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Our Journey: Our first friends

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

While we were having a fabulous festive season, there were some other things going on in the background. All the fun we had been having over the last few months had started making me think about what it would be like to feel a man, who was not Mr L, inside me. When we met I was technically not a virgin anymore, but I could count the number of times I had actually had sex before Mr L on one hand. I also often felt that I was holding back in the heat of the moment and that did not feel right to me. Mr L and I discussed becoming a full swap couple and he was happy to try. He was quite happy with our soft swap experiences so far and didn't really feel the need to move on to more, but if that was what I wanted to do, then he was happy for me to do that. So from that moment on, we were open to go full swap if the opportunity presented itself.

Over the holiday period, we were also in contact with a couple we had met at the Christmas party. The couple in question was Jack and Jill. Jack is a really funny character who is the life and soul of the party and Jill his laid back other half. They complement each other perfectly. We shared naughty messages and sexy pictures. The most memorable one was when we went to the pub on Boxing day. I had already won the "wear your Ann Summers Sexy Santa outfit in public" challenge and Mr L set me another challenge: take my knickers off in the pub and put them on the bar next to my drink. I won the challenge, but am still waiting for my prize!

My birthday is shortly after after the New Year and so we arranged to meet Jack and Jill at our local club for my birthday. We were hoping to make it a big event and put it on Fabswingers. Mr L pushed the boat out and bought a crate of Prossecco to hand out in the club at midnight. It was surprisingly busy considering the festive season was only just behind us and it turned out I was not the only birthday girl. To my big embarrassment Mr L took the mic at midnight and wished me happy birthday in front of the whole club. The Prossecco was opened and the atmosphere was happy and sexy. Everyone around us was having a great night and all the birthday girls around us were enjoying their free Prossecco. I was probably a bottle of wine and some prossecco in when Jack, Jill and us moved into a play room. For once the nicest room, with a big round bed, wasn't in use, so we plonked ourselves down on there. We started soft playing and Jack made me squirt a few times. We then learned that that was his party trick: he can make pretty much any woman squirt. We also had a little audience to our fun and frolicks, a couple we ended up getting to know quite well and who were also celebrating a birthday. At some point, Jack and I were getting really hot and heavy and the condoms came out. Just at the point where he was about to enter me, the effects of the excess alcohol kicked in. I jumped up and made a run for the toilet while completely stark naked, to throw up. Of course that put an abrupt end to our night and to our possible first full swap! Still, we had had a great night and we knew there was always a next time.

Only a few weeks later we were both going to be guests at a local party. It was at a tiny house, but the hosts were popular and had been holding regular parties for ages. We had heard a lot about these hosts, so we were really excited to finally experience one of their parties for ourselves. When we arrived, the place was packed. Everyone was in the kitchen socialising, it was very hot and we could barely move, so we moved into the living room where there were a few seats and less people. We couldn't find Jack and Jill, but did run into a number of people that we had seen met before: Shopper and Candy, Kathy and Harry and even Ken and Gladys from Xtasia! In the living room we got to chat to a couple that used to be party hosts, but were taking a break. From the way the man was looking at me, I could tell he was interested in me and although we had a good chat, something about him made me feel uncomfortable, so I kept my distance. As the evening wore on, people started going upstairs to the only bedroom, turned playroom. It was a loft room and pretty small and when we got up there to have a look, it was so full we could only really poke our head into the room, so we went back downstairs to wait.

Downstairs was fairly quiet by now and we got on the sofa with Shopper and their friends Gary and Ginny. There was lots of heavy flirting and some playing with cocks, but the sofa was really out of bounds for more than that. When a few people came down, we thought it was our time to go and have a look upstairs. There were two beds, one with a big puppy pile that looked quite intimidating to us and another smaller bed, with just another couple on. Mr L and I got comfy on the bed and started playing. Not much later, Jack and Jill spotted us from across the room and came to join us. We all got chatting, but soon got down to business. At some point I think I was giving Mr L a blow job and I was leaning forward with my naked bum in the air. Gary came over from the other bed and started massaging it, much to the disappointment of Jack who had been waiting for the right moment to join us. Gary then asked if it was OK to put a condom on. I looked at Mr L and he said it's up to me, so I said yes. Gary didn't finish inside me, neither did he remain in position very long. I am quite tall and men often struggle a little standing behind me, I suspect that had something to do with it. And that is how I got fucked by someone who was not my husband for the first time in 20 years, but it wasn't the person I had expected who would be doing the honours. Funny how things sometimes work out in this swinging life. Once Gary moved away, Jack moved in for a little attention. I massaged his cock but before too long he asked me to stop. I think I was a little too excited in my technique, whoops. After that Jack and Jill and us spent some lovely time chatting and relaxing naked on the bed. The little room got really hot, so at some point someone had to open the roof window. It was in this little hot loft room that we also met Sam and Michelle, who were playing next to us when I was getting fucked. We only shared the odd word that day but months later we’d become good friends.

After this party, Jack and Jill invited us to theirs a few weeks later. We had never been invited to someone's house before, so that was exciting. Due to the distance, we also were invited to stay over for the night. As well as us, another couple we didn't know, Brett and Barbie, were going to join in with the fun. We asked Jack and Jill to meet up at a pub for drinks first to break the ice, After a couple of drinks, we went to Jack and Jill's house and before we knew it, clothes came of and play commenced. We started in the living room and then moved on to the spare room, which doubled as their playroom. We were having a great time, when suddenly the other couple suddenly just packed up and left. It was really strange. Undeterred, we carried on as a foursome. By about 2am Jill took herself off to bed, because she had to go off to work the next day. The play date had now morphed from a 6-some to a MFM threesome. This was my first ever experience of being the F in an MFM and it was awesome. It was amazing to be the centre of attention and having two men all for myself. We all seemed insatiable, but finally did go to sleep by 5am. Far too few hours later Mr L and I woke up and found ourselves still very horny, so we had sex. Shortly after that Jack turned up in our bedroom with 2 cups of tea. We had a lovely chat and much to my amusement, I noticed that he slowly but surely moved closer and closer to the bed. In the end I invited him in and we ended up playing again for a little while. To date I still think of that playdate and can't quite believe how long we carried on having sex in however many positions we got in to. It must have been about 6 hours of non-stop playing. No wonder I felt a little sore the next day.

Jack and Jill have been a constant presence in our swinging life. We still see them regularly, because we have a lot of the same lifestyle friends. For Mr L it has been really useful to be able to chat to another man about issues and questions men might have about the lifestyle. The night is always guaranteed full of fun when these two turn up and we happy to be able to call them our friends.

That's it for now.

Until next time, my sexy friends xx

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