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Revisiting the Penthouse Playrooms: the Hot Summer Nights Party.

Hello my sexy readers,

I don’t write for months and then next thing you know, I publish a post a week! The joys of catching Covid: you get lots of writing time!

A while ago, I wrote about the bad time I had gone through at the start of the year. As part of that I told you about the struggles I had at the Red Hot Party, which was organised by the Bedhoppers and Wanderlust Swingers. I struggled on the night with a feeling of being on the outside looking in, as if everyone had made great connections and no one wanted to talk to me. I have since learned that I was not the only person feeling like that that night. But because of how I felt on that night, I felt it was important to go back and see if it was just a one of thing or if I am just not built for events that are that size. So when the organisers advertised their next event: a Hot Summer Nights Party, I decided to book ourselves some tickets. This was not without trepidation, but I was going to do this again.

The weeks leading up to the party had been busy and on the Tuesday before the event, I had met up with my friend George. So I had not had a chance to think about, let alone get nervous about the Hot Summer Nights Party. I barely had had a chance to even think of what outfit I would wear! But I got something together and Mr L had some suitable outfits from last year’s holiday in Spain, so we were all set for the party.

On the day, we got there with a couple of hours spare. Just the perfect amount of time to get ready without rushing. At check-in, I immediately encountered someone who was waiting for her room to be ready and had a little chat with her. We then also ran into a few other people who were staying on our floor as we walked to our room. Throughout the afternoon, as people were getting ready, there was much hilarity on the event Discord chat as we all watched the iron and ironing board do its rounds between the guests. The story of the iron is now legendary within the HSN attendees! The atmosphere just even before the party already felt more light hearted and fun than in February. This was a good omen.

We were ready about five minutes before the official start of the pre-party, so we decided to make our way down rather than just sit around and clock watch. When we got to the bar there were a handful of people who had had the same idea. It happened to be a group of women who were also tall like me! We all had a lovely chat of the perils of being a tall woman and then before we knew it the other guests started arriving.

Food is always high on my agenda, especially if I know that alcohol will be consumed. So Mr L suggested we ought to go and sit down to order some food before it got too busy. We both remembered the long wait for food last time and so this suggestion made sense. However, this was kind of a tough moment for me, because it meant moving away from the crowd and sitting a little distance away on our own. Considering that last time we had arrived late, it worried me that removing ourselves from the group like this was going to make us miss connections, make us remove ourselves from the group never to be able to rejoin them again. I must admit that I was a little anxious at that point. Luckily Darrell, of Wanderlust Swingers fame, spotted us sitting in the corner and joined us for a chat while we were awaiting our food. A little while later Mr H appeared, he was also on a mission to find food and by the time our food arrived, the crowd slowly started making its way to the restaurant area. The feeling of isolation abated. Everything was good again.

We had a lovely time mingling and chatting at the pre-party and before we knew it, it was time to go to the club. So far I felt more relaxed and positive than last time, but I was very aware that last time the pre-party had also gone well. Everything might yet change at the club.

I needn’t have worried. When we got to the club, we very quickly started talking to friends. We mingled much more easily than last time. We talked to soooo many people and everyone looked awesome in their outfits. Me being me had to of course spread the ”I love your outfit” love to everyone I saw.

We also caught up with some friends we had been in touch with for over a year, but never really got to spend much time with and yes, we did end up in a play room with them, which was a lot of fun, though I will keep the details private, We had spent a fair chunk of the night flirting, but somehow it still came as a surprise when the moment happened! We then also got our bag of tricks and showed them our floggers and paddle, which was a lot of fun! After playing with our impact toys, Mr L and I took ourselves to a public bed and had sex together. It was panning out to be a sexy night. BUT it wasn’t over yet.

After all this play, we went back to the bar for a drink and we joined a couple that we had been following on Twitter for forever. They’re truly sexy pair and for some reason my bi side, which had already been at play most of the night, decided that tonight is going to be a ladies’ night. There was an instant connection between the woman sitting next to me and I; we chatted, we touched, we snogged, it was awesome. Unfortunately, the club was about to close, so we suggested that rather than booking an Uber, the foxy couple ought to catch a ride back to the hotel with us, which they readily accepted. Mrs Foxy and I spent the whole journey back to the hotel making out on the back seat, something I haven’t done with someone in forever! We then spent another hour or so playing in our room. It was mostly me and Mrs Foxy, but at some point Mr L also joined in, as did Mr Foxy, who had spend most of the night captivated with the glorious sight of his wife getting spoiled by the both of us. Then suddenly, we all noticed the time: 4.30! It really was time to try and catch some sleep before breakfast!

What an amazing night! The demons of the previous event have been well and truly laid to rest. I never had a feeling of cliquiness and we chatted to way more people than last time. It went all naturally and easily. Never once did I have the feeling that I was not welcome or that I was intruding in someone else’s conversation.

In the aftermath, there has been the comedown that often comes. But I was not alone and this time around people were comfortable sharing these feelings on the chat in Discord both on the main chat and in DM. As a result a wonderful, supportive community has grown and it has been beautiful to watch. I feel like I have grown a wonderful group of friends there, including a lovely supportive group of women, who I can share my thoughts and worries with. In fact, we're planning a girly night out soon. I haven't had a girly night out in almost a decade, so I am very excited about this.

So it’s safe to say that this event was a resounding success for us and we are very likely to go again in the future. I can only recommend events organised by both the Bedhoppers and Wanderlust Swingers. The community around these podcasters is supportive, the events are really well organised and absolutely fabulous for both newbies and more experienced lifestylers alike. If you have the opportunity to attend, or are curious to check out a club for the first time in a safe and comfortable environment, then these events are definitely worth considering.

And now, my readers, you have finally caught up on our recent adventures. I'm sure we will have more adventures in the future and I'm sure I'll tell you all about it when it happens!

Lots of love,

Mrs L x

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