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It's been a while, time for a catch up.

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Hey everyone,

Gosh, it really has been a while since I last wrote a blog post. I suppose there are a multitude or reasons behind this: health trouble, family life being generally busy and a quiet period of not particularly story worthy experiences, but I thought I'd do a quick catch up and run through what we have been up to these last few months.

When I last wrote to you we had just come home from PDI in Gran Canaria. We were absolutely exhausted! Mr L was still suffering from that post COVID fatigue and somehow his bout of COVID made my own fatigue return, We were both struggling to get back to normal, so we took a few weeks out to rest and recover.

Once rested and recovered, we went back to our local club to attend the fetish theme night and to check out their new bar. A few of our friends, including Cory and Indigo, of rope wielding fame, were going to be there too. Unfortunately Mother Nature wasn't cooperating with me, but we thought we'd go anyway to check it out and catch up with old friends as it had been a long time.

Upon arrival it was instantly a mixed bag of emotion. On one hand I loved the look of the new bar area, but did not like the location, nor did I like the absence of my old favourite: the pole. As well as that, it was absolutely freezing as the building is a kind of metal hangar type of design. We were sure it would warm up, but I hadn't planned on wearing a coat for part of the night! On the other hand it was great to see so many old friends, some of whom we hadn’t seen since before the pandemic. We mostly spent the night in the seating area because it was quieter (the new bar seems to have louder music) and warmer. When Cory and Indigo spotted us, Cory had to of course do a bit of rope work on me and he created a pretty pentagram chest harness. We spent a lot of time with these two, but we did also make new friends: a handsome 40 something man and his "friend". We had encountered this guy before, at a local nudist spa. Lets call him “Jack” and let’s call his friend “Julie”. We got chatting and at some point in the evening, I ran into him near the toilets and a kiss happened. I would say it's probably the best kiss I have had in the lifestyle in a looong time. He was a fabulous kisser, so of course I had to get to know him better or at the very least nab a few more kisses before the end of the night…

But for now, we're hanging out with our friends Cory and Indigo. Somehow I ended up getting my mini wand out, while we were chatting in the seating area. Indigo didn't think mini wands could be all that effective, so of course I just had to prove to her how amazing my small, but mighty wand really could be. I'm pretty sure I had her convinced in no time. Not satisfied with just using my wand, I moved on to adding my fingers and some lovely kisses to the play, which Indigo really seemed to enjoy. Cory was initially watching and enjoying the scene, but I could tell he was feeling a little left out. My instincts were right and not much later, he appeared to my side with a hard cock ready for me to give him a blowjob while I was continuing to use my hands and my wand on Indigo until she came. Shortly afterwards, Cory decided it was time to call it a day; he doesn't tend to allow himself to come in clubs. This was a very unexpected and fun bit of play, in an area we don't normally play. It was also a new thing for Indigo, who had never played in public like this before. After this, Cory and Fran decided it was time to go home, it was getting later after all. Mr L and I were thinking along the same lines, BUT, that wasn't counting on Jack and Julie. Jack came over to us as soon as Cory and Indigo had left and we had a nice conversation with him and Julie. Ok, a nice conversation, if you count kissing as a type of conversation. All the kissing made me want more and I asked if anyone was up to going to a playroom. Mr L and Julie were happy to, so we found ourselves a room. Julie asked Mr L to massage her and Jack and I made out some more and then moved down to go down on me. I did warn him that I was at the end of a period & wearing protection, but he didn't seem to be bothered by that. We then moved onto a more 69 kind of position. Jack wasn't fully hard, but I was sure I could get him there. Unfortunately at that point there was a loud banging on the door: "The club is closing in 15 minutes. Finish off and come out!". Oh no, how annoying! And how did this night fly. We would have to finish what we had started some other time...

After this visit to our local, we had a month filled with family and work commitments, but at the Easter weekend we were back in our local club, ready for the Easter Bunny event. I had made myself a very cute and sexy, if I say so myself, Play Bunny outfit. I was very happy with how it turned out and so was Mr L. We had planned to meet Jack and Julie there too, hoping to finish off what we had started the month before. It was another busy night at the club, but again we didn't spend all that much time in the bar area, because the volume of the music made conversations so hard. I love dancing and so I was not particularly feeling myself again while we were hanging out in the seating area. I think that dancing and generally showing off is my way to get chatting to people and without it I felt a little lost. We did have a nice chat with another couple though and then in the end Jack and Julie turned up. It ended up being a bit of an odd night. It was really busy and although Jack had made his plans for the night quite clear in the messages we had exchanged in the time leading up to the event, he never really took initiative. In fact, he kept on disappearing to smoke and then ran into old friends and would be gone for ages. I was still keen to play though, because he was pretty sexy and still such a good kisser. So as it got late, I asked if play was still on the agenda and he said yes. We quickly found a play room and got started. Mr L massaged Julie again on her request, while Jack and I kissed. Jack moved his hands between my legs and I found his cock with my fingers. We had fun exploring each other with our hands while kissing for a while, when I asked Jack if he wanted to get a condom. He happily obliged, however I noticed he struggled maintaining an erection with the condom, so I told him it was OK to just carry on as we were. My words weren't even fully cold and there was a hammering on the door "time to wrap up and get out people, we're closing!" Not again! I couldn't believe that we were reliving the scenario from our previous encounter, what a bummer.

After this encounter, Mr L and I had a long conversation about who should take initiative to instigate play. I also had chat with Jack about this. And I was wondering what you, my readers think. Mr L thought it was up to Jack to suggest play as he was the one who had been chatting with me for a month and who had kind of organised meeting again. While Jack said he never suggested play out of respect for Mr L as he didn't want to appear too forward. I didn't suggest play for ages, because I was conscious of Mr L's feelings towards single guys, as Jack is technically single as Julie isn't his girlfriend as such. As a result no one suggested play until I finally gave up waiting for someone else to take the first step. So what do you think. who should have taken initiative to get play started considering all parties wanted to play!

Our next adventure was the Bedhoppers Event at the VA. I think I will have to devote a whole blog post to this, mostly to go over and process everything that did and did not happen and my feelings around that. It was a lovely night, but yet another night where I didn't quite feel myself for some reason or another. However, we made some great connections that night and we are still in touch with many of the people we have chatted to that night.

The weekend after the Bedhoppers Come Together event, we had a sexy weekend away with our friends Sharon and Dave. We had never had a full weekend away with another lifestyle couple and it truly was an amazing weekend. We spent the day walking along the beach and relaxing and the evenings having some lovely food and drink followed by great sex. I won't go into it in detail as this was an intimate and very personal experience, but it was a fantastic weekend and something I can see us do again in the future.

And that is for now the long awaited update. We've had a few more adventures since I started writing this and they will get their own blog posts, so for now it’s goodbye & until next time.

Lots of love,

Mrs L xx

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