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Back to Gran Canaria - A not so very swingy swinging holiday.

Hello my sexy readers,

I believe you are all eagerly awaiting the full story of our holiday to Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria. We really did have a great time, and as usual it was far too short, but the sexy times weren't quite as plentiful as previous holidays. There are a number of reasons for that and a big one was that it was just very quiet and there weren't really many people there we were attracted to, especially as a couple, but the other reason was that our own energy levels were pretty low after Mr L's bout of Covid the 2 weeks before had also triggered a recurrence of the covid fatigue in me to. In other words, we both weren't in top condition for adventure! As a result, our sexy holiday was not quite as sexy as usual and most of what happened was just essentially drinking, chatting and dancing, but there are a bunch of highlights that are absolutely worth talking about, so unlike my usual chronological story style, I will go for a best off (and worst of) this time.

The first night we met two lovely couples, Christy and Derek and Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, whom we hung out with all night, but we didn't really want to play with them, so when these four moved on to find play partners, Mr L and I took ourselves to a playroom on our own. The only room left was one with a viewing window, which we don't really mind. Unsurprisingly a single guy turned up. We didn't really have any extra-ordinary, acrobatic, attention worth sex, but still had fun. While in our post play cuddle, Mr L mentioned that he thought he'd seen a flash, I don't remember seeing that, however, his comment did make something click in my mind and I told him that I thought I'd seen the man hold a phone, but I'd only caught it from the corner of my eye and it was dark, so I had brushed it off as my eyes playing tricks. Now it looks like we were filmed or photographed without consent. By the time we came to the realisation, it was far too late to address the man, because he was long gone.

On the second night, we ran into the Christy, Derek, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan again, this time Christy and Derek, had friends from home with them, which meant they went off doing their own thing as the night wore on. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan were celebrating their last night on holiday and were looking to end their trip with a bang. We didn't think we were the couple to provide them quite that level of fun, so at some point we also got split off from them. Later on in the night, when we were in Fun4All, we spotted a crowd gathering in a room. Curious, as ever, we ended up sneaking a peek at what was going on. It was Tinkerbell and Peter Pan with another couple, but they were at the end of the play session and getting dressed. As the crowd was dispersing, they spotted us and we got chatting. Tinkerbell had now changed into a new outfit: a sexy lacy bodysuit. As I was admiring it, she invited me to touch her, which I did and before I knew it, we were kissing. The kissing moved to fingering, the fingering turned into licking and then she moved on top of me into a 69 position. She actually fully sat on my face at that point and this was a whole new experience for me. Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed it! I can now honestly say that I am a fan of face sitting. We played like this for quite some time, fully immersed into each other and neither of us thinking to invite the men. The men, in the meantime, remained respectfully seated by the side, enjoying the show, and waited patiently for the invite that never came. I don't think I have ever played with a woman before without a man joining at some point. This was another new experience ticked off for me. The night turned out far more eventful than I ever had imagined it would.

Then, towards the end of the night, the Saga of the Face Tattoo Guy started. I got up onto the little stage to dance on the pole when a good song came on. A heavily tattooed guy, with several face tattoos, suddenly addressed me: "Why don't you make eye contact with me?" He was a big guy, quite intimidating, drunk and just overall gave off a vibe that he could go off at any point. Not trying to provoke him, I said that I just didn't want to lead him on and make him think I was interested. He reacted surprised that I would not find him attractive, but then said that he understood that he was not everyone's cup of tea. He jumped onto the little stage and started dancing with me, telling me that despite me turning him down, we could still have fun together. It was awkward, the song was nearly finished, so I stayed and then got down and found Mr L and the two others. I told them what had happened and then just tried to keep a distance from Face Tattoo Guy. A little while later, he addressed me again: "You", he said pointing at me as I walked past his table for some reason, "Yes, you! You have been leading me on all week, with your pictures on Fab. Teasing me all week!" Now I don't remember ever noticing his profile, nor had he ever messaged us, so until this evening I never knew he even existed. I was confused and didn't quite know how to react, so I carried on walking to Mr L and our friends while saying that I had no idea what he was talking about, because I had not seen him before. He followed me and tried to figure out why I didn't want to play with him: was I judging his face tattoos? Then he flipped back to understanding we can't all be for everyone and so it went on for a while. Even meeting Mr L and our friends did not quite satisfy him or get him to stop interacting with me. At some point he had to stop one of the women he was with from attacking me, because she was insulted that I was not attracted to the guy she was with! What a mad and surreal situation we were in. Thankfully it was by now 3am and it was time for the club to close. That was a weird and uncomfortable end to the night. It all went pretty quickly and we felt a little steamrolled by the guy. He was never actually physically aggressive, but did give off a vibe that this could change any minute. If closing time hadn't happened, I'm sure we would have moved to another club to escape him. Oh, and he wasn't a single guy, but his partner never told him to stop it and calm down. It goes to show that looking after your partner goes both ways. If you see your partner is too drunk and it's affecting their behaviour, it's your job as a partner to step in, redirect and call an end to the evening. Anyway, now we have a story to tell from all of that and it is called "that time I was called a prick tease for posting pictures on Fab"

