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New Year's Eve 2019 and Mrs L's slightly odd birthday bash

After our trip to Gran Canaria, we hit the ground running and had a really busy and stressful few months in our not so secret lives. We didn't get much time for play, so we were really looking forward to our time off over the holidays, because we had a few exciting adventures planned, including New Year's Eve in our local club.

We had planned to see in the New Year in our local club almost as soon as we had finished celebrating the start of 2019. As we made friends throughout the year, I imagined us all meeting up there and having the best NYE party ever. Unfortunately those plans were squashed, when a new party venue opened in December and all our friends chose to celebrate NYE over there. We were also invited, but because we had already reserved the hotel near the club, Mr L didn't really want to change our plans. I understood Mr L's reasoning, but at the same time I was mourning the loss of the perfect party that I formed in my mind for the last few months. Mr L could see that I was sad, in fact, more than sad: sulky! He was worried that I wasn't going to be in the right frame of mind for the NYE party and was not particularly looking forward to night. Luckily for him, we were contacted at the very last moment by our friends Sam and Michelle, who were wondering if we were going to spend NYE at the club. I was relieved to discover that we were going to have some friends to meet up with in the end and the excitement about the night returned.

I got dressed in a sparkly, short, pink party dress that I teamed up with a lingerie set underneath that matched the dress in colour. The dress didn't quite cover my stocking tops, but that's the beauty of parties in swinger clubs: visible stocking tops are OK, in fact more than OK; they're positively welcomed! I finished off the outfit with some amazing sparkly killer heels. Mr L wore some nice dress trousers, shirt and a suit jacket. Together we made for a fabulous pair, I think. I was sure we would turn some heads!

When we got to the club, it was just the right kind busy for us: not packed, but enough people to create a good vibe. Sam and Michelle turned up not much later and we spent the time up to midnight chatting, drinking and dancing and generally having a fun time. In the final minutes to midnight, we noticed some of the other women got their boobs out and turned their nipples into the 0's of 2020! I thought that was a fun idea and got Mr L to grab a Sharpie and turn my boobs into 2020 boobs too. Mr L's art work had only just been completed, when Auld Lang Sine started playing and the New Year had arrived.

All the dancing and drinking made us hungry, so we moved on to the buffet, where we got chatting to a really nice couple, Sherry and Mark. We talked, touched and flirted for ages and it was clear there was a great chemistry between the four of us. Mr L often thinks that I am the main attraction to a couple, but he didn't feel that with these two. Sherry was clearly flirting and Mr L was delighted. We exchanged phone numbers, to set up a group chat and organise a future get together. In my alcohol fuelled excitement, I felt worried about losing contact with our new friends, so told Sherry and Mark not to forget about the group chat several times, so much so that Mr L told me to stop mentioning it, because I was starting to sound desperate. It didn't feel like I had said it much, until Mr L mentioned it and then I realised, much to my embarrassment, that I had started to sound like a mad woman.

I felt a little guilty about having abandoned Sam and Michelle, while Mr L and I had our long chat with Sherry and Mark, so we returned to them and had some more fun dancing & chatting together. Unfortunately, the mood that had made me the madwoman who repeated herself earlier, was still there and so when I spotted Sherry and Mark going up to the play rooms, I decided to follow them to see what they were up to. To be honest, I had no idea what I was going to do once I was up there, alcohol and forward planning do not go well together, but I was nosy and I couldn't help myself. Once upstairs I found Sherry and Mark talking to another couple, who were on their way out. The woman of the couple was struggling to get back into her strappy dress, so I helped her. After that I joined in with the chat and somehow ended up on my own with Sherry and Mark. Chatting away, like I do, I had completely lost track of time and after a while, Mr L appeared upstairs and exclaimed: "Oh there you are! I couldn't find you!" and then promptly left again to go to the toilet. The room where Sherry, Mark and I found ourself, had a section that was curtained off to make a dark room. Sherry and Mark spotted it and wondered what was behind the curtain, so we went to have a look. Once in there, we spent some time looking out the window, where we spotted a limo that had turned up to pick up some people. During that time, Mark had started stroking my legs and bum. We must have been in there for longer than I thought, because when Mr L came in, he sounded annoyed when he told me I had to stop walking off without him. I apologised, because in my mind I hadn't realised that I had become invisible. Once we were all together again, things got a lot more cozy and somehow I found myself kissing Mark and stroking his erect cock. Kissing him was fun, because I rarely get to kiss a man who is taller than me and Mark certainly was. Next thing I know, I find myself asking Mark to fuck me, Mark checked with Sherry if it was OK and he got her consent. Condoms were produced and we fucked, while Mr L was giving Sherry oral pleasure. I could tell Mark seemed concerned about Sherry, maybe he was not sure whether Sherry really meant it when she agreed to the full swap, or rather half swap. So I completely understood when he wanted to move across and be closer to her. Play didn't last much longer after that, because it was late and the club owner came up into the room to tell us it was closing time. We said our goodbyes and I couldn't help myself telling them again that we must set up that group chat and meet again in the near future.

