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Our Journey - The Christmas Party

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

With this post, I would like to take you back to the start of our journey. We had been to a few clubs, joined Fabswingers, which is pretty much the only UK dating website, and had had 1 soft swap experience in a club.

We had been having great fun in the local club and so Mr L thought it might be fun to try a house party. He saw a local Christmas party, organised by regular party hosts, so he contacted them and booked us in. We both went to the party thinking it would be like a club night, but at a private house. Boy were we wrong and in for a surprise. We still refer to this party as our baptism of fire, but it was also a pivotal moment in our journey. It was the event that provided us with connections in the local swinging community that last to this day. In fact some of them were also in Gran Canaria at the same time as us.

The night of the party was stormy, with really strong winds. We laughed, because every time we go to the club, it's tipping it down or storming. It seems to have become an omen for a good night out. Of course it does make driving conditions a bit trickier and yet again we drove past the place we had to be. When we found the correct entrance and pulled up on the drive, a scruffily dressed couple got out of their car. The man was wearing a baggy novelty Christmas jumper and the woman was wearing a similar outfit. We were worried that this would set the tone for the type of people that were guests at the party. Trying to remain optimistic, we greeted them and together we walked up to the door. The host opening the door was also wearing a Christmas jumper, but was very friendly and welcomed us in. I was wearing a very short Miss Santa dress and felt a little self conscious and nervous that I would be the only one in a sexy little number. We were shown around and told that one room in particular was out of bounds for the squirters among the women. I had a heard of squirting, but had never seen or experienced it, so we just nodded, trying to look not like total newbies.

After the tour, we grabbed ourselves a drink and settled down in the kitchen, where all socialising seemed to be happening. We were one of the first guests and got talking to the only other person in the room: an older, friendly and clearly very experienced woman, Yvette. We had a very good chat with her. She told us all about her swinging heydays and her special skill: deep throating. She was accompanied by a young Italian man, who I thought was very intriguing and attractive. Later in the evening, it became clear that Yvette quite fancied Mr L, but unfortunately for him, she wasn't his type. In hindsight, we think that our long, friendly chat might have been interpreted as more than just us being chatty and friendly.

Soon more people started arriving. It was clear that a lot of people knew each other from other parties and a lot of women arrived wearing sexy outfits, making me feel a lot more comfortable. Some of the costumes were absolutely beautiful, I especially remember the man arriving dressed as a Victorian gentleman, including a top hat and cape! We didn't know it at the time, but we would encounter this Victorian gentleman again 6 months later and become friends. This party really did change our social life.

Mr L and I started to wonder how things move on to play at a party. It was getting really quite packed in the kitchen, so we took ourselves off for a little walk around the playrooms to see if anything was happening. Except for a lonely foursome somewhere, they were all empty. We went back to the kitchen and people had started to dance. It was actually quite hot and I took my dress off at that point. I think I was the first to strip down to my lingerie, which was a red underbust corset with suspenders and stockings. This clearly was a very memorable moment for those around us, because to this day the men that were always make jokes about me loving to get my boobs out. I instantly got a lot of attention and comments and the consensus was that my boobs were great. This was new information to me, because after childbirth and breastfeeding they did not look like they used to and I didn't think they were all that great. I was not used to all this male attention and didn't really know how to react, but I relished being in the limelight. It was a huge boost for my confidence to find that I had such an effect on people!

