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An only slightly naughty trip to PDI.

Hi my sexy readers,

It has been far too long since I last wrote. So much has happened that it is almost impossible to catch up with, so I thought I'd jump straight to September this year when we went back to the Gold hotel in PDI.

We had spent 4 weeks in Spain over the summer holidays, where life was distinctly family based, though I did discover that having sex while still dripping wet from the swimming pool leads to a UTI, a bad one at that, oops! Somehow only 10 days after getting home from that long trip abroad, we found ourselves on a flight to Gran Canaria. The lead up to this had been extremely stressful, with a million things to sort for kids going off to uni and starting school. This sets the scene for me being tired from lack of sleep and stress, which is kind of important for how our week away ended up panning out.

Our flight was super early, so we started our first day of our holiday with our alarm waking us 3.30am. The beauty of such an early flight is that you do get the a whole day at your destination, which is fabulous, the downside is that you are absolutely knackered for most of that day. We arrived at the hotel, just as our good friends TheTwoofus from over on Twitter were about to leave, so it was lovely to have a catch up with them and hear about their crazy adventures.

Because we had had such an early start, we thought we'd chill by the pool all day and then go out to the Comeback bar in the evening to say hi to Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, from our previous PDI trip. who happened to be there at the same time as us. We were going to make it a quick drink and an early night as well. Famous last words of course! We soon spotted Tinkerbel and Peter Pan chatting with a group of friends. As soon as they saw us, they made a beeline for us. They introduced us over to their group of friends, but it was clear that they wanted to focus all their attention on us. We had chatted online inbetween our PDI trips and they had made it clear they were keen to catch up again. I was quite taken aback at how keen they really were, actually! When it started getting a little later, they asked us if we wanted to go to Fun4All with them. I knew we had planned on an early night, but I didn't want to say goodnight to our friends just yet. I was having too much of a good time, so of course I said yes and Mr L was very much on board with that plan too.

In Fun 4 All, we had a few drinks and of course I had to go dance on the pole for a bit with Tinkerbel. We were having a blast and the men were enjoying the spectacle! At some point we had to make a decision: going back to the hotel to sleep or take this to a playroom. By now was so late, I thought "Oh well, I might as well just stay awake now and finish the night properly!" So we all headed to the only free play room, which happened to be the same open room, with a round bed as last time. Just like last time, Tinkerbel and I just naturally gravitated towards each other: kissing and caressing each other, hands and mouths exploring each other's bodies. We got into every position possible. I really always have the best girl on girl experiences with her.

At some point, Peter Pan came along and asked me if he could join in. I was of course more than happy to do to oblige. I had been really looking forward to the moment I could get my hands on him! As soon as I gave the go ahead, Peter Pan opened his fly and out popped the biggest cock I have ever had the pleasure to encounter up close. I was instantly very intrigued, because I had never really played with a truly big cock before. I couldn't wait to find out how he felt inside me. First though, I was going to take him in my mouth, while Tinkerbel was performing some expert cunnilingus on me, she really is good! As soon as I took Peter Pan's cock in my mouth I discovered how truly big he really was: I was struggling to fully wrap my mouth around him. I did it though, but boy, was he big! After a short while, Mr L started playing with Tinkerbel and her attention quickly moved away from me, leaving me fully free to enjoy Peter Pan on my own. After I gave him a blowjob, he moved on to giving me oral and fingering me. He knows I squirt quite easily and at times spectacularly and he clearly hoped that he could make it happen. Well, he definitely did it. It didn't take long at all and thank God for wipe clean beds, because I caused a deluge! We had to take a quick cleaning break before we hopped back on the bed and Peter Pan asked me if it was OK if he fucked me. Of course I was OK with it! I was so excited and curious. I'd finally find out what a truly big cock feels like! Condoms were acquired and then we were all ready to go. As soon as Peter Pan entered me while I was, I could feel that taking such a big cock was not going to be easy.. His girth felt nice, but his length just was a bit too much. We were in missionary position, so I thought a move to all fours might fix the issue. I flipped over onto all 4's and he started to truly pound me, telling me he just couldn't believe that he got to fuck a woman as hot as me. He actually used the words "dream come true". That was some high praise, and as deep down I'm still the awkward teen that blended into the background and who never got any attention from anyone, I still find it hard to believe at times that other people find me attractive and even sexy!

