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When the Lifestyle becomes an old friend

Hello my sexy readers,

Welcome to another blog post that's mostly going to be my musings, rather than a sexy story. I've been wondering about something and it's something I have not really seen anyone mention or touch upon, except for briefly in the Room77 Podcast last month: losing the excitement about being in the lifestyle.

If I think back to 2018-2019, when swinging was new to us, I mostly remember that buzz of excitement about each and every club visit and play date. It was new, it was naughty, it was taboo and it was sexy. A night at the club would then result in awesome post club reconnection sex and the after effects would last for days. I suppose what we experienced was NRE or new relationship energy, the new relationship being the lifestyle.

Now, fast forward to 2022/2023 and well, this has gone. Club visits have become as normal as going down the pub, after a club visit, we get to bed and go to sleep, because, man those club nights are always late. I don't plan my outfits anymore, I don't have that pre-club buzz and the post play buzz lasts the drive home. Basically, the excitement has gone and familiarity has set in. We're not in NRE anymore, but in comfortable, reliable old friend energy. And at times it makes me sad that this NRE has gone, because once NRE has gone, it's gone for good. You can try to jazz things up a little, but it will never be new again. Don't get me wrong, I still love being in the LS. I love the people, the open conversations we get to have that are unlike conversations we can have anywhere else in life. I love that I can get my flirt on and that at times we end up making connections that end up going further and naked. But these experiences are now normal, the novelty has gone and with it some sense of that excitement.

When I watch newbies in the lifestyle post in group chats or on Twitter and I can just feel the excitement seeping out through their words. And it takes me back to our own early days and I'm happy to see that they too have got this exciting new thing in their life. I live vicariously through them, but it also makes me feel a little twinge of sadness about the fact we have lost this.

So, all of this makes me wonder, do others have this same evolution in their relationship with swinging. Does it become normal? Does the anticipation also become less filled with excitement and more like another night out with friends? Does that need for reconnection sex afterwards dwindle too? Are we the odd ones out? Or do people just not talk about it because it's not a sexy subject?

What do you all think? If you have been in the LS for a long time, do you have a similar experience? Let me know!

That's it for today, I did say it would a blog post with my musings and not particularly sexy!


Mrs L xx

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