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Catching Up With an Old Friend

Hello sexy readers,

I'm sure that after last week's post, you must be wondering what happened next. I dangled a carrot about me catching up with an old friend. Well, wait no more! It's time for the full story.

I have written about my friendship with George before. We met in person in pre-covid times and then struck up an online/video chat friendship over the various lockdowns during the pandemic. In December he visited London and I caught up with him in person again. He’s the only single guy Mr L was OK with meeting on my own, even though he was torn, he also knew George was trustworthy and a good friend of mine. The December encounter seemed inevitable at the time.

Well, in July George was visiting London again and we arranged to catch up again, the difference this time is that Mr L and I had just had this long period of talks about me occasionally meeting single guys and what we could do to make him feel included, among many other things. Those discussions had not been easy, tears were shed and voices raised, but we had come out on the other side. When George’s visit came close, feelings were still a little raw and so I decided to take matters in my own hands. I was going to invoke my newfound dominant side and talk to Mr L's inner sub. I told Mr L that to make sure he knew. that he was MY husband and the ONLY man that I love, that I am married to and who I have built a life with that I do not intend to leave behind, I would cage him for the day of the meet. It was mostly going to be a catch up with good friends and I was not entirely sure if sex was even going to happen, but it was definitely a possibility. So that is what I did: before Mr L went off to work I made sure he was caged and told him to remember who I had chosen for life.

Then once I had done the school run, I hopped on the train to London. The journey was a bit more chaotic than usual and I finally caught up with George around lunch time. We had a big hug and kiss and then went for a quick bite of lunch, because I was starving. We’re both keen amateur photographers and we both had a few shops we wanted to visit in Camden, so we had an enjoyable afternoon roaming around Camden seeing the sights with the occasional break for a quick snog. Throughout the day, I also ensured I chatted to Mr L, keeping him in the loop, but also occasionally telling him to remember that even though I am hanging out with this other man today and even though I might very well fuck him. It is him who I love and who I am married to and his cage is there to remind him. After an early dinner, (an eat all you can Chinese buffet, which most people would tell you not to do before a sexy encounter, but it was delicious!), we made our way to George’s AirBnB which was right by the main road in Camden.

Once inside, George put on the kettle, but we never did get to drink that tea… Because as soon as that kettle was switched on, George came over and kissed me. We carried on kissing, our hands exploring each others' bodies, his hand soon moving under my skirt and touching my bum. I was wearing a conveniently low cut dress and George was keen to explore my boobs too. I decided to help things along by unzipping my dress and he soon helped it drop to the floor. I now was down to my underwear. Still kissing, George unclipped my bra and he had his prize: free access to my boobs. I’d say George is a real boob man, so he was very happy with his prize. His own top now came off and things got hot and heavy. I decided it was time for a toilet break before we moved things to the bed.

When I walked out of the bathroom, I saw George had gone to sit in the only comfy chair in his tiny studio flat. He watched me walk up to him and I slipped off my knickers as I made my way over to him. There was something incredibly sexy in that moment of walking up to him in my naked glory as he watched me approach him. I knelt down in front of him and we kissed as I took his cock in my hands and played with his cock. It was clear he wanted to play with my pussy, so he instructed me to go and sit on his lap, not his cock, his lap. So I climbed up and knelt over him giving his hands access to my pussy, which was getting pretty soaking wet. We kissed as he started playing with me. He was gentle, get firm, not instantly going straight for the clit. He did an awesome job just getting my vulva and clit stimulated and wet and it was so incredibly horny. As you all know, I don’t cum easily, but he got me pretty darn close and maybe he did actually get me there because after a good while enjoying his fingers, my legs just turned into jelly and I collapsed.

I went to lay on the bed and he knelt in front of me and started going down on me. He’s an enthusiastic pussy eater. It’s one of his favourite things to do, so he was quite happy making me squirm and moan for ages until I felt that I had reached the end and was in need of a break. So he joined me in bed and we had a lovely cuddle together. Of course, I could not be faced with a hard cock without putting my hands on it, so I felt it was my time to give a little pleasure instead. I gently stroked his cock and he commented on how I use a full hand, whole cock technique, as if that is not something he’s fully used to. He was clearly enjoying my technique though and the sounds he was making were getting louder and faster. It was clear he was close to cumming, so he asked me where I wanted him to cum. He’s always talked about how much he’d love to cum on my tits, so of course I offered up my tits and moments later they were covered in his cum. I went to clean myself up and then went back for a cuddle. We lay there for a while just chatting and relaxing until it was time for me to catch my train back home. It was lovely to just cuddle and chat with this man who has become a close friend over the years.

Just as I expected, this time surpassed our previous encounter. I think for the most part, because it was far more spontaneous, there was no filming, there was no clear plan of what the day would bring It all happened naturally, in the moment and we had already overcome the first time nerves way back in December.

When I arrived back from the train station, Mr L was waiting. As soon as I got into the car I felt tension. It’s the kind of tension I normally feel when he’s unhappy, so I was instantly worried that he was unhappy about my day out, despite us talking about it beforehand. But as soon as we got home and I walked into the bedroom, I quickly realised that he had taken that tension and twisted it on his head: he was ready to pounce. The jealous energy and been converted into horn and Mr L got me on my back faster than he had in a long long time. I could tell his desire for me was eager, raw and hungry. We kissed, he explored my body and begged for the cage to come off. I told him that the cage could only come off if he made sure I was satisfied first. So he used his fingers and mouth to play with my pussy, he sucked my nipples and worshipped me. Once I was satisfied I released his cock, which was straining against the bars, and held him in my hands for a bit. He was aching to fuck me and so once the ring was put in a more comfortable place, he entered me and started fucking me. I could tell that he had been so horny that he was going to cum in no time, so I told him to only cum when I told him he could. After all, on a cage day, his orgasm is mine and I decide when he can cum. However, unfortunately his desire had been so great that he was already on the precipice of orgasm and when I told him to slow down and allow me some pleasure too, he couldn’t hold it back anymore despite, not for want of trying, and well, I spoilt his orgasm. I think this is probably the first spoilt orgasm I have ever given him and to be honest, the domme inside me loved it and I think the sub inside him was a little thankful too. I have not seen Mr L so desperate with desire for me in a long long time. If he is going to be like this if I meet with single guys, then maybe, just maybe, I need to repeat this experiment again sometime. And no, this is not going to be a weekly, or even monthly thing. I don’t have enough time in my life for that, nor do I think he could cope with it. But if this is the effect, then occasionally might not be a bad idea.

I am sure you agree, it was a hot one. This one was a huge learning journey for us. It involved a lot of talking and negotiating. And we haven’t reached the end of the talking and negotiating. People often think that there is one way to do swinging, but as you can see, it can take many different shapes. On top of that, the longer you are in the lifestyle, the more you learn and the more you change. I always say our dynamic is forever changing and evolving because of our experiences and right now we are going through a big shift. It has been tough, but as always, it has been rewarding and brought us closer in the long run.

That’s it for now! Until next time when I tell you all about how we got on at the Hot Summer Nights Party in the Penthouse Playrooms.


Mrs L x

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