We stayed in a nearby hotel that was only a 10 min walk away, so I put on my flats and off we went. Once we were walking, Mr L told how unhappy he was that I kept disappearing with Sherry and Mark. I apologised, although I explained that I had genuinely meant to just pop upstairs out of nosiness to see what our new friends were up to and that I hadn't meant or planned to be gone for a long time and that I had not realised that by wandering into the dark room area, we had become invisible from the other side of the room. I had assumed he would have been able to at least hear us talk. We also talked about Sherry and Mark and how we both felt that same connection and how exciting it was to finally find a couple where there was a four way connection. This discussion then evolved into a discussion of my overexcited behaviour that night, my repeated requests for a group chat and my following Sherry and Mark upstairs, which may have come across as obsessive. In fact, Mr L thought I might have put them off from getting in touch, because of my less than stellar behaviour. I had to admit that Mr L might have had a point. I had been so worried about Sherry and Mark not getting in touch with us and losing sight of a really amazing couple, that I probably had come across as clingy! Mr L's assessment of the situation ended up being pretty accurate as we would find out later.

Only a few days later, Mr L and I were still off work and so we decided to spend the last Saturday of the Christmas break at the club again. It was only a few days before my birthday and the weekend was going to be an early birthday celebration. We arrived at the club and to our big surprise, it was quite busy. We didn't really have any expectations for the night and were both in a happy, light mood. Much to Mr L's delight, the pole was free and I got to do some sexy dancing for him. I love pole dancing, I always feel at my sexiest while strutting my stuff on the pole. All that dancing gets you thirsty, so we took a break to get a drink at the bar. There I noticed a couple, who were frankly gorgeous, looking a little lost, so I struck up conversation up with them. It turned out they were the greenest newbies you could possibly meet. They had never swung and it was their first time in a club ever. I decided we ought to take them under our wings and give them a tour of the club and a quick lesson on club etiquette. We actually really liked this couple; the woman was beautiful, very sweet, and had a great body and it was clear that she liked us a lot too, although her partner seemed a little more distant. Because the couple were so new and unsure, we kept things to friendly chat and some flirting. Interestingly enough, the woman kept coming back to us for support and advice throughout the night. I won't go into the situation she found herself in; that is not our story to tell, but it was nice to know that someone felt we were trustworthy. We ended that night having a lot of fun together in one of the play rooms, followed by some hot tub time. All in all, we were happy that we had one of our most relaxing and fun club nights. For us, the best thing about clubs is that sexy environment, finding a couple we click and play with, is really just the icing on the already delicious cake.

The next weekend was my big birthday party that turned out being slightly odd. I will try my hardest best to convey why it was odd, but Mr L also left the night with the same "what did just happen?" feeling. Michelle and I have birthdays that are really close together, we thought it would be fun to celebrate together. Mr L and I turned up very early, because we had brought Champagne for the whole club and we needed to get it into the fridge to get chilled. I had expected the club to be empty, but to our big surprise, Shopper and Candy were already there. They were chatting to the club's owner, who has run the club for over 15y and who had some amazing stories to tell from his years in the business. Slowly people started to trickle in, including Sam and Michelle of course. To my disappointment, Jack and Jill canceled at very last minute due to illness. Jack always livens up the place and his presence would have been so much fun. But others we had met over the year were there, including a couple called Al and Lisa, who we had met at a Halloween and a Christmas party. Al somehow always reminded me of my brother, so seeing him is always a little bit odd. Mr L doesn't really agree with the whole brother resemblance thing, though. A special guest at the party was a long time vanilla friend. Just days before the party, I had discovered that she and her partner were in the lifestyle. Seeing a vanilla friend in a new light is quite an interesting experience! Much to our surprise, Mark and Sherry also turned up, I was very excited to see them again and thought they had remembered my invitation to the birthday party, but it was soon obvious that their appearance was just coincidental. In fact, they seemed distant and they spent the rest of the night actively avoiding us by moving to the opposite side of whichever part of the club we were in. It was very odd, considering how well we had got on on NYE and how both Mr L and I had felt there was a real connection. I fear Mr L was right in thinking my behaviour on NYE might have put them off. However, we never know what goes on between another couple, so who knows why they suddenly turned so cold towards us. It did add to the odd vibe of the night, I sort of felt like we never could be totally relaxed with their presence looming nearby.

After all the guests had arrived, Michelle asked me to follow her to the bathroom for a private chat. She confessed some very personal issues and we ended up having quite a serious chat. Not at all what I expected to happen at the party. She also let me know that Sam was hoping to play that night and how would we feel about us playing together, now that we had become such good friends. Did I think we were too close? I told her it was up to her, as of course we met through swinging and we had played together before.

