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Easing back into into the lifestyle

England, April 12 2021: pubs reopen for outdoor entertainment, more and more people are vaccinated against covid, the roadmap to getting out of lockdown seems to be going well, there's an air of optimism and a buzz in the world that hasn't been there in a long long time. This buzz clearly is felt in the lifestyle community too. Clubs, begin to tentatively plan their reopening, lifestyle friends get in touch to see if we're still interested in meeting up and Mr L and I are wondering what our first steps would be. We thought that we would probably first meet up with our best friends and then slowly ease into club life again, but is that how it's really going?

By late May and after over a month of near misses, we are still no closer to finally catching up for an outdoor social with our friends. Admittedly the weather has not been in our favour and we have had to cancel due to rain a few times. After being in pretty much permanent lockdown since November 2020, Mr L and I are keen to at least get a naughty weekend away with just the two of us in. With kids around at all times during lockdown, it had been tough to truly let go and get sexy without inhibitions. Sex was always at risk of interruptions, despite the lock we put on our bedroom door sometime this winter! So as soon as hotels are able to reopen, we book a hotel and go away. This is the story of that first weekend of fun and frolics!

Our first stop that weekend was a visit to our local club.l We had heard over the grapevine that it had reopened on a limited, invite only, basis. We were fairly well known regulars before COVID, so Mr L got in touch and hoped they remembered us. They did and added us to the list. How exciting! The plan was to just have a drink, catch up with the other regulars, soak up the sexy atmosphere, but no play and, yes, we actually did stick with it this time!

When we got there, we first saw Candy and Shopper, who we had known for pretty much as long as we have been in the lifestyle and who we met at our first party. It was great to catch up with them. We then settled in with a drink and did some people watching, I was struggling a little to get in the mood, because other than that one couple, there was no one we really knew, yet everyone else seemed to know each other; I felt a little left out. Clearly with a very limited group of people meeting up, everyone had grown much closer. I kind of felt left out. Of the new people, one woman really stood out. She was truly striking, tall, short blond hair slicked back, skin tight shiny leggings, a military style jacket and I'm sure she was holding a cane of some sort. She was clearly older, but also majestic, tall, proud. Mr L and I both commented on how fabulous she looked, although admittedly she didn't strike us as someone we could play with, and besides, we weren't going to anyway, so that was a non-issue.

Luckily, the choice of music was great that night and after a couple of drinks, I got a little more into the whole being out mood and couldn't resist the music anymore; I got up to dance. Once I started dancing, the whole dynamic and atmosphere in the club seemed to change somehow. Of course I am not saying that I have such a profound effect on the club - I am not that spectacular - but maybe others were waiting for someone to be brave enough to take that first step away from chat and into a slightly more sexy activity, because it didn't take long for others to me on the dance floor and of course I had to do a little twirling around the pole. When I stopped for a break and a drink, I noticed the majestic, tall woman walk up to me. She stopped in front of me and said: "I've noticed you across the room all night. You look amazing. May I kiss you." I was so taken aback that I answered with a yes. We had a quick kiss and she then turned on her heels, walked away and said: "I'll see YOU later" as she walked away. There was a thick air of promise in those words! It felt like something from a movie scene. I was slightly stunned.

A while later, Mr L and I went for a little walk to the dungeon to see if there was anything happening there. Mr L is really interested in kink and always finds it fun and interesting to interact with others down in the dungeon. When we got there, Tall Majestic woman was there with her partner and making use of that short little cane. She had changed in a more revealing, yet equally amazing outfit and looked just as fabulous as before. They were pretty busy caning a woman and as I was watching them, I was wondering what that little cane would feel like. So when they were finished, I put myself forward as the next volunteer to try it out. As usual, I had a few testing blows, to see where my pain threshold sits and well, lets say that when it comes to narrow, hard impact toys, my threshold sits pretty low. The first blow already sat at a 6. We did 10 strikes and then I was done. I doubt I try a caning again! We then watched a young woman getting the same treatment with a lot more force and we were in awe with how much she could take. After that, we had a little chat with the young woman and her partner. They were newbies and it was their first club visit. It's always fun to be able to give some advice to newbies, but they seemed quite sensible and aware of what they were looking for, so we both felt they would be absolutely fine.

We then walked back to the bar area, where someone announced that they had brought a Sybian and would anyone like to try it? From listening to podcasts, I had heard a lot about them. Trying one of those was definitely on my fuckit list, so I volunteered together with maybe 4-5 other women. Unfortunately what happened after was not so pleasant. The first woman to try it, clearly enjoyed it, but managed to let to a little too much. I won't go into detail for sake of her dignity, but it's safe to say that it stopped use of the toy for the rest of the night. I helped the couple, whose Sybian it was, to tidy up the room and toy and we got into a good chat with them. They were very grateful for the help and also promised that they would either invite us to one of their parties one day or bring the Sybian to the club again, so I could try it on another day. We then had a dance with them and I showed them a few pole tricks, which was a lot of fun. We swapped Fab names and then left to go to our hotel, because the next day we were going to have a big trip to Birmingham for a kids free, but non-LS naughty night away.

