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Our swingerversary holiday part 2: A trip down Tenerife memory lane.

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

That rooftop jacuzzi, bliss!

When it was time to leave Gran Canaria, we were feeling a mixture of sadness and excitement. We were sad to leave all our new friends, but excited about revisiting the place where our journey started. I was also very tired after 3 very late and very busy nights. In fact, I was struggling to stay awake, my throat started getting sore and I was definitely not feeling up to dragging the suitcases around airports. However, I dragged my tired self through it all and we island hopped to Tenerife.

The hotel we arrived at was beautiful, but not as small and personal as the Gold in Gran Canaria. However, we were pleasantly surprised that the suite Mr L had booked meant an automatic upgrade to the exclusive package. We were going to have a few days of luxury and we were hoping to find some friends to share it with.

Because we were both tired, we decided to have a quiet night. We had a look around and found the rooftop infinity pool and jacuzzi. A gorgeous young German couple was in there and we got chatting. Oh, how I wished we could have turned those two into swingers! We joined them in the jacuzzi for a while, but got out when it got close to sunset so we could get ourselves dressed for some cocktails on the rooftop bar. It was such a beautiful place to sip a cocktail ("sex on the beach" of course) and watch the sun go down.

The best sunset ever with the newbie couple

The next morning, we soon realised that there were no swingers nearby thanks to the "who is near" feature on our dating app. We did receive a few messages, including a cheeky one who was looking for a free pass into the nudist area of the pool, and agreed to meet up with a couple who were very new to the lifestyle. They had been to a club, but had never played with anyone.

We met up with the newbie couple at a beach bar. They were incredibly nervous about actually meeting someone, even though it was a social meet. Both were full of questions about everything to do with the lifestyle, from simple questions like "what are soft and full swap?" to "how to deal with jealousy?". We seemed to hit it off and as they relaxed, their personalities and beauty started to shine through. Our instinct told us that the feeling was mutual with at least the woman of the couple. Together we sat and watched the sun set over the ocean. It was a great social night out. Before leaving we suggested they join us in the club the next day and they agreed. We both left the bar feeling on a little high and happy to have made some Tenerife friends to share the holiday with.

Back at the hotel, Mr L and I decided to finally make use of that personal jacuzzi we had in the room. We had some sparkling wine and we were going to make it a romantic evening. It did end up romantic, if you consider playing with ropes romantic! The jacuzzi took forever to fill. I sat in the tub and Mr L sat on the edge. His cock was right in front of my face and of course I could not help playing with it while we sat waiting for that tub to fill. Mr L loves me to softly stroke his cock before moving on to something more intense and that's what I did: gentle stroking and kissing until he was as hard as he can get. I then leaned back and kissed his cock and balls from underneath while he stroked my breasts. Every time I kissed his cock, it made a little jump, which at the time I found hilarious. Once the tub was full, he got in with me and we carried on with the sexy touching and kissing, while sipping our sparkling wine and looking out over the lights of the city and the ocean behind it. It was amazing. Our talk became sexy, and I told I wanted to be his submissive and that I wanted to be tied up again. I told him how much I get turned on by being restrained and handing over control during bondage play. The water had all but vanished out of the tub by then and so we got out & dried off and Mr L got out the rope. He tied my arms together and then to the bed. I was on my knees and ready for whatever he choose to do. Now I was immobile, Mr L decided it was time to give me my "punishment" for all my sins from the first half of our holiday. Both the paddle and the flogger came out for some spanking until I had a red bum. My pain threshold has improved since we started experimenting with some light BDSM type play and I demanded he spanked me harder. After being suitably chastised for my indiscretions with other men earlier in the week, he started fucking me from behind, but for some reason it felt uncomfortable, so I asked him to flip me over and we had sex face to face with my arms tied above me. I found that so incredibly hot. It was amazing!

The next day we wake up to a message from the newbie couple, saying that they could not meet with us after all due to jealousy issues. Clearly our talk had thrown up some issues in their relationship and from reading between the lines, it was clear that they were not seeing eye to eye about the lifestyle. They were also very grateful for the chat and all the information we had given them. Initially we felt bad that our meeting had clearly triggered conflict, however upon reflection we were happy that they were having these discussions now. It is far more beneficial to work through these issues before play ever happens. Situations like these are exactly why some swingers don't want to meet with new couples, but we take a different view. We see the lifestyle as a community and being part of a community means helping others, especially newbies taking their first steps into swinging. For us play is not the most important thing when it comes to meeting couples. We enjoy making friends and we enjoy socials that don't lead to anything more just as much as social meets that lead to play. We truly hope that we have given this new couple a positive impression of what the lifestyle can be like and that they return once they have worked out what they want from it.

We spent a lovely day on by that gorgeous infinity pool and then moved back to our private jacuzzi for the sunset. We were planning on going back to the club where it all started that night, so we didn't let ourselves get carried away again. It was yet another beautiful sunset, I don't think Tenerife does bad ones, and a perfect place to watch it.

