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The next step: discovering our local club

We came home from our trip to Tenerife on a high. We had discovered an exciting new world and we wanted to carry on enjoying this. Mr L did some research into local clubs and we settled on the club that had a weekly couple's night. Some of our experiences in Tenerife, had left us a bit weary of going to a club on mixed nights. Mr L's e-mail with the club owner also led us to discover there was a whole website dedicated swinging, almost like a swingers version of Facebook! Who knew?! We soon set up a profile and had a fun afternoon taking pictures for our profile. In hindsight, these weren’t great, but they got us started. In fact, we started to make a point of regularly closing the curtains, putting on a sexy film and having an afternoon of fun with just the two of us.

A few weeks later we had a free Saturday and decided to make that our first club visit in the UK. That night I got dressed in some sexy lingerie underneath a wraparound dress. Mr L liked the idea that at some point that night, I would get unwrapped like a present! I was very nervous and I wanted the night to feel like a normal night out, so we went via the local pub and had a meal there. I always feel better after delicious food, so it really helped me relax.

The night of our first club visit was rainy and stormy, on top of it, the club was in a converted house in quite a deserted location. My nerves soon returned when we realised we weren't sure where the drive was and then which of the two houses linked to the drive was the right one. Luckily we did figure it out and and soon stood in front of the door with our bag of drink and towels. We rang the bell and a friendly man opened. My first impression was how odd it was to arrive in a normal hallway with a domestic kitchen ahead, stairs to the side and a living room on the other side! The friendly guy gave us a quick tour and despite it's make shift and higgledy piggledy aesthetic, the place had everything we were expecting: play rooms, a dungeon, hot tubs, sauna and even a pool. It was not as slick and sophisticated as Tenerife, but fairly busy and the atmosphere was good. A friendly girl on the dance floor said hi and something about her stood out. That night we named her Dancing Girl & a year on we still do, because she’s almost always there. We spent the evening dancing, exploring the rooms and basically sticking together. After we had some fun in the big orgy room, we went for a soak in the hot tub. Dancing girl was in there with her friends & we had a chat. Another couple walked past; to our big surprise the woman kissed the guys in the hot tub & promised them a fuck! This was new territory for us. We were mesmerised!

We had enjoyed our evening in the club so much that we started going as often as we could. We only ever parallel played, usually in the orgy room, but about a month after our first visit that changed. We ended up chatting to yet another group of people in the hot tub. They were much younger than the people we normally socialise with, but we all clicked. We all moved on to the sauna to dry off and in there chat moved on to finding a playroom together. Mr L and I had a quick chat together and we decided to go to the playroom with the group. We had never done any group play before, just same room parallel play, so this was going to be a new experience.

We were really really lucky to have encountered this particular couple for a first play experience. In the time since, we have discovered how unusual it is for people to discuss boundaries and play styles in the UK. This couple took a little pause before play and asked everyone quickly whether we were soft or full swap and if there were any no-nos and then the fun started. I had never kissed or given oral to a woman before, but was soon in there, giving and receiving. I had never really giving oral to another man before and again I found myself doing just that. When play was finished we were all in a huddle, chatting and laughing. I couldn't quite believe that we had actually done this. It was so hot! Not like anything I ever thought would have happened in my life. It's fair to say, we went home on a high.

Once home, it was late, but we were full of energy and spent quite some time cuddling and having more sex. This post club/play date reconnection time has become one of our favourite benefits of entering this lifestyle. At this point in our journey, this energy lasted for days and we were sure that we wanted to continue exploring with the lifestyle. We decided to try other clubs and explore local parties, but that will be for my next episode.

Until next time my sexy readers xx

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