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A Sexy New Year's Eve Story!

Hey sexy readers,

First and foremost I want to wish you a Happy New Year, I hope that 2022 will bring everyone all the fun and sexy times you can dream off!

I had planned to write this story much sooner, but unfortunately the high of our NYE adventure was then followed by a low a few days later: I contracted COVID. What a bummer. I have been feeling quite poorly with it, but I am on the up now and I am stuck in the house, self isolating, so what better to do than write the story. Of course everyone is wondering the obvious: did I contract Covid while having NYE fun. Well, going by the timeline, no, I did not pick up Covid at the venue of our adventures, but the day before, while I getting myself all beautiful at a brow bar. After NYE the year 2022 went downhill fast for us! Anyway, now the elephant in the room has been addressed: here's the story of NYE 2021.

Image by Moritz Knöringer via Unsplash

We had always planned to go to our local club for NYE, but I was half and half expecting a post Christmas lockdown, so didn't get my hopes up too much. Then as the time came closer and cases started rising, both Mr L and I had serious doubts about going to our local club. Although we love it there and it's a friendly place, their COVID policies aren't great. We would feel safer going to a venue that required a COVID passport or negative LFT (RAT for non-UK peeps) before entering the venue. Our favourite club: The Hellfire Club, had always acted very responsible throughout the whole pandemic and they had a strict policy in place, so with 24h notice, we decided to change plans and go there. To our amazement, the nearby Premier Inn also still had very cheap rooms available at such short notice, which was a small miracle considering it was NYE and a London hotel. It was clearly meant to be! My initial disappointment of not being around people we know to see in the year, was replaced with a relief that we would be going to a great venue which was as safe as it could possibly be.

The Hellfire Club is a decent way away from home for us and we had hoped to leave fairly early but unfortunately our son, and babysitter, had to work, so we had to wait for him to come home. By the time we were finally on our way, it was already dark & it was clear that it would be a case of having a quick bite to eat and then change and go. That meant that in our rush, we didn't get a chance to take a picture of ourself in our party outfits. I'm quite sad about that, because we looked fabulous!

When we got to the club, we were asked for our COVID passport or negative LFT result. They really were strict and someone did get sent back to their car, with a test to take one there and then before they could get through the door. It really was great to see how serious they take safety.

As usual, we got a warm welcome as we checked in. Then we made our way up to the bar and ordered some cocktails. I went for a Pornstar Martini and Mr L wanted a Blue Lagoon, which caused a lot of upheaval, because they weren't sure if they had the ingredients. While all this kerfuffle was going on, I stood somewhere by the side, waiting for my drink. While I was waiting, a couple arrived at the bar and as the male half of the couple ordered a bottle of Champagne, his partner awaiting his return right next to me. She had the most glamorous dress on, so turned to her and told her that I loved her dress. She returned the compliment and before I knew it, we were chatting away. Before long, our respective husbands joined us with our drinks and now we had a great four way chat going. Much to our delight, we learned they were from near where we live as well; we could always do with more local friends!

As the alcohol kicked in, I could, of course, not resist the dance floor and the pole that had been tempting me for quite a while now. I headed on over, dancing away, getting my sexy on. Everyone present, and our new friends in particular, clearly approved of my moves. Then, as I stopped for a drink, a guy tried to climb the pole, but he was wearing trousers and kept sliding down, so I of course I had to step in and show him how you climb a pole. I was out of practice, so only got up a short way before I could climb no more, but right at that point, a couple of men stepped forward and gave me a push to get me all the way to the top! That was so funny! Of course I was now stuck at the top, so I had to try and come down while not making a complete fool of myself. I think I successfully managed to gracefully reach the floor from the applause I got once I was down. All that climbing and pole dancing got me out of breath and very hot and bothered; it was time for a little break. Mr L and I thought it was the perfect time for to have a look at the new outdoor area and go for a little walk to explore the rest of the club.

Not our outfits of the night, but almost identical!

Our new friends didn't want to join us outside, so we went for our little cool down on our own. The outdoor area had been developed since our last visit and we discovered we could do a big loop back into the building via the dungeon. We stepped through the door, and landed slap bang into the middle of a scene, obscuring the view of the onlookers. Mr L wanted to stay and watch a little, but there was nowhere to sit or stand without blocking someone else's view, so we moved away from the dungeon to a sofa in a quiet open space. We sat and chilled and did some people watching from our comfy spot until my feet had finally recovered.

