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Easing back into swinging

Hello everyone!

I had to have a little think about the title of this one and I decided to call it "easing back into swinging" despite the fact we never actually really stopped swinging. What I really meant with it was going back to swinging with the right mindset now my mental health is back on track (fingers crossed). It kind of felt like a new start after a few difficult months. I'm going to have to work hard to keep this better mindset going.

A few weeks ago, we took a last minute decision to go to Hellfire. I was still a little wobbly and frankly fatigued, from the emotional upheaval I had gone through, so I was not 100% sure it was the right decision. I told Mr L that I didn't mind going, but I really didn't want a really late night and with Hellfire being 1.5h away from our home, it was bound to be really late, so I was worried. We talked about it and decided to set a time by which we would leave and of course there is the understanding that I could pull the plug at any time if I didn't feel the vibe on the night. After some negotiating, we compromised on 12.30, meaning I could be in bed by 2am. That might still seem late, but with a little car nap and the way my body works recently that would give me a 4h sleep, which I can cope with.

I was surprisingly anxious while getting ready and I almost cancelled our plans altogether, but after some breathing exercises and giving myself a stern talking to, I decided to give it a go after all. I was going to go into this one with no expectations, especially as it was going to be an early night. Just hanging out with Mr L, a few drinks, maybe a visit to a playroom together and that would be that. Or that was the plan anyway.

When we got there, we discovered that there happened to be a birthday party. Just as well, because without them, the club would have been pretty quiet. Once we got ourselves sorted we picked a corner to stand and have a drink and check out the room, which quickly turned into sitting, because heels! Looking around the room, there were one or 2 couples looking at us with clear interest. But I was not interested in chitchatting with them, mostly because they were older couples. Now normally, I'm quite happy to chat to older couples, but I had recently become a little despondent about the fact that I seem to be unable to make connections with people my own age. When we got into swinging, I was never all that bothered about people's age, fully expecting that I would get to experience a plethora of people of a variety of ages. However, really in reality, during our 5 years in the lifestyle, most experiences were with people in their 50's or even 60's. It suddenly just stood out to me recently and I decided that it was time that we shook things up a little.

Looking around the room, there wasn't really anyone that stood out as someone we'd be interested to talk to, except... except... one guy. He was part of the birthday party group and at first I thought he was part of a couple, but I soon realised he was a single guy, let's call him J, because as I'm sure you can guess, J will make a return in this story. I don't actually know what made him stand out to me, apart from the obvious: fact he was the only black person in the room. He wasn't strikingly handsome and I don't normally tend to find myself being attracted to black men, but there was something abut his energy and the way he moved around the room with ease and confidence that caught my eye. He just seemed like a friendly and funny guy.

Not too much later, someone from the birthday party came along with a tray of vodka jelly shots and offered us one. I had not expected this at all, because we weren't part of the party. Moments before, I had watched J battle with the little paper cup containing the jelly, struggling to remove the jelly from its paper confines. Of course, I now had the same problem and shouted over to J, asking whether he had worked out the trick for getting the jelly out in a dignified and preferable non-messy fashion. This made him come over to us and we then sat and had a lovely chat with him. He was funny and I could instantly tell there was a mutual chemistry between us. I wasn't too sure whether Mr L would be up for an MFM, so I did leave things at a little gentle flirting, until I could have a chat with him later.

As the night wore on, J would occasionally come over for a chat and then rejoin his friends. In between those moments, I had fun stripping and doing little sexy dances for Mr L and of course, because Hellfire has a pole, I had a little dance on that too. During one of those dances, J joined me, but it again stayed with a little flirting and just having fun. At some point, while I was letting my feet rest for a moment, I saw J going around with a can of squirty cream. He sprayed it on top of the Prosecco (or whatever the fizzy stuff was his friends were drinking). Shocked at seeing such a crime against wine happening before my eyes, I walked over to intervene. J responded by asking if I'd like some squirty cream too and I told him I didn't like the stuff (it's true, shocking, right?). So he then offered to spray some on my boob for him to lick off. I couldn't turn down such a delicious offer, so I promptly offered up my boob. He licked off the cream and then somehow, we kissed. I don't know how his mouth went from my boob to my mouth, but it did and it was nice.

