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A Series of Excellent Club Nights with Friends – Part 1

Hey my sexy readers,

I meant to publish this post a good while ago, but life has been so busy, that I struggled to find the time to write. I’ll try and pick up where I left off, but it’s been a good while ago and I have Covid, so my memory is a little hazy on the facts!

In my previous blog post, where I described the return of my swinging mojo,, I hinted at a great club night that helped me get back into the swinging groove. Well, the wait is over: it's time for the story! In fact this great club night lead to our next great club night only 2 weeks later. I had hoped to blend them into 1 cohesive blog post, especially because night no 2 lead to some important conversations between Mr L and I. Unfortunately, it was turning into a small novel, so I’m going to have to make it a 2-parter after all, so sit down, get a drink, get comfy, it’s going to be a long one…

We had had many weekends out in a row and had planned a night off. I thought that might be the sensible thing to do considering I was only just recovering after not being all that well for so long. But then I got a message from a good lifestyle friend, Angie, who I have talked about before. Unfortunately she had now broken up with Tom, and I had stayed in touch with just her. Angie asked if we were going to go to the lingerie party in our local club, because she was hoping to go. It would be her first time going out to a lifestyle club as a single woman, and so she had hoped that she could meet up with us there, because she wanted some supportive friends with her. Mr L and I decided that we couldn’t let her go alone, so we told her we’d be delighted to accompany her. What a last-minute change of plans!

We picked up Angie from her house, so she could have a drink and let her hair down. The journey had gone more smoothly than expected and we arrived nice and early. I do enjoy arriving early, because that gives us a chance to settle in before it gets too busy. We were just handing in our drinks at the bar and who walks in? Jack and Julie! What an amazing surprise. We introduced Angie and the 3 of us then made our way to the seating area. In the seating area another surprise awaited us: our friends Sassy and Sammy! I was so happy to see all our friends again. We hadn’t seen them in ages! It was going to be a good night, I just knew it. I honestly didn’t expect play, but I sure was hoping to get some kisses from Jack, who is the most amazing kisser.

All 7 of us got on like a house on fire. After getting acquainted and having a agood chat in the seating area, we all moved to the dancefloor where things got a little cozy, especially between me and Jack. Let's be honest, not much dancing happened on the dancefloor that night. I ended up spending more time snogging Jack than actually dancing and Angie and Sammy also got super friendly with each other. It was actually really great to see how 2 separate sets of friends ended up getting on so well together, like a job well done for us!

The night was really hot, and not just in a sexy way, so after our time on the dancefloor, we decided to seek some solace from the heat and move to the outdoor area for a sit down and a cool down. The cooling down did not last long though and before we knew it Angie and Sammy were at it again as were Jack and I and Mr L. I was sandwiched between two men who wanted me, possibly one of my favourite places to be. Before long Sammy and Angie left to find a playroom and not much later so did Jack, Mr L and I.

Unfortunately half the club decided to do the same around this time, so the 5 of us all ended up in the same playroom (both Julie and Sassy had given their men a hall pass for the night). It was clear Angie and Sammy were very much into each other and so they played on one side of the bed, while I was getting entertained on the other side by Jack and Mr L, who did all sorts of nice things to me with their hands and mouths. Jack is not the greatest at performing in group settings, so in a way it was a shame we could not find a more private room, as he struggled a little, but we had an amazing time nonetheless. The details are a little hazy, but play did not just stay confined to the 2 separate ends of the room. After Mr L fucked me, he went to play with Angie and Sammy, while Jack concentrated on me and then, all of a sudden we all just felt like we were going to melt and play suddenly stopped. It really was such a hot, hot night.

We decided that the best way to cool down would be to jump into to pool. We had never really used the pool before, but had for once brought towels, because Mr L and I hadn’t planned on playing and thought that with the hot weather, it might be nice to go for a skinny dip. So that was a lucky coincidence! We had an absolute blast in the pool. The water was the perfect temperature for the day: lovely and warm ,not too hot, not too cold. It was just amazing. I was getting carried around by Jack, him carrying me while I had my legs wrapped around him, stopping occasionally for extended snog sessions, then I moved over to Sammy and did the same with him. A little fingering and touching cocks under the water might have happened too, but nothing that, errrm, would make the water dirty, if you get my drift. And Mr L, he had his own fun with the women that were floating around in the pool that night.

Once we all got out, we got back on the sofas for a chat. The chat soon turned into a massage session: Sassy gave me the most loveliest of back massages. It turns out she has done some massage therapist training! And Jack got his hands on Angie. Jack is well known for his awesome massages among the community here, so Angie was having a lovely time! Once my massage was over, Sassy moved over to sit next to Mr L and I landed next to Sammy. We skipped the chat and immediately started kissing. Sammy’s cock was out and hard and of course my hand travelled down to play with it, before I knew it, I was giving Sammy a lovely BJ, which he was really obviously enjoying. The whole situation turned me on to no end and I decided that what I wanted to do was to get fucked so I asked him if he wanted to get a condom and fuck me and he did so without a moment’s hesitation! He fucked me there and then, on the sofa, while my husband was chatting to his wife right next to us. Only in a club, right?!

In the meantime, our friend Angie had gone to the toilet. When Sammy and I were finished, we all realised that Angie’s toilet visit had been awfully long. Mr L and I were thinking about going home, but we were Angie’s ride, so we needed to find her before we could go. We searched the club high and low until I finally found her in the orgy room, having a whale of a time. Somehow she got waylaid on her way back from the toilet and got herself entangled with a man. She really does work fast, our friend!

What a night it had turned out to be! I have said it many times before: it’s the nights where you start off with no expectations that end up the best ones. Somehow, despite knowing this, I still struggle to keep my expectations realistic. I think it is probably human nature to have high hopes when you go to places like a swingers' club. I do think I am slowly getting better at managing my own expectations. Give me another 5 years and I’ll be a pro!

Like I said at the start of this blog post: this is not the end of the story. Out of this incredibly sexy night flowed another night, that turned into one of those learning opportunity kind of nights. Considering I started this blog partly as an honest account of our journey and partly as an educational resource, I do not want you to be deprived of the learning moment that is the next encounter. So keep an eye out for part 2 of our Series of Excellent Club Nights; it should be published very soon.

Until next time,


Mrs L

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