Our final night out was essentially all about international relations. We decided to try the Black Bulldog bar, which we had heard a lot about it, but hadn't had a chance to visit it yet. Our first impression was pretty good: it was cool, well decorated and in a better location than the Comeback bar, however it was also pretty empty and I was tempted to go back to what we knew. Soon more people arrived and this crowd was definitely more international: Danish, Finnish, Dutch, French, Germans and a few Brits all in one place. It was pretty amazing. We got chatting to a nice Danish couple, because the woman wore the most epic shoes in the world. After a couple of drinks we thought we'd check what things were like in the Comeback bar. It was really quiet there, but we did join a couple at their table. We were greeted with the phrase: "I don't do woke shit", uttered by the male half of the couple. It came completely out of context and I instantly knew I wouldn't last long in this couple's company. We had sat down now with our drink, so kind of felt we were committed to finish our drink in their company. The chat was polite and stuck to safe topics, but the man kept asking me questions that he didn't let me answer before talking over me. After a few such incidents I got pretty pissed off and got up to go to the toilet and whispered to Mr L we had to go ASAP. Luckily Mr L had heard me and when I got back we finished our drink and said our goodbyes. We had a quick look back at the Black Bulldog, which was now so busy there was no sitting room, so we decided to just go and head for Fun4All. Fun4All was also pretty empty. It was early though, so we thought we'd hang on a while to see if more people arrived. I danced a little when I heard music I liked and at some point a gorgeous woman came up to me and asked me to dance with her and show me how to do some pole moves, which I did. I thought she wanted to do more than dancing, but I couldn't quite read her, so stuck with just dancing. We hung around Fun4All for a bit longer, but after an hour, it was clear that it just wasn't going to get busier. Then Mr L suggested something that just made me nearly fall off my seat: "Shall we go to Secrets?" Wow, who would have thought this? After all the drama of the Curse of Secrets, he now volunteered to go? What a change! Mr L said he'd heard it had been refurbished recently and he thought that a change in layout and decoration might have changed into a new and less intimidating club. So off we went to try and test his theory. And yes, the layout was different now, but it was still dark and pretty loud. Despite this, Mr L was clearly more at ease. I presume it's because this time we walked in on our own with no expectations of play. Almost as soon as we walked in we spotted the woman who had asked me to dance in Fun4All. She turned out to be Danish and was there with her partner. They were very new and were just exploring the club scene, but not playing with others. They were really lovely to chat to and at the end of the night she thanked Mr L for putting her partner at ease. I suspect he was feeling protective about her and Mr L talked about how no means no in clubs and how what and how much you do is 100% up to you. They then went off into he playrooms together while we stayed by the bar, but I did get a really really nice kiss from the Danish woman before she and her husband left the club. I wished they lived closer, because I definitely would have liked to get to know her a little better! The final thing that happened that night was that almost as soon as the Danish couple went off into the playrooms, Christy and Derek appeared with their friends and another couple. The other couple were also newbies and when the club closed and we all had to go, it turned out that they were in the same hotel as us! So that night we had company as we walked back and it was really lovely. They were really nice. We saw them again at breakfast too. It was such a shame to finally make hotel friends on the day we had to go, but it definitely was a nice end to the holiday.

And that, my friends, is what happened during our holiday. Nothing too exciting, but we had a lovely time and made a few connections. Who knows, some of them might even visit us here in the South East one day!

Until next time


Mrs L xx

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