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Rediscovering the joy of the lifestyle

I had a completely different blog post in mind for today, because we have had an awesome few weekends recently. However, I thought it would be better to follow up my previous post where I contemplated the fact that I had lost the excitement in the swinging lifestyle and that it seemed to have just all become routine, because things have much improved over the last month or so.

So what has changed? Well, firstly we took a short break from playing. And secondly, I got myself some medical help. As you know, I had been suffering from anxiety and after talking to a private perimenopause specialist, I came to the realisation that a change of HRT in January, was behind a lot of my struggles. Her theory was that I was not absorbing the spray I had swapped to adequately and she suggested going back to the patches I had been on before. So at the end of May I finally got my hands on some patches and lo and behold, 3 days later I started feeling the anxiety leave my body together with a whole host of other symptoms. It took another 3 weeks for my libido to creep back up to roughly normal levels too. It's just so amazing to feel normal again and I cannot recommend HRT enough for those going through the perimenopause. It really has given me my life back. Unfortunately, it's not an exact science, so it does need tweaking and that requires some trial and error. Unfortunately the error can lead to months of misery!

During our break from playing, we did of course not fully retreat from the lifestyle. In fact, some of the non-play events we attended during that time helped me rediscover the joy I always felt in the LS. At the end of May we attended a Bedhoppers' social event and I had an amazing time. The conversations flowed easily and the fact that play, or even kissing and fooling around was off the table, made me feel really relaxed and allowed me to enjoy the evening without overthinking events, even though I was still exhausted and didn't quite feel physically myself, because my new HRT regime hadn't quite fully kicked in yet. A week later, we attended the Oxford social and again had an amazing time. This time the rules were a touch more relaxed and with my own mental health being much better, so in a way it was a perfect storm and the perfect moment to ease myself back in gently. I was far more at ease and joined in with some high jinx and kissed many many people throughout the evening. Somehow things just flowed naturally that evening. Both those events left me feeling much much happier about myself and my place within LS and both of them left me with a swingers' high that I hadn't had in ages! It was so good to feel that familiar feeling again.

And then, finally, 2 weeks ago we went to our local club for the lingerie party. I had fully expected not to play that night as our last few club visits hadn't been the best. However, I had the most amazing night, I would say the best night since my birthday and that is saying something. I'm sure you are curious about what happened that night, but that's too long a story and I will have to go into that another time. It did involve getting intimately reacquainted with some old friends that have appeared before. So it'll be a good one!

That's it for now. Just a short, but sweet update, but I could of course not dive straight into the next story before telling you a little about what had happened before!

Lots of love,

Mrs L xx

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