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You win some, you lose some.

Last Saturday, we decided to go and watch the England - Ukraine game in our local club. We thought it would be more fun than at home and quieter and more fun than in the pub as well. Swingathon was on and we knew that a significant number of regulars were going to the event.

When we arrived it was quiet as expected. The game was on on the telly that normally shows dodgy vintage '90's porn, one of the charms of the place. There are four couches, but one was under the telly, which was a little pointless for the purpose of the trip. So we sat down on the only seat that was still free. Diagonally opposite us, separated by a large coffee table, sat a couple of the like you rarely see in our local club, let's call them the foxy couple. They must have been around 50. He was a gorgeous silver fox and she was a beautiful, sexy blond, with a kind face and wearing a classy black cocktail dress. They watched us sit down and looked at us, giving us looks that showed a clear interest in us. They kept glancing at us and we kept smiling back. It was noisy, due to the game and we were all watching it, so Mr L and I thought we'd try and have a chat with them during the halftime break. Fifteen minutes after our arrival, whole bunch of people appeared and this made the foxy couple scoot up their sofa, away from us and near another couple. And of course, this kickstarted a little conversation among them. When it became clear that the newbies weren't going to get onto the sofa, the foxy couple moved back to where they were sitting initially and we had the distinct impression they weren't particularly interested in chatting with the couple near them. Glanced kept being exchanged between us, we were sure there was mutual interest. Half time came and I went to fetch a drink (and managed got a free soft drink off the owner, score). Upon my return, Mr L and I discussed how to approach the foxy couple in a cool casual way and couldn't quite work it out and in no time the game restarted, so we thought we should just hang on with our approach until after the game, when socialising seemed easier. The interested glances between us remained initially, but about halfway through the second half, the couple nearer the foxy couple, motioned them to move nearer again and they started having a chat. Our club is a really social place and people rarely stay chatting in foursomes, so when the chatting continued after the game, we thought we could quite easily join in and make a connection that way. When I heard they were chatting about clubs they had visited, wondering what the new Le Boudoir is like, the moment seemed right to speak up, so I interjected and said we'd been there recently and really enjoyed the new lay out. We had a short exchange with them and then went to get another drink. At the bar Mr L and I had a little confer and decided that we would be brave and move on the seat right next to foxy couple and hopefully continue to join in with the conversation this way. We returned to the seating area, feeling nervous, because we had never made a move like that ever before. We asked if we could join them on the seat and the reception was not as expected. We got a "errm, yes, sure." and then promptly turned their back to us, obviously shutting the door for any further conversation. Mr L and I looked at each and both had to hold back from laughing - well, this didn't go as planned.

We awkwardly stayed for another 10 minutes having a drink and planning the rest of the evening and then walked off, discussing where we went wrong. We congratulated ourselves for actually plucking up the courage in the end and trying to join a couple we were interested in and of whom we both had picked up signs of interest in us. But we both agreed that maybe we should have just moved across and started a conversation sooner. If ever we meet a couple we both find equally attractive again, we will remember this night and pluck up the courage to just go for it so we don't lose our opportunity again. It is so rare for a couple as attractive as the foxy couple to walk into our local club, so we were a little disappointed that we didn't manage to make a connection, but we were not upset or too worried about being turned down though; it's just all part and parcel of being in the lifestyle. I thought I'd share our little story though to show that even people that have been around the lifestyle for a while, still struggle with approaching others and making connections. People often seem to thing we've got it all together, but we most definitely don't!

So what did we do for the rest of the night? Well, as none of our friends were there and the only couple that peaked our interest was otherwise engaged AND as we only had til Sunday due to Mr L having to work on Sunday, we decided to carry on with the plans we had made on our way to the club. We hopped into the hot tub and relaxed in there with a drink for a while. The hot tub is generally not used early in the evening, so we were alone, which was great for chatting freely about anything and everything and great for stretching out and testing all the corners to find the best jets! We of course got a little cozy and had a few kisses, when things started hotting up between us, we went down to the playrooms. We almost always end up in the same one, so this time I chose a room we haven't been in before. It was pretty cool with drapes and black light and much to Mr L's delight, a bed at the perfect height for him to reach me with his cock without having to either bend down or stand on his tippy toes. I cannot say how much this delighted him, He made me lay down and instantly pulled me towards him to make use of this convenient bed. We left the door open for any one who might want to peak in and one couple did peak in. We are used to people just quietly watching, but these people were giving quite loud commentary that was really distracting, so we took a break and closed the door. With the door now closed, Mr L joined me on the bed, he kneeled next to me and leant over to kiss me, I started playing with his cock while we kissed and somehow we stayed like this until he came onto my boobs. After a post orgasm cuddle for Mr L, we checked the time and it was time to go! I put my clothes back on and when I got my lingerie out, I noticed that it glowed brightly in the black light. It looked pretty amazing, so of course I instructed Mr L to take some pictures. Once finished with that, we got ourselves together and were ready to go. Despite our missed opportunity, we'd had a really lovely evening and for once in our life managed to leave a club early on a day we have told ourselves we'd have an early (for a club) night. Success!

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