a hand brush his cock and didn’t react, thinking it was accidental. But then it happened again, feeling much more purposeful, followed by another hand cupping his balls. He told me it felt nice, so he let it carry on and before he knew it, Man 2 was giving him a full on hand job and he was regretting climaxing a few minutes earlier, because he was curious to know how far it would have gone.

After all that excitement, my desire to be fucked came to a head and I gave Man 1 a condom, but my guess is that he was quite overwhelmed by the unexpected situation he was finding himself in and he couldn’t stay hard enough to get the condom on, so at that point, I invited the very keen and young Man 3 onto the bed. Man 3 didn’t need to be told twice and he immediately stripped off and joined us. He was very skilled with his fingers and had mastered the technique to get a woman to squirt without rough finger banging. The holy grail of fingering! He made me squirt and squirt again, making me flood the bed in a spectacular manner. I then offered him a condom and he happily obliged and satisfied my desire to get fucked. After he finished, he went back to making me squirt, but by now, I was done, satisfied and beginning to feel a little cold. There was too much wet around and I really needed to get up and get dried off!  I thanked the guys for giving us a fun night and we said our goodbyes; it was really late now and it was time to get back to the hotel and grab some sleep before we did it all over again for our very last night on the island. I wondered what that night would bring, surely it couldn’t top this night, or could it?...


For a night that didn’t really start until 2am, we managed to pack a lot in! I was quite impressed with my own bravery in inviting these men over and I was also surprised how happy Mr L had been to just go along with my whims. I had an amazing, very sexy, horny and filthy night. It felt like something had shifted both in Mr L and our relationship, because even a year ago, this scenario would have been a no go. Whatever the shift is, I am not going to complain. I had a lot of fun!


This is it for today, my sexy readers, but there is one more night to tell you about, but that will definitely be for another time!


Until next time!



Mrs L xx

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