We went back upstairs to the bar to get another drink. When we got there, we spotted a pair of familiar faces: Sherry and Mark, the couple we played with on NYE 2019. Only they completely blanked us. I looked and smiled at them and they looked straight through me! I wonder if they recognised us and instantly felt awkward for ghosting us. It was very odd behaviour. Anyway, once we had our drinks, we found another spot to sit and chill. I joined in with the giant Jenga that was going on for a short while, but I was soon distracted by the male half our new friends appearing in the doorway. I really wanted rekindle the connection we had made at the start of the night. During our chats the chemistry had been almost palpable and I didn't want to let the chance to let this chemistry grow slip by. I jumped up and told Mr L I had to go and chat to our friend and could he watch my bag. I didn't realise at the time, but he had only heard the last bit. I walked up to our new friend with the very cool and not at all socially awkward chat up line: "I don't actually know your name." Clearly that was a good enough method of restarting a conversation and approximately 1.5 minutes after learning that he was called Martin and his wife was Samantha, we were kissing. We stood there kissing for quite a while until I thought I ought to go and inform Mr L of the situation. I extracted myself to tell our friend that I needed to get Mr L and at that very moment, I could see Mr L stand up and walk our way. Perfect. I had not meant to stay away and kiss Martin for this long, because when I had reached him, I had spotted Samantha entering the toilets, so I had assumed that the kissing would stop once she rejoined her husband. That was, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) not what had happened; she walked straight past us and had left us in peace, enjoying the fun!

By now it was close to midnight. The four of us reconvened on the dancefloor, Martin bought a bottle of champagne ready for midnight. As the clocks chimed midnight, Mr L and I kissed and then we shared that bottle of champagne with Martin and Samantha. My chat with Martin soon turned into kissing again. The kissing got hotter and heavier and hands started to wander down and inbetween legs. The conversation had gone to squirting at some point in the night, so Martin couldn't resist making me squirt right there on the dance floor and of course he was successful. And that is how my knickers fell off on the dance floor. Now it was my turn to unbuckle his belt and free his cock. And what a cock it was: one of the more beautiful cocks I have seen in my time in the lifestyle. I kneeled in front of him and took him in my mouth. After going down on him for a short time, I thought it might be best to move into a playroom, so I suggested we moved to the empty room we were standing next to. It was a no brainer and within seconds we were in the room and closed the door to some single men that had hoped to follow us in.

Once inside the room we all lay down on the bed and spent some time going back to kissing. They both clearly loooove kissing, which is excellent, because so do I. It was also clear very quickly that these two had a very sensual play style, which tends to work well for Mr L and which I adore too. Somehow both Mr L and I both ended up on our back, and we both had the others go down on us. Mr L got, what from my position, seemed like the best blow job ever, I'm sure I saw some deep throating going on there! And Martin used his tongue and fingers together to make me squirt again. The room was so incredibly hot that I was slipping and sliding around the bed now, not just from the squirt, but also from sweat. I gave the bed a quick wipe down and grabbed some condoms, because play was going to move up a notch. Martin put on a condom and started kissing me and fucking me, it was hot in all ways possible and before we knew, we were slipping and sliding again! At some point a natural break appeared in the play and we all had some more champagne and just chilled out together for a while, but soon Martin and I were kissing again. This time, he laid down on his back and instead of giving him a blowjob, I eased myself onto his gorgeous thick cock and rode him until my thighs ached. I love watching men's faces while I ride their cocks and his face was telling me everything I needed to know: he was thoroughly enjoying himself! When I could ride no more, I asked to change positions. Now I was on my back, he eased back into me and kissed me as he fucked me. There was a viewing window where those who were standing by the bar could look into the room and while Martin was fucking me, I could see some men looking in. I found it very hot to lock eyes with the men that looked at me and keep my gaze on them until they looked away. I don't know why, but there was something extremely sexy about it. Now I have no idea what was happening on Mr L's side of the bed during that time, but from what I heard, he had a pretty good time too. Samantha clearly had skills and from the sounds I could hear, she was pleased with whatever Mr L was doing to her too.

Somehow two hours had passed by the time we had all finished. Just as well we finished when we did, because Martin and Samantha's taxi back to their hotel was already on its way. We quickly said our goodbyes and swapped our contact information and then it was time to go. What a night it had been. It was probably the best NYE at a club we have ever had.

With our friends now gone and the clock ticking, we thought it was time for us to go too. In true Mrs L style, I ended up chatting to the receptionist far longer than I really should have. I do like to chat. Luckily Mr L has the patience to hang around while I get my words in! While we were in reception, we did see a single guy getting kicked out and banned from the club for misbehaving. We always knew that The Hellfire Club had a strict behaviour policy and it was nice to see it in action. It's the one place we have never had single guys making a nuisance of themselves.

Once Mr L managed to extricate me from the reception area, we walked back to the hotel and encountered another couple happened to be doing the same, so we all walked together, which was kind of a nice way to round off the night.

We have stayed in touch with Martin and Samantha of course and I had to inform them of my positive Covid test. So far they have continued to test negative, so I feel glad that I have not passed on the virus to them. But it also kind of confirms that it's unlikely I picked it up from them or the club. They have already invited us out too, but unfortunately thanks to Covid, we had to turn it down. I think it will be a good month before I feel well enough to go out again! The good news is that this will be the Bedhoppers Social 2.0. Considering we had such a great time last time, I'm very much looking forward to this event.

Until next time, sexy friends,


Mrs L xx

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