While he was pounding away and telling me this, my own mind wandered somewhere very different. I was tired, so although I really wanted to do this, I struggled to get into a position where Peter Pan's cock didn't hit my cervix. I tilted my pelvis, moved away a little, did all sorts, apart from of course the logical thing of asking him to just not go in quite as deep. I 100% blame a combination of fatigue and alcohol for this, because Peter Pan is one of the loveliest and sweetest men I have ever met in the lifestyle and would have completely understood and listened to my request. When Peter Pan finished and came over for a post sex cuddle, I found myself suddenly overwhelmed and burst out crying. He was so incredibly sweet about it and in a way he felt honoured that I felt safe enough in his arms to just let my emotions flow. I felt so embarrassed about sobbing away in someone's arms at a time that should be fun, but he was so kind about it and just hugged me until I calmed down. And of course Mr L also came along to comfort me. It was obvious it was well past my bedtime by now and seeing how exhausted I was, Tinkerbel and Peter Pan offered us a ride back to the hotel in their taxi. Maybe staying up for over 24 hours isn't all that great an idea after all.

The next day I felt the not so sexy after effects of what happens when you have been stretched a bit further than your body is happy to do and each toilet visit stung A LOT. Luckily by the evening the situation down there eased and it all got back to normal. Next time I will definitely approach a cock that size with a lot more caution and after a lot more sleep! On night no2 we were meant to meet Tinkerbel, Peter Pan and their friends again, but unfortunately, exhausted from the previous 48 hours, I collapsed in bed at 9pm and didn't wake up again until the next morning!

Night no3 brought a bit more excitement. It was Tinkerbel and Peter Pan's last night. I was hoping to have another play with Peter Pan, because I felt I needed to be able to conquer the big cock. I do not like to be defeated! It was lovely to see them all again. When we walked into the Comeback bar and Tinkerbel and I were immediately amused that we were wearing almost identical outfits, when we lifted our dressed to compare knickers, it was so funny to see quite how much taller I was than her. My bum was at her waist level! This was such a fun bunch of people, so we decided to join them when they all went down to Fun4All. Once there, it was clear that Tinkerbel and Peter Pan had different plans tonight. Some long lost friends had turned up and of course they wanted to spend time with them. We were slightly disappointed, but that didn't spoil our night at all, because we ended up having a great time with the remaining couple from our group. We didn't go and find a play room this time, but spent a nice few hours on the sofa kissing each other, while also occasionally letting our hands stray into boxers and knickers. Ok, I might have ended up leaning over a little to give our new friend a blow job at some point too and my bra probably came off at the same time, but for the most part we had fun without removing too many items of clothing and it was a fun sofa soft play party! It's perfectly OK in this club to do this in the bar, by the way. We have had people fucking next to us before, while we were having a chat and a drink!

Unfortunately after that night, fatigue really got to me. I began to feel like I was coming down with something, I had swollen glands, cold sores and was really struggling to make it through the days. This meant that we decided to take it a little more easy for the next few nights. We'd go for a drink and a meal, maybe a drag show or something and then go home. Despite our best attempts, we were rarely in bed before midnight, but we did manage to avoid another few 3-4am nights!

On our last night, we decided to make it a proper night out despite me still feeling very much under the weather. I did make it clear to Mr L that due to me feeling as I did, I did not want to play with others. It would not be fair on others for me to ruin their holiday by passing on my bug and cold sore during a kiss!

During our last day of our trip we had spent the afternoon souvenir shopping and we had encountered a few places that sold slightly more unusual men's underwear. It was clearly aimed more at the gay community, but it is perfect for the swinging community too, because plain cotton boxers can get a little boring. We bought a few really soft, almost satiny feeling, but stretchy man's knickers. They were more like booty shorts really. One of them was hot pink. And these hot pink knickers became the reason my inner domme was unleashed that evening...

As we were getting dressed for the night, and with the fact we weren't going to play with anyone else in the back of my mind, I thought I'd tell Mr L to wear the knickers that would match my dress, i.e. hot pink ones, knowing that he'd rather not be caught in public in hot pink knickers. Mr L's inner sub side was instantly activated and although he had his misgivings, he put them on. I think he had a slight idea of what was to come. The thought I would be in charge of him and his pleasure that night turned him on and I could see him getting hard the second he put those knickers on. However, with me in charge, that cock would have to wait until I was satisfied he had done enough to give me pleasure...