The club stayed pretty quiet compared to the previous weekend and felt quite empty, but we were with friends and determined to have fun. I threw myself into dancing and I had a great time doing some seductive dancing on the pole. I noticed Al was really enjoying my dance moves and we often made eye contact, I started getting over this whole brother thing. At some point he clearly let me know he found me sexy.

At 11pm, Mr L asked the DJ to play a birthday song and wished Michelle and I happy birthday over the mic. We cracked open the the Champagne and once it was poured, Mr L and I went around the club to hand it out. We hoped that we would catch Sherry and Mark and see if we were imagining the fact they seemed distant. We never really got to finish our cunning plan, because we somehow got chatting to another couple, Angie and Ted, who were long time visitors to the club. Somehow Mr L managed to spill the tray of Champagne all over himself, and had to strip off to get dry. Sherry and Mark witnessed the whole incident and when we finally got to them we were all in a bit of a tizz due to the whole spillage incident. Naturally that didn't lead us to be able to hold a decent conversation and it all turned a bit awkward. It did confirm to us that their coldness towards us was not imagined and we decided to chalk it up to experience. I vowed to check my behaviour a little better in the future, especially when I get excited.

We then moved back to the bar, where we met up with Sam and Michelle. Together we left to have a little walk to the play rooms to see if there was anything exciting going on and to possibly have a play ourselves. Along the way, Sam and Michelle encountered a new couple and we showed them around. Mr L and I weren't particularly keen on the couple and Sam and Michelle gave us the impression that they thought the same. Suddenly, and Mr L and I still don't quite know what happened, Sam whispered something in Michelle's ear and next thing we know Sam and Michelle vanished into the playroom with this new couple, we thought they didn't like. It was all very confusing and very quick. We suddenly found ourselves alone wondering what happened.

Now alone, we went back to the dance floor. Once we got there, we found Al and Lisa chatting to Angie and Ted. Not much later, we found ourselves on the way back to the playrooms with those four. On the way there we encountered Sam and Michelle and invited them along. They were happy to come, but didn't really want to join in, just watch and parallel play. Once we had all piled into a room, I started playing with both Al and Teds cocks. Angie teasingly called me a greedy girl, which made me feel strangely self conscious about handling two cocks, so I let go of Ted and started concentrating on Al instead. Once I got up close and personal with Al's cock, I was quite surprised: this was genuinely the biggest cock I had ever seen in real life!. Ted moved on to Lisa, because he was ordered to go and fuck Lisa by Angie, who was getting oral from Mr L. Angie seemed to take on the role of director of the proceedings. After going down on Al for a while, I had a real urge to go and ride him, so I asked for a condom. No one had one handy, so I fetched one from my bag. I tried to get it on to Al's cock, but it just wouldn't fit! Miraculously, Al then produced a condom that fit and put it on. He got me to turn around and tried to fuck me from behind, but unfortunately the encounter with the wrong sized condom, had made him lose momentum and he never really recovered. In the meantime, Angie started ordering Mr L to fuck her, but Mr L doesn't respond well to orders. he needs more of an erotic build up and some gentle warming up. Unfortunately, Angie did not seem to have the patience for that. She demanded to be fucked and expected instant action. When Mr L realised Angie wasn't really taking no for an answer, he excused himself and went to the toilet. By that point Lisa and Ted had finished playing and Sam and Michelle had long vanished. When Mr L came back, I joined to him and started playing with him, while Lisa moved over to Al. After playing for a while, we ask Lisa if she still wants Mr L to fuck her, but she seems to not hear and so Mr L did the only thing that he could possibly do in that situation: fuck me instead. By now it is really late and we all wind up play and gather up our stuff and leave the room. Upon leaving, Al leans in and tells me we have unfinished business, my whole neither regions tingled upon hearing that. It looks like there will be more of Al in our future.

When we get back to the seating area of the club, we find the club owner, Shopper, Candy and a couple of other women, trying out a violet wand and a cattle prod. I had heard a lot about violet wands, so it was interesting to see one in action. The wand was mostly used on nipples and I was offered a go, which I declined, because they were extremely sensitive that day anyway and the thought of inflicting pain upon them made me shudder. Then Candy got her hands on the cattle prod and started giving Shopper shocks on his balls, the shocks were mild, but I can imagine that it must not have felt that way on your balls! It was really funny to watch, because Candy was clearly in the mood to make her husband suffer a little. Mr L ended up as one of her victims too, luckily for him, the owner packed the toys away at that point, because it was closing time.

So what made it such an odd night? Well, we think it was the combination of the club being fairly empty, which always gives a different vibe, a long deeply personal conversation in the toilet, Sherry and Mark obviously avoiding us all night, a play session that didn't really flow well and Michelle and Sam mysteriously vanishing a few times, but all in all it's really not just one thing we can really put our fingers on.

That was enough writing from me for now. I hope I haven't sent you all to sleep by now.

Until next time, sexy friends.

Mrs L

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