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Seeing 2023 in with a bang (or 2)

Dear sexy readers,

I hope you all had a fabulous start to the New Year and that 2023 will be gentle on you after the years we have had recently. If you follow me over on Twitter, you probably know I have had the most awesome sexy starts to the year, and I can imagine you're all wondering what on earth happened on that night, well, wonder no more!

For NYE 2022, I really wanted to go to our local club. Last year, we went Hellfire, which was further away, but I felt like I really wanted to go somewhere nearer, where I would be surrounded by people I knew. Our local club just seemed to be the right place to be to celebrate the New Year, so we got ourselves some tickets and eagerly awaited the big day.

As you might remember, we had briefly encountered A and B at the end of the Christmas party, and we were looking forward to finally catching up with them properly. Another set of friends of ours got in touch the day before to say that they would be going to the club as well. We were looking forward to seeing them, however, seeing that they were just coming out of a period of instability in their relationship, we knew we would not want to play with them. This was pretty much the only boundary, apart from same room play, that we set for the night.

We made sure to get to the club early, as recently it has been very busy for events and parking has been atrocious. A few familiar faces were already in the bar, everyone was clearly in high spirits and it was clear it was going to be a good night. As we walked to the cloakroom: we walked past a friend of ours, Sassy. She pointed at me and said: "You are on my to do list for tonight!" Well, that was good to know! Looks like some sexy fun was definitely going to be on the cards.

We spent the first part of the night just chatting with old friends and being introduced to new friends. One of these friends I like to call Portuguese J, as in J from the Twoofus over on Twitter. He energy and enthusiasm fo life just reminded me so much of her! And of course Portuguese J had a partner too, let's call him Adam. Then we discovered Julie and Jack were there too, they feature in one of my previous blog posts. We had lost touch over the summer and it was nice to see the both of them. A little kiss with Jack soon followed and I instantly remembered why I liked him so much: he is the best kisser!

When midnight came along, we were with the couple we had decided not to play with as the clock struck midnight. There were kisses shared between all of us and then I spotted A and B, plus Portuguese J and Adam a bit further on the dance floor. Being in a very happy mood, I made my way over to them to wish them Happy New Year and steal a few kisses. As I was with them, who appears next to me? Well, it's only Jack! He tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around and we kissed. The kiss turned into a snog, which turned into something more passionate that involved the tugging of clothes to get to the warmth of the skin that was hidden underneath. We both decided that going to a playroom was the only natural conclusion to this. I asked him if Julie would come along, but he said Julie was happy for him to play alone. I took his hand and lead him across the dance floor to Mr L, who was still with the other couple and who was trying to bat away the advances of our friend. Seeing that he was in a precarious situation, he eagerly agreed when I proposed we headed to a playroom for a MFM threesome.

To our big surprise, we easily found a playroom that was free. I hopped onto the bed, while the men stripped off. (I was already in lingerie at that point) Jack then leant over me and carried on kissing me, while I let my hand wander to his boxers, feeling the outline of his cock. I caressed his cock while he kissed me and then we removed his boxers. Now he moved down my body, until finally he stopped between my legs and used his tongue and fingers to pleasure me. It was delicious. At the same time, Mr L came to kneel by me, I could see he was pretty hard, so I took him in my hands and stroked his cock until he was even harder, then I alternated between my mouth and hands while I received oral myself. After a while Jack moved back to kissing me, while simultaneously fingering me, I could feel his cock growing harder against my legs and then at some point, he entered me. This moment had been a long time coming and it felt great. He fucked me for a while, while I kissed him and continued to have my hands on Mr L's cock. When Jack had finished, Mr L moved over to me and fucked me too. It was such an awesome way to start 2023: me and two men, my personal favourite place to be!

Once we left the playroom, Jack had to get back to Julie. Mr L and I grabbed a drink, and went back to socialising. We didn't really expect to be playing again, after all, we had had our fun. Little did we know what the rest of the night had in store for us! For starters, I did have a snog with Jack each and every time I walked past him that evening. He's just irresistible that way.

At some point, during the evening, we were chatting to our friends, who we did't want play with, in the orgy room, while perched on the edge of the giant orgy bed, where some sexy shenanigans were in progress.

Someone somewhere said something about the taste of pussies and Portuguese J, who was in the middle of play, wondered what her own pussy tasted like. So I butted in, and said I'd let her know. So I went down on her for a little while and informed her she tasted sweet. Next thing I know, she commented that she wanted to reciprocate and she went down on me. Before we knew it, we were in the middle of an orgy! Adam asked me to go sit on his face, while Portuguese J gave him and Mr L a blow job. Yes, both of them! Then Mr L moved around the bed to go and give Portuguese J oral, while she gave Adam a blowjob and I sat on Adam's face. Out of nowhere, Jack suddenly appeared next to me and started caressing me all over. He made no attempt to do more than that, he just enjoyed adding to my pleasure by stroking me and occasionally kissing me. At this point, I apparently squirted on Adam's face, for which I apologised, feeling utterly embarrassed for doing such a thing to the poor guy, but apparently he loves it, so he was pretty pleased about it! I then moved off Adam's face, because I definitely didn't want to drown the man, and he moved position to go down on me while simultaneously fingering me. That is the perfect recipe for some major squirting on my part and of course the inevitable happened, just around the same time A, who was next to me, did the same. What a wet slippery mess the bed now was. Someone ran off to procure a big blue roll of paper towel to clean up the bed, as the towels we had were nowhere near enough!

Once the bed was clean and dry again, Adam moved over to fuck Portuguese J, because she was desperately asking to get fucked. While I watched them, Mr L made his own moves on me. We fucked doggy style and it was awesome. I was incredibly horny after such an amazingly sexy evening so far and him fucking me while pulling my hair and smacking my bum just near enough drove me crazy. At the same time, someone is stroking my arms, others are playing with my boobs. I'm so much in a little world of my own that I don't even try to find out who is touching me where. It was so incredibly hot. This sure was the sexiest night we have had in ages. Once I have recovered and while we are chatting to the others on the bed, I discover that it was not Mr L who had been pulling my hair and spanking my arse; it had been Portuguese J! I can only say she did an amazing job. It was so good in combination with getting fucked. That is definitely going down on my list of things I want to do again in the future!

By now, it was 2.30. We headed down to the bar for a last drink and a dance, but before we knew it, the music was turned off at 2.45 and we are told it is time to finish up, get dressed and go home. So we do amidst a big warm flurry of hugs and Happy New Year wishes. Then just as we drove out of the car park, we spot Sassy and Sammy. Their taxi hadn't turned up. We offered them a lift to their hotel and then as we parted, they promised to come to my birthday party, which we had planned for the next week. Where Sassy promised that she would "destroy my pussy with her big dildo." Wow, not the words I ever expected to come out of that petite woman's mouth. I laughed and said we'd see them next week and we gave them both a hug and kiss goodbye.

What a night! This by far was the best New Year's Eve party we had ever had. If this is how the year started off, I cannot wait to see what else it will have in store for us. This year will be epic!

And that's it for now, my sexy readers. I will see you soon with the tale of my 45th birthday.


Mrs L xx

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