We went to the Comeback Bar as usual and met some people we met on one of our quiet nights out. We joined them for a chat, because they were the only familiar faces we could see. However, it was noticeable they didn't seem all that excited too see us. Before long it was clear why: another couple turned up. We were introduced and we moved to another, bigger table. Then we learned that it was opening night at the bar and that if you danced on the pole, you got a free shot AND that if you showed your ticket in Fun4All, you got a free shot down there too! So because I didn't really gel with the people we were with and I was in a bit of a party mood, I told our companions that I would get up and dance for that free shot. They didn't seem to believe that I would have the courage to get up there on my own, but up I got and to the pole I went. I gave it my all and was out of breath at the end, but earned my shot and the admiration of the rest of the bar. No one else was dancing, so going to that pole was definitely putting yourself in the spotlight; being a bit of a show off, that suited me just fine. After my dance, another couple of people arrived and our table of 6 became a table of 8. We hung out with them a little longer, but at around 10-11, I said to Mr L I was ready to go down to the club.

Once there, I got my free shot and then we scouted round for a spot to sit. The only free spot was on a 3 seater occupied by a single guy. Not wanting attention from a single guy, we just stood around chatting for a while. The single guy soon clocked us though and kindly made way. His behaviour around us became a little sitcom-esque later on, bless him. He tried his best to be nice to us, but it just was funny instead, because we were in no way interested in playing with anyone but each other that night. Once we were seated, the single guy noticed that I had forgotten my handbag in the area where we had been standing and he brought it over. We thanked him and then went back to cuddling up together on the sofa. I had a little dance on the pole at some point for Mr L, but mostly we were both so turned on by the knowledge of what was hidden under his trousers, that we quite quickly started kissing and forgot about the world around us. In the heat of the passion, my hands slipped into his trousers and I got his cock out to play with. It was awkward from the side and there was a low table in my way, so I struggled to move in front of him. Luckily our knight in shining armour, Mr Single Guy, came along and moved the table for me. I could now go ahead with my blowjob plans without any obstacles. I got really turned on from the scenario and in no time, I decided that what we really needed was some privacy and a playroom. It was still early in the night, so we got the pick of the bunch and went for the room with a door. The door didn't have a lock and so as soon as we had stepped in and closed the door, Mr Single Guy opened it, stuck his head around the corner and asked if he could join us. When we said no, he graciously backed off. Poor guy thought he'd been very helpful and had hoped it was enough to be in our good books, lol.

Once in the bedroom, I ordered Mr L to strip off, but keep the pink pants on. I told him it was time he spoilt me and he should start by going down on me. He did as he was told and as he was doing it I ordered him about, telling him where to lick and firmly telling him off if he wasn't doing it right. This clearly had a positive effect on Mr L's arousal as the bulge in those hot pink pants of his started growing significantly. I could see he was beginning to desperately want to fuck me, but I told him he had to wait until I was fully satisfied with his cunnilingus AND he had to promise me that he would clean me out when he finished. This is something he'll only ever agree to when he's into that subspace where he will do anything to please me. I knew he was in that space and of course he agreed. I told him he could fuck me now, but that he had to keep those pants on. He did as he was told and entered me. By now he was so incredibly horny I could tell it wasn't going to take him long to come. Of course that is not what I wanted. I wanted to be fucked properly! So I told him that under no circumstances was he allowed to come until I told him so, because I didn't want a 1 minute fuck! He struggled and I reminded him that I was in control and that his orgasm was for me to decide, that his orgasm was only for when I was fully satisfied with what his cock could do to me. Of course, be telling him these things made him even more desperate to come, but like a good boy, he managed hold off his orgasm, until I allowed him to cum. And after that, of course, it was time for him to fulfil his promise of going back down on me after he came inside of me. He begrudgingly did, but hey, if you promise me something, you must follow up on it! He did a fabulous job. It had been so much fun to get in touch with that inner domme of mine and he had loved ever second of it too. In fact, so much so that once we got back to the room, I was not done with him, because in our room, we had a strap on and I was ready to use it. How that went, I'll leave to your imagination, but it's safe to say it was a lot of fun!

And this is how we ended our latest trip to Gran Canaria with a bang. Yes, we did not play with others on that night, but boy, was that some of the hottest sex we had had in a long time. It goes to show that just being around the lifestyle is all you need for it to enhance your own sex life. It was a lovely break that was marred by us feeling under the weather, but we made the most of what we had and we had the best time together, away from everyday life, while getting seriously pampered in our gorgeous hotel.

I hope you enjoyed this read and until next time,


Mrs L xx

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