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Well that was hot!

Hello my sexy readers!

Boy, has it been a long time since I managed to sit down behind my laptop for some uninterrupted writing time. It seems like we have been in lockdown here in the SE of England for forever and we have had a full, and busy, house for that whole time. Now everyone is back at school or work, I can sit down again and let my creative juices flow. This post is going to be the story of what I consider to be our hottest club visit to date.

It was late last summer, one of the last nice days of the year, and we decided to go out for a drink. Initially we thought about going to our local pub, but we decided we wanted to try a sexier environment. We hadn't been to the club since Covid hit and so we thought it would be nice to have a look around and see how they are dealing with the pandemic. In view of the situation, we did say: no playing, just a couple of drinks. Well, of course, as you can guess, that is not how the evening went.

We arrived at the club and the usual staff weren't in, which was a little bit sad, because we knew them pretty well by now, but in the bar area we spotted a whole bunch of the regulars and people we know quite well, so it was great to have a catch up and a chat with them. We moved around the room and then, in the distance, I spotted a woman dressed in a latex body suit. I nudged Mr L. I thought I had recognised her as Jen, one of the women we had met in the dungeon in the Hellfire club. Mr L thought the same and we went over to say hello. Lo and behold it was her, this time with a few more friends It was their first time in our local, so we offered to give them a little tour and show them the way to the dungeon, which is of course their favourite area in any club. Once we were their, we watched them get out all their equipment and once again we were struck by how amazing their stuff was. So many custom made floggers and whips, they were all made of different materials and had different textures and I could imagine how different each flogger would feel. Once they were set up, they asked us if they could do a scene with me. One of the men in their group, Jason, was an experienced dom and very good, they assured me. Considering how much I enjoyed my experience with them last time, I was more than happy to submit myself to this group and their floggers.

I walked over to the flogging horse and could feel Mr L's appreciative gaze on me he watched me bend over in my high heels and lift my short leather skirt, exposing my bum framed by the G-string, lace top stockings and suspenders. He then got comfy on a sofa right between me, ready to watch the show from the best seat in the dungeon. Jason had a chat with me first. He asked me about limits and any physical issues I might have and we discussed safe words. We settled on the traffic light system: green: I'm good, you can go harder. Amber: this is as much as I can take, carry on. Red: stop. With all the basics covered, we started.

Jason started nice and gentle and gradually built up the strength of the flogging, regularly checking in with me. Then Jen started helping out by rubbing and massaging me every so often in between blows. They worked together to give me both pain and pleasure and it felt gooooood. As things built up, the blows got harder and the pleasure intensified as Jen started moving on from massaging my, now pinky red, bum to rubbing my clit. At some point, our Jen took over the flogger and Jason, moved around to my head, though I had not really noticed him move. Suddenly I felt the most amazing slight scratchy feeling on my neck and through my hair. The scratchy sensation sent shivers down my body and combined with the the sting of the flogger, it was one of the most intense, pleasurable experiences I had ever had. I suddenly lost control and for once in my life I was not in my head anymore. Had I finally found that sub space I keep hearing about. The crowd that had gathered around us vanished and by now it was just me and and enormous wave of desire and arousal that came over me. At first I did not know what to do with my body, my clitoris was tingling and begging to be rubbed, wetness started to soak through my knickers. I tried to reach my clit with my hands, but I couldn't reach it in the position I was in. This drove me even more wile and I lifted my leg over the flogging horse and tried to rub myself on that, while reaching behind me for Mr L. A huge desire to be penetrated had washed over me and I needed him, I needed him inside me NOW. When I couldn't feel him behind me, I looked around to find him. Opening my eyes brought me back into the room and in an instant I was back into my head and with that came the realisation that there was a room full of people watching me and the arousal ebbed away. Both Jason and Jen noticed the shift in my mood and the scene finished. I found Mr L and saw him sitting down with a look of awe on his face and it was clear that the scene had aroused him just as much as it had me.

The crowd dispersed quickly, but a few couples stayed behind to chat with us. They had really enjoyed the show and wanted to know a little more about what it felt like, because they had never done anything to do with BDSM. We were both still pretty aroused after what happened and I did still feel a little dreamy and floaty from that amazingly intense experience. So when one of the couples we were chatting to asked if we wanted to go to a playroom, we agreed. The male half of the couple was over the moon when we said yes. He told us he could not believe that I, this sexy woman who had participated in this really horny scene that he had found so incredibly hot, would say yes to him. He genuinely acted like I had made his dreams come true. They were a no kiss couple and the woman wanted her partner to have a MFM with me while she watched. This was absolutely fine with us. We normally don't like no kiss rules, but this felt a little more of a raw, purely sexual experience and I did not want to kiss anyone beyond Mr L that night. The man was very worried about his cock size and although he was right that he was below average in size. I really am not all that concerned about size, so I reassured him that that was perfectly OK with me.

The details of the play experience are a little hazy now, but a double blow job and getting fucked from behind while sucking a cock were definitely on the menu. Both men finished inside me and then we all sat around for a little while talking about our experiences. It was unusual for the man to play as they were generally more of a hotwife couple, but watching the scene in the dungeon had aroused the man so much, that he and his wife had decided that it would be fun to reverse the roles for once. I'm glad that we got to participate in another couple's experiments in the lifestyle and that they both seemed to find it a positive experience. We said our goodbyes and swapped our Fab names and went off our separate ways. This was one of those rare occasions that Mr L took the initiative to play and just like when this has happened in the past, it was a great experience.

As great an experience the evening had been, and it had been amazing - the best nights often seem to be the ones where we set out not to play - we couldn't help also feeling guilty. We had been so careful during the pandemic and are very much aware of the risk of hanging out in an enclosed space with a group of people. At the time our area had one of the lowest numbers of cases in the country, which is one of the reasons why we decided to pop into the club, but it still wasn't risk free. We decided at that point that we could not do this again and we haven't stepped a foot into a club since. Mr L has now had his vaccine and I am patiently awaiting my turn. We are planning on sticking to meeting with LS friends initially when the UK lockdown lifts. No idea when we will go back to visiting a club. We might very well go over the summer, when everything is open and outdoors, but who knows what the future will bring.

Until next time,

Mrs L xx

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