The next day we had a little lie in and of course some lovely morning sex, then it was time for the long drive to Birmingham. Mr L had booked a club deluxe room, which had a king sized bed and 2 leather longers, in the Malmaison hotel. It was quite luxurious and because the weather was awful, we knew we would be spending a lot of quality time in there! We unpacked, got comfy and I put on some sexy lingerie. We had fun doing a photo shoot with the lingerie and then creating some home made porn, where Mr L tied me to one of the loungers and the rest I will leave to your imagination. After an afternoon of sexy fun, we went to the cocktail bar and had our first bar drinks of 2021. After the cocktails we had a meal, which was lovely in that it was a meal out, but very disappointing because it was bland and overpriced. Still, it was exciting to eat out again and we were in a very good mood, where nothing could do much to ruin it. We then had another drink in the bar and then it was closing time. Then back to the room for a few more drinks and of course more sex before drifting off to sleep.

The next day we woke up and had that lovely sleepy morning sex. The perfect way to wake up. As soon as we had finished, there was a knock on the door: room service! We had treated ourselves to breakfast in bed, which was so nice. There's something very special about having breakfast in a plush hotel bed while being naked. It felt so luxurious, decadent even. It was just the best moment. Sadly it was then time to pack up and go. The weather had improved a little and at least it wasn't raining. We spent the rest of the day shopping in the Bull Ring (hello, Ann Summers), walking along the famous canals and finally popping into a pub for some food. I was sad when it was time to go, it had been some much overdue adult time for Mr L and I and we went home happy and on a high.

On the way home, I was checking my emails and spotted an email from Le Boudoir asking for volunteers to be in their next promo video. Being as we were on a high from a long sexy weekend, we decided to apply to join in, fully expecting not to be accepted as we aren't particularly a hot young couple. A few hours later though, we were pleasantly surprised to see that we were sent an invitation to join! How exciting! That was our next Saturday sorted. Life was getting interesting again now lockdown is over.

The week flew by and we both had to do some emergency shopping, because the dress code for the Le Boudoir event and shoot was black. I may own a gazillion items of lingerie, but none of them are plain black, the same for my dresses! Mr L had the same issue in the suit department. We had to be at Le Boudoir fairly early, but the even would end by midnight, which was kind of perfect after our late nights of the week before.

When we got there, we were only the second couple to arrive. The other couple was very very attractive and very young. Well, very young to us oldies anyway. We had a little chat with them and then another young couple arrived that they clearly knew. Not much later a single woman arrived and that was everyone. Apparently the first nice weekend of the year had seen a lot of cancellations ations, so filming would have to happen with just the 7 of us. We started off in the dungeon, which was looking amazing bathed in red lights and filled with smoke. We were all given our positions to take up and then we had to make out! The camera swooped between us, while each couple made out, caressed, stroked and was generally sensual and sexy. We both found it incredible hot. We kept being moved around the dungeon, but essentially we had to do the same thing over and over again and each time we enjoyed it just as much, as I could tell from what was happening in Mr L's trousers.

After a few more hours two more couples arrived that were more around our age and we went up to the bar area to shoot some bar scenes. That was fun and we had some interesting chats, but the group clearly split into young and old initially. At some point I went to chat with a man, who I found very attractive, and within minutes I could sense him backing away. I chatted a little longer and then retreated to Mr L, who asked me what I had said, because the recoiling of the man was so obvious that even he had noticed it from a distance! I honestly had only had some general chit chat, so I have no idea why this man reacted the way he did. This had never happened before and of course I was a little disappointed, but you can't win them all!

Once the bar scenes were shot, we had some pizza and a break, before then moving up to the play area for a pretend orgy. Again each couple was told to strip and make out, each in a different area of the play room. Everyone stayed within their group, but the youngsters, as we had dubbed them, were struggling to stick to the rule of no sex, just simulated sex and the director decided to call it an end. Oddly enough, as soon as the filming stopped, those youngsters that couldn't control themselves, got up and went down for a drink! Mr L and I on the other hand decided it was the perfect moment to move on to real sex after an evening of simulated sex! After our play, we went down for another drink and had a good chat with the owner, whom I told about this blog and my Twitter account. He was really interested and I promised to give the club a mention and so the word of this amazing place gets spread. Then the night clearly wound down and we left to go home. All in all it was a fun evening. It was really interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of a video shoot. It was a proper little adventure and more than likely something we'll never really do again.

These first few adventures into lifestyle spaces may not have involved play, but we had so much fun and just hanging around in LS spaces itself is something that brings excitement into our relationship. Following these 2 fun weekends, we moved on to our first play date in forever, but that story will be for another time!


Mrs L xx

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