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Our journey into the New Year

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

After our experiences of the previous few months, we knew that swingers really do organise the best parties, so we decided to see the New Year in at our local club. Before that, however, we had a little trip booked. Earlier in the year, Mr L's sister had offered to have the children for a weekend. Mr L hadn't told me and so it was really exciting when he revealed his plans to me at short notice. We were going all the way to the Midlands to try out another club: Xtasia. We were going to stay on site for a night and then the night after we were going to live the high life for a night in a posh hotel. How exciting!

I was excited, but nervous about trying a new club, so we thought it would be an idea to try out the "meet" feature on Fabswingers so we had a friendly face to greet us and make us feel welcome. A local to us couple, Ken and Gladys, contacted us; they happened to be going there at the same time. We made it clear we were only promising a social meet at that point and they agreed to this. Meeting them quite quickly turned into a disappointment: they were easily 10 years older than their profile suggested and they quickly made it clear that they were hoping for more than just a social. Luckily we met another lovely newbie couple, the Kiwis. They were a lot of fun and were just dipping their toes into the lifestyle. The club was extremely quiet, probably because NYE was only a few days away, but we had great fun dancing all night and chatting in the hot tub with our 2 new friends. Play, however, was just among Mr L and I that night. Despite the fun we had, we did end up in quite and awkward situation; the Kiwis were trying to avoid Ken and Gladys and we were trying to be nice to everyone. We're pretty sure things might have moved further with the Kiwis if it weren't for this. We left when the club closed, but that didn't mean that the events of the night were over yet. We hoped to find the Kiwis in their bedroom, because they were staying on site too and they had given us their room number. However, Ken and Gladys were patrolling the corridors seemingly desperate for action. We were trying to avoid them, but had to get past their room to get to the Kiwis's room. Of course we were intercepted and ended up cornered and chatting with them. We didn't really want to give away where we were going, because the Kiwis didn't want Ken and Gladys to know where their room was, so after our chat, we gave up trying to get to the Kiwis and went to bed. We did manage to sneak past Ken and Gladys's room a little while later and put a note under the door of the Kiwis to apologise for not turning up though. Not long after getting back to our room we had a loud bang on the door. We opened the door and we were greeted by a drunk and high man with a hard on standing in front of us asking us if we had weed! We had to disappoint him and he went off, not before telling us we really must try the sex swing hanging up in the landing. It was 4 am by then and we were ready for sleep. Unfortunately sleep wasn't really going to happen, because the couple in the room next door to us spent the whole night fucking making the headboard of their bed bang against the wall all night long.

We were glad we had got to experience Xtasia and had had a lot of fun, but were now shattered. So we went to our posh hotel, where we had a lot of sleep and a lot of sex after the sleep. It was our first ever trip away without kids and it was heaven to be able to have sex without having to worry about kids bursting in! Mr L even made me orgasm, which is an extremely rare occurrence. Oh and that is everything to do with my quirks and nothing to do with Mr L's skills. He has made plenty of women come during our journey.

Only a few days later, it was NYE. We headed out to the club and Yvette from the Christmas party happened to be going there too. She had told us at the Christmas party and had messaged as a couple of times since asking whether we were still going. At the time we thought it was a nice coincidence and didn't think much more of it. Once we got to the club, it was clear that Yvette thought this was going to be a play meet and that she was keen to get to know Mr L a little more intimately. Yvette had also brought a male companion who she thought I might like. This was the first occasion where we experienced our polite friendliness being misinterpreted for sexual interest. It wouldn't be the last one either. Despite the NYE party being very busy, we didn't really get to chat much to others. It seemed as if most were there with their own group of friends. Once the countdown to the New Year had finished, there was a race to the play rooms. Mr L and I wandered around and in the end found ourselves in the orgy room just playing around with each other. At some point a very polite man asked if he could possibly play with me. He seemed kind, so I said yes. He went down on me, never taking his clothes of and then his partner asked if she could have a go. They both did what they had to do and then thanked us and went away. It was a very surreal experience!

And this is where I will leave our story for now.

Until next time, sexy friends xx

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