When it was time to get ready for the club, I was not particularly in the mood. I had not slept as well in this hotel and was tired. So Mr L promised to keep it short, a kind of visit to check the place out before going back for couples night the next day. A couple of hours later we arrived at the club, in suitably sexy attire. The entrance and bar/dance floor area was roughly how we remembered, albeit with a slightly different lay out due to the new premises. We walked up to the bar and instantly a creepy single guy walked up to us, immediately raising my hackles and not at all helping me to get into a sexy mood. I stuck closely to Mr L and we sat down with our drinks in a secluded area, hoping to be left alone by the seemingly predatory single men hanging around. After a little while I relaxed and when a good song came on, I did have a little dance for Mr L. Once our drinks were finished, we decide to have a look around the play area. This did mean changing out of our clothes and into our lingerie or boxers. We had a little walk around and it was pretty quiet except for a bunch of people having fun in the orgy room. We sat down near the orgy room on a large round seat and I started giving Mr L a blowjob while he was watching the action. As I was doing that, he was stroking my boobs, sides and bum, I had my eyes closed. Suddenly I heard him shout: "No! You! Go away!" Turns out that unbeknown to me, Mr L had gone to lie down to enjoy his BJ and a single guy had smoothly slipped in and taken over the caressing from Mr L. I had not felt not a single break in touch; this guy had clearly been watching closely. After that I was on my guard and so when I felt myself being touched again shortly after, I knew it was a stranger and reached behind me to slap the guy's hand away. Other couples around us were pretty amused at me doing that, but hey, no one touches me without permission and single men should know that!

At that point I felt it was time to find somewhere more secluded. Another room had gotten busy with a bit of an audience, so it was the perfect time to go somewhere unnoticed. We found a room and I lay down on the bed. Now it was my turn to get some oral. It felt secluded and I relaxed. After receiving oral, Mr L moved on top of me and we had lovely sex. When Mr L came, I was ready to go home. Just as Mr L stood up to get dressed, a Spanish single man wandered into the play room (they were closed with curtains). I told him he missed the action and that staying would be pretty boring. He replied by just pointing at me, looking at Mr L and saying "Can I play?" We told him no. He wasn't giving up though, because he said in a sad, pleading tone of voice: "Little bit?" Again we said no and this time he slinked off with his tail between his legs. It was an amusing, yet frustrating encounter. But no is no, and what on earth does a little bit mean? The tip of his cock, one minute, 5 minutes? The night did confirm to us why we usually avoid non couples' nights. The kind of single men that were there just showed why they sadly have a bad reputation, because we know they are not all like that.

It was time to go, on our way out we had a nice chat to the owners, another English couple and a lovely Belgian couple. It was a shame we didn't meet them earlier in the night. It would have been nice to have made some friends.

The next day I felt a little better. I had a better sleep and was excited about the prospect of seeing the club on a couples' night, like our very first night in a club ever. A couple contacted us and when we suggested meeting in the afternoon for a drink, they declined. It was a cloudy day and it was our last full day, so we thought it would be good to go for a walk to the little beach and beach bar close to where we stayed last year. The cloud lifted as we were walking and by the time we reached our destination, we were parched and ready for a drink. As we were enjoying our drink, a message arrived from the couple that contacted us earlier in the day, apparently we were right around the corner from them and they were on their way. They misunderstood where we were, but we found each other in the end and had a great couple of hours together. Unfortunately the wine I had had instantly gone to my head and I had gone a bit too tipsy and flirty. In fact, I ended up taking my knickers off and doing a Sharon Stone impression. Of course they were keen to meet up with us in the club later that night.

By the time we got back to the hotel, we had sobered up and realised we had been a little too flirty and most likely given them the couple the wrong impression. Although I found the man attractive enough - he seemed to have a gentle soul - the woman did not seem right for Mr L and I feared that they would expect play. I expressed my concerns to Mr L and he, ever the optimist, agreed, but felt it would work out just fine once we were there. On top of my concerns about the couple, I was not really in a clubbing mood, due to fatigue from a whole week of late nights and drinking, but I knew how much Mr L had been looking forward to this night for a whole week, so I did not want to disappoint him by not going. I told him I didn't feel in a clubbing mood and that we might have to keep it short again.

When we arrived at the club, we were greeted by the owners and the younger couple we met at the end of the night and who we really liked. It was nice to be remembered. We had a slightly awkward reunion with the older couple, because we also had joined the younger couple and the older couple was clearly disappointed they didn't have us to on our own. After a bit of a chat with the six of us we suddenly found ourselves alone. Of course that was the perfect time to do what I love best: going to that pole on the dance floor and dance for Mr L. It was extra special in this club, because we had a little bet a year ago that was determined to win: he dared me to come back in 2019 and strut my stuff on that pole and of course I was not going to lose that challenge! (Which reminds me: where is my prize, Mr L?!) As I was dancing for Mr L, he asked me to strip down to my lingerie and I, of course, obliged. While twirling around in my lingerie, the older couple reappeared. They asked us if we wanted to go and have a look around the play rooms. I told Mr L that it was clear that if we did that, play would be expected and I still wasn't sure. So we did the not very adult thing of telling them that we would see them over there in 5 minutes, hoping they would find new friends. When we got to the playroom, they were nowhere to be seen. We were quite relieved; tiredness was catching up with me again and I was in the mood for slow, gentle sex, not the kind of wild, vigorous action that seemed to radiate of this couple, or rather the woman. However, when we had a little sit down on the seats by the orgy room, the older couple appeared after all. The woman suggested strongly we ought to check it out together, but we said we weren't quite in the mood for play. Another couple went in there and she instantly followed them into the room and before we knew it both of them were in there having their wicked way with the other couple. We took our chance to walk off unnoticed.