After that kiss, I walked back to Mr L who had watched the whole thing. I was pretty happy about my little tryst and he joked I had pulled. It that's the most the night would give me, I'd have thought it pretty successful, seeing that I had gone in with no expectations. But, I had barely sat back down, when one member of the birthday party group walked over to me. She gestured at J and said: "Would you like a threesome with Superman over there?" Before I could even think, the word "Yeah", came out of my mouth. She walked over to J and then dragged him towards us and told us to get a room and have fun! And that's of course what we did.

We picked one of the rooms with a viewing window, simply because it saved us going down the stairs to the more private rooms. When we got into the room, the men had a quiet moment of awkwardly undressing, while I watched them, unsure what to do with myself. I was in my lingerie and was instructed to definitely not undress, because that would be the men's job, so I sat down on the edge of the bed. When the men were suitably undressed (including socks!), J moved in front of me offering me his cock which was facing me at the perfect height for a BJ. Mr L moved behind me and instructed me to get up and sit on his lap, by which me meant his cock. I thought I had been in pretty much all sexual positions one can think off, but sitting on my husband's cock facing away from him, while also sucking another man's cock, was definitely a new one! We stayed in that position until my legs got tired from bouncing up and down Mr L'cock.

I got up from his lap and went to lay down on the bed to relax a minute. The men of course couldn't let me just lay and relax there. J almost immediately came over to go down on me while fingering me. It didn't take him long at all to release the flood gates again and again. Before I knew it, I was slipping and sliding around the bed. I did quickly get up to clean up the worst of the flood before getting back on the bed and carrying on with the fun. There's only so long I can stand lying in a puddle! When I got back on the bed, Mr L came over and started fucking me, while J kissed me and sucked my nipples and I played with his cock. Feeling his cock in my hand, I really wanted to know what he'd feel like inside me as he was quite girthy (and as we all know, girth trumps length), so I asked him to get a condom. He got up and did as he'd been asked. Mr L had obviously not heard that conversation, because he looked up to find J putting on a condom and spoke the words that will amuse me for the rest of my life: "Do you want a go?". I don't know why those words tickle me. I think it's because it seemed like he was offering someone a go on a game or something like that. I did ask him about it later and he said he thought that J standing there, putting on a condom, had taken him by surprise as he thought it had come out of the blue. Still, it was quite funny.

With the condom on, J took over from Mr L and fucked me pretty hard, kissing me at the same time, he seemed to enjoy it very much, by the sounds he was making. He then came out of me and took the condom off. Mr L returned to fucking me and I took J in my mouth for a little while, until it looked like Mr L was about to come. At that point J took his cock in his hands and started masturbating. He came all over my boobs, there was just sooooo much of it, shortly after Mr L came. I'd say we had had a fun time all round. We cleaned ourselves and the room up, had a bit of a look at the people putting on a show in the room next to us and then we said our goodbyes. We looked at our watch: it was only 12.15! Wow, we managed to play AND have an early night. Bonus!

On the drive home I was on a high from our successful night out. I couldn't take my planned car nap, because my mind was racing. In fact the more we drove, the hornier I got because of the memories of recent events, so I did what I'm sure many a woman has done after a sexy night out: I got out my vibrator and did what I didn't do in the club (I don't come easily in a club). I orgasmed somewhere on the M26 motorway and I finally got some release so I could attempt a little car nap before arriving back home.

And that is what happened when we re-entered swinging after my mental health crashed. It was such unexpected fun. It's often these nights, that you approach with no expectations, that turn into the best nights. Unfortunately, despite knowing this, I cannot help myself from having higher and higher expectations as time goes on. As if I want each night to be a perfect night, which is obviously unrealistic. This year is going to have to be the year where I work on managing my expectations. Mr L has been trying to keep my feet firmly on the ground, but at times I just cannot help myself, so it's going to be a big job!

I hope you enjoyed this story and hopefully I will be back with a new exciting story soon.

Until next time my sexy readers,


Mrs L

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