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A Series of Excellent Club Nights with Friends - Part 2

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Hey sexy readers,

It’s time for part 2 of the story of our series of club nights with the same group of friends. Today's blog posts starts of sexy, but the sexy events were the catalyst to many weeks of long conversations between Mr L and I about our dynamic and where our swinging adventure is taking us. So let's get into it.

Two weeks later, we had a vanilla event to go to, however Angie, Sassy and Jack all individually asked me if we were going to go to the Doctors and Nurses party in the club that night. I was having serious FOMO and so I worked out that it would be possible to attend the vanilla event in the later afternoon/early evening and then move on to the club later in the night and that is exactly what we did! Mr L was going to be on call the next day, so we weren’t going to stay too late, but we’d have some naughty fun anyway and I was getting excited!

Because we had come from a vanilla party first, we didn’t get to the club until a little later than usual. Everyone was already there and had already settled in doing their own thing. We spotted Angie on the dance floor in the distance, obviously revelling in some male attention and said a quick hi to her. She told us she was there with 2 men, one of them being the guy she met last time we were at the club and who she really was smitten with. How she had managed to sneak in an extra guy on a couple's night, I still do not know, but she obviously works in mysterious ways.

I still had to get changed into my nurses outfit, so I moved on to the changing room to get ready for the night. Once dressed up we joined Jack’s partner. Julie, who was chatting to Sassy and Sammy on the sofas, Jack was wandering around somewhere and was not to be seen. We didn’t chat for long before Sassy and Sammy and us decided to go for a dance. We could hear the music and it was calling us!

On the dance floor, we encountered a heavily tattooed couple who each had a set of vibrating gloves with pins all over them. Those gloves were intriguing and so we asked for a feel. Next thing we knew, we were having a very sensual moment, half dancing, half getting a massage by these vibrating gloves. It felt amazing! The couple worked together expertly moving between the two of us. At some point the guy moved the glove between my legs, but over my knickers, and I’m sure that if he had carried on, I might very well have climaxed. It was really so incredibly sensual and erotic. Much to my surprise, Mr L joined in with it all too. If you know him, you’ll know he does not do dancing, but that night, he was all over that dancefloor and he wasn’t even drunk! Obviously, we had to experience those gloves again, so we exchanged details and soon realised we had actually been in touch via Fabswingers before, what a coincidence! Those vibrating gloves though, I still get all tingly thinking back to them. It was one of the highlights of that night!

After getting hot and sweaty on the dancefloor it was time to have a sit down and a cool down. So we headed to the outdoor area. I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but as we were standing there, chatting to some people, Sammy appeared by my side. He was in a really cheeky mood and told me his “snake” could do with a little help getting inflated. Yes, they were incredibly cheesy and silly words, but he got me laughing, so I teased him back and then before I knew it, I had his cock in my mouth. We had a fun little moment there. It was infused with humour and there was a familiarity between us now that we had played so many times. It was a fun and spontaneous little interlude.

This exact order of this night is a little vague, but I’m sure we went back to the dancefloor again at some point and then it was back to the sofas for more chatting with a bunch of people we knew. At some point as we were chatting, who happens to join us again: Sammy. At this point Mr L and my version of the event differs a little. My version is that I saw Sammy walk past and I said hi and he came over and we started chatting, which then lead to the what happened next. Mr L said that I called him over when he walked past and I forced the situation to make what happened next happen. What I do know is that I did not strike up conversation with Sammy with the intention to move on to play, like Mr L seemed to think. But what I also know is that both he and I were obviously in a bit of a frisky mood, I was listening to a conversation I was not 100% invested in and Sammy provided a welcome distraction. We did not talk for long, because our chat turned into a cheeky snog and then another blowjob in no time. (Sammy has told me he really does enjoy my BJs.) Unfortunately, as I was giving Sammy that BJ, a group of people plonked themselves on the sofa next to us. One very drunk woman proceeded to tell me I was doing it all wrong and I ought to go deeper and gag on Jamie’s cock. Now if there’s one thing I do not like or find sexy, it’s gagging, so I told the woman that I was happy how I was and to leave us alone and Sammy also told her that I was doing a great job and that nothing needed changing. This woman’s friends also tried to get her to stop, without little success. So, when I asked Jamie if he wanted to fuck me, Jamie suggested we moved away from this group and find a better spot. I asked Mr L if it’s OK I went to the orgy room next door with Jamie and he said yes. So off we went to have some uninterrupted fun on the orgy bed and fun it was.

Then when we finished, it was fairly late and Mr L and I debated whether to go home or have another drink and then go. We decided to go for the drink option and I was going to go and get the drinks. BUT just as I was leaving the bar with our drinks, one of Angie’s guys stopped me to say that Angie was in need of help as the other guy, who she was really smitten with, had left without saying goodbye fairly early on in the night and she was having a bit of a breakdown over it. So, I went to seek her out and probably spent a good 20min or so comforting her and ensuring that she was OK when her lift came along and took her home. When I finally made my way back to Mr L, I could instantly tell he was not happy. I asked if he was OK and he said yes. But deep down I knew he was not. I know him well enough after being together for over 2 decades.

Over the next few days, the fall out of our latest club visit became clear very quickly. Mr L had not been happy at all that I had moved to another room with Sammy. He had said OK, because he felt he had been presented with a done deal and then me not returning from the bar in a timely manner meant that we did not get to have reconnection immediately after. Over the next few days and weeks, we ended up talking about this particular situation, but also other topics.

· Play with single guys

· Our boundaries when it comes to separate room play

· Solo play.

· My feeling that at times I hold back when we are in a club, because I do not want to upset him by moving too fast/acting on instinct. However, I seem to be unable to hold back on just that front only, it spills out into holding back altogether and then I feel like I am constantly watching what I do or say. I spend too much time worrying about Mr L on those nights.

· Mr L’s feeling of being torn between wanting to see me happy and full of beans when I’m in my element in a club and wanting me to slow down so we can keep the same pace, knowing that that would go against my nature.

· We talked about the difference between his slower, more thoughtful pace and personality and my tendency to throw myself into situations without too much thought and how we could go about balancing this without either of us feeling like we were unhappy.

When we started swinging, we did everything together and over time, as we experienced new things, the menu of things that we wanted to experience expanded and began to differ for the both of us. I got more and more curious about playing with single guys and the thought of solo play intrigued me, while Mr L got more curious about the kink scene, exploring his submissive side and chastity play.

These are all obviously big and difficult topics to discuss, but it was good to get them out in the open. To top it all, this discussion also happened on the last day of our 2 week cage experiment and ended up delaying Mr L’s planned release, because we wanted to enjoy the moment, not remove it during a time of conflict, when neither of us really was in the mood to celebrate freedom.

Once the dust settled and we got to the core of the issue, which is that Mr L is worried about not being able to keep up with me and that me having experiences with single guys or even solo experiences might lead to him feeling distanced from me and that I am worried for the first time about our age difference and having to live a quieter, more settled, life before I am ready.

Once we got to our deepest fears, we could work our way back up: how Mr L occasionally let me have fun on my own, so I can release the brakes, without him feeling excluded, how can I explore kink a little with him while still getting what I want out of it? As it was, an event was on the horizon that had been in my diary for months: my good friend George was coming to London and I was going to go and meet up with him. It was going to be time to test out what can be done to make the situation exciting and fun for the both of us….

And yes, as you guessed it, that story will be for the next time. It’ll be worth the wait, that’s for sure!

Until next time,

Mrs L x

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