We had a little walk around, it was very busy and most rooms seemed full with several couples. I normally love to float around a hot tub when I am in that kind of mood, but the tub in this club didn't seem inviting and the water felt a little cool. In the end we found a free room and found some sanctuary in there. It had a lovely calm vibe and Mr L and I got on the bed for some nice gentle sex. Mr L didn't allow himself to come and after a bit of play, we went back to sit in the area near the orgy room, which by now had a lot of people in there, but not our friends. I had really started to flag, when the older couple reappeared and we had a chat. Suddenly I noticed someone getting into the dungeon. I had tried to open the door to it earlier and not managed to get into it. I was intrigued and when the people that had been in there left, I told Mr L to go and get his paddle and rope and get in there. He didn't need telling twice and soon reappeared with the goodies. I got him to tie me to the St Andrews cross and he started spanking me with the paddle. This brought me back alive. I never knew how much I would come to love getting spanked. The activity in the room soon brought an audience and the older couple had followed us in there too. Then the events took a turn I did not see coming. A gorgeous young French couple came in and stole my husband from me! The man asked Mr L to spank his partner while he was getting a blow job from her. Mr L was spanking away with that paddle for quite a long time and from the noises coming from that corner clearly made some French people very happy. I was left tied to the cross and the older woman saw her chance and took over from Mr L. She started spanking me and then got on her knees and started to lick my pussy. I had not seen that one coming, but her technique was not all that bad. The spanking, oral stimulation and general atmosphere in the dungeon woke me up enough to consider play with the couple and when the French couple vanished, I suggested we ought to just stop trying to put off the inevitable and find a play room. Mr L agreed and we all had a wander around and soon found a room. Once there, I started off with giving Mr L a blow job, because he knew he would need me to get him hard. While I did that, the older woman started giving me oral again. She then asked me to give her husband a blowjob, while she gave Mr L one. After some soft play, the condoms came out. At this point the men broke into some extremely polite British behaviour which seemed quite funny to me in view of the circumstances: lots of "excuse me"'s and "no worry"'s and I wouldn't have been surprised it there had been a "no, you first". It really tickled me. Unfortunately for the other woman, Mr L struggled a little, so he moved on to playing with the older woman's clit, while I kissed her and the older man started fucking me from behind. He fucked me until he nearly came and then stopped, saying he didn't want to come yet. At the same time Mr L was clearly doing a good job playing with the other woman's clit, because she came quietly and then suddenly swatted Mr L's arm away. Once recovered from her orgasm, the woman said that she wanted to Mr L and I to fuck. Mr L didn't need telling twice and he pulled me by my legs to the edge of the bed. He then hold my legs up and started fucking me standing up. He didn't want to come yet at that point, so stopped before he got there, but thoroughly enjoyed the view he had from between my legs. We then sat around for a little while, having a chat until another couple came in looking for an empty room.

Mr L was not ready to go home at that point, so we wandered around again and decided to find ourselves a little spot on the big orgy bed. It was actually the only place available. Being on an orgy bed, but not actually being in the puppy pile on the bed does mean that others' don't always noticed you are there and I got more and more squeezed to the side and at some point got hit on the head by a stray foot! I took a toilet break and by the time I got back, there was more space on there and we started having sex again in our little corner on the big bed. The big mass of bodies meant the room was sweltering, so when Mr L came, that not so hot hot tub suddenly seemed attractive. We got ourselves cleaned up and jumped in. We sat in there for a while to cool down and then called our Canary Island adventures a day. It was going to be home time only a few hours later.

We did reflect on the play experience with the older couple and what we could have done differently. We felt that their pursuit of us was our own fault, due to the heavy flirting that happened in the afternoon. Although we really liked this couple, we also had worked out that their play style would not be compatible with us. We like to spend some time flirting, with a fairly slow build up to play, while this couple was clearly planning to walk into the club and get straight down to business. This discrepancy was the main reason why play with them was not a good idea and why we felt a little anxious around them at first. Upon reflection, we should have spoken up upon leaving them that afternoon, before they made the trip to the club, to allow them to make a decision to go or not in the full knowledge play with us was not on the cards. In the end, we did actually have a fun play experience and we certainly haven't come out of it feeling bad or upset, but it could have been better and it is definitely the kind of situation where we need to learn to speak up for ourselves and stop being such people pleasers! So there you go, our first ever "live" mistake on our blog. We make these mistakes so you hopefully act more wisely in your own journey.

So that's it. Our "swingerversary" adventures. I do hope you enjoyed reading about them. Our next blog post will go back to the Gran Canaria and get serious about what exactly happened in a certain club that lead to many deep and long conversations between Mr L and I.

Until next time my sexy readers x

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