Suddenly we noticed that the crowd in the kitchen seemed to be thinning out, so we decided to go for another walk and find a playroom to have a little fun with each other and maybe even join a group. We chose the the "no squirting" playroom. It looked really cosy with a bit wide sofa bed covered in a faux fur blanket. We started to play with each other. Only moments later we were joined by a few guys. Mr L was convinced they had followed on purpose, but I like to think it was coincidence. A silver fox of a man (who we later called Shopper, because he always acts like a kid in a sweet shop!) snuggled up beside me, paying attention to me as Mr L played with me. It was the first time ever I found myself sandwiched between two men and I liked it. Not much later Candy, Shopper's wife, came in saying that there was a lot of action happening upstairs and that we should all join. So we all moved upstairs and found ourselves slap bang in a big orgy. The bed and the area around it was teeming with people having sex in all positions imaginable. Mr L and I felt that we didn't really want to join in, but we did want to experience the energy in the room, so we found ourselves on a chaise longue at the end of the bed to play together. All the activity was proving a distraction from focus on our play together, so we took ourselves back off downstairs to the room we had come from to enjoy some peace and quiet. The "non-squirting" room was quieter and more relaxed. There were 3 or 4 couples playing a bit more softly. We sat down next to a couple of women, Kathy and Bee. Kathy, instantly spotted my shoes and fell in love with them. Before I knew it, both women took my shoes off my feet and tried them on. Once they finished admiring my shoes, they moved on to admiring my boobs and started playfully touching them. Kathy's husband, Harry, came to sit next to me and kissed me. I kissed him back and before I knew it, I found myself giving him a hand job, it didn't take long to make him come. His cum actually managed to hit me in the face and he apologised, it was clearly not his intention, but I didn't mind. No one had ever come on my face before, it wasn't on my sexual bucket list, but I could now tick that off the list of sexual things I have done. While I was entertaining Harry, Mr L was sitting next to me. On the other side of him, a couple we like to call Bonnie and Clyde, were having sex. Clyde was fucking Bonnie from behind, while she was kneeling. Mr L placed his hand on Bonnie's leg and in return she put her hand on his cock and then in her mouth. Mr L really enjoyed the blowjob he was getting from her, but unfortunately Clyde orgasmed and lead Bonnie away before Mr L could finish. Luckily for Mr L, I was by now really horny and really wanted him to fuck me again, I got on all fours and he didn't need telling what to do. Mr L clearly was equally ready for sex and came pretty quickly at that point. All the stimuli and excitement had done the trick to get him there. Not long after Mr L had come, the Italian man came over and told me he wanted to lick my pussy. I told him that Mr L had just come inside me and that I wasn't particularly clean in the pussy area. The Italian told me he didn't mind and started licking me out, he also used his fingers and really was quite skilled. He had me squirming around the sofa for sure.

Then it was time for a little interlude, where we met Jack and Jill for the first time. Jack came into the room and entertained us all with some really funny stories. He's really such a funny guy and over the time we have known him, he must be my favourite among our friends. Never a dull moment when Jack is around! While Jack was entertaining us, Yvette came in to show off her deep throating skills on some willing volunteers.

At this point I thought that this was the end of play for the night, but no, I was wrong. Shopper's friend, Jingle Bells, who had arrived with jingle bells hanging of a huge cock piercing, wanted a taste of me too. He asked me if he could and of course I am not one to say no to oral by a handsome man. Jingle Bells sure knew what he was doing and before long he made me squirt. I felt mortified, because 1) I didn't know I could do this and 2) we were in the NON SQUIRTING room! At this point, it was clear the party was starting to wind down. People were slowly leaving and we decided it was probably time for us to go too. Mr L got dressed and went to fetch our bags and my clothes. When Mr L got back, I was still relaxing on the sofa, aware it was time to go, but too relaxed to actually get up. So when Jingle Bells suggested having "one more taste" I didn't turn him down. This is the point where I made my first ever big mistake in our journey. Mr L was now in "going home" mode, not "sexy" mode and I did not acknowledge this. Instead I exclaimed in delight of the truly excellent attention I was getting from Jingle Bells that "This guy is really good and he should give you lessons" to Mr L. Obviously this was not the most clever thing to say to a man who was already annoyed that I was not getting ready to go home after we said we were going home. Even worse was the fact that I said it several times. At the time I was so engrossed in what was happening to me, that I didn't think this could be taken any other way than that I meant it: i.e. "this guy is good"; not "you are bad".

When I finally managed to tear myself away from the sofa and all its delights, we said our goodbyes to everyone we had met and swapped Fab names. As soon as we got into the car, Mr L turned to me and said angrily: "Don't you say that ever again! You embarrassed me in front of everyone." At the time I was surprised and confused, because I had been completely oblivious about what I had said wrong. Our drive home was quite uncomfortable and we spent some time afterwards talking about what happened. I learned that day to be more careful about how to express myself, especially when excited. It also showed me what happens when you lose sight of the needs of your partner. I was actually aware of Mr L not being entirely happy about the situation, but in the moment chose to focus on my own pleasure rather than his needs. This, of course, caused disconnect and discontent in Mr L. That, together with the words, caused our first big clash. I learned that day that I have a tendency to get carried away in the moment and that this something I would have to work at. We worked this over the following couple of weeks and before we knew it, we were back on the horse and off for more adventures.

Until next time sexy friends xx

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