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Our Bedhoppers Social Adventure

Hello my sexy readers!

Get comfy and grab yourself a drink. Today's post is going to be a looong one. It's amazing how much action can be packed into one 24h period! This post is one of two parts: what happened at the Bedhoppers social and what happened afterwards. Both are very different stories. I hope you enjoy!

Way way back in pre-COVID times, Mr and Mrs H, from the Bedhoppers Podcast announced that they were organising a social event for their listeners. As a loyal Bedhoppers listener, I was excited. This sounded like the perfect event for us, because I knew that other Bedhoppers listeners were bound to be likeminded people and that was something we found lacking where we live. Sadly COVID hit before the event could go ahead and the event was postponed. We decided to hold onto our ticket in the hope that we could make the next event. Our patience was rewarded when in the spring of this year, the new date for the social was announced. Exciting!

I feel it's important to set the scene a little and talk about what went on before the day of the actual social, because the delay of the social meant that we had time to build up some relationships with other people who also happened to have tickets to the social.

When the world came crashing down around us in March 2020, the online world became my lifeline. Thanks to the wonder that is social media and Twitter in particularly, we got to know a number of other Bedhopper listeners and some of them would be coming to the social too. There were two couples in particular were excited to see in person, TheTwoofus and NaughtyHubbySexyWife, as we have a very active WhatsApp group chat with them and have come to consider them our friends over the last year, even though we had never really met.

About 2 months before the event would go ahead, the Bedhoppers set up a Discord group chat for all the attendees. This gave us a chance to get to know each other beforehand and should hopefully make the event less daunting. This was a great idea and worked really well. There were sub chats to discuss what outfit we were planning to wear and others for shoes, pictures and even a chat about films and cartoons. A week before the event, Mr H organised a zoom chat, a kind of virtual pre-social social. We hopped on and it was great. It especially helped Mr L feel more relaxed about the upcoming event, mostly because I am the one who tends to be online chatting with the other future attendees on Discord or on Twitter, so he did not get to make the same kind of connections.

With this really really long build up to the Bedhoppers Social, we were nervous and excited when the day finally arrived. The journey to Southampton was one full of Discord chatter of equally excited people making their way down to the city. We had already discovered that a large part of the guests were going to be staying at the same hotel as us and I wondered if we would encounter anyone at check in. Well, lo and behold, when I walked in, the Disnerds waved at us from the bar. I was incredibly anxious to get the check in done quickly, while also trying not to somehow embarrass myself somehow while in view of the Disnerds. I don't know what I thought could go wrong, but social anxiety isn't a rational thing. Because I was so focussed on getting the check in procedure done quickly and smoothly, I was completely oblivious to the fact that NaughtyHubbySexyWife were right behind me! They messaged me saying "boo", I looked around in response, but saw no one. Then when I turned around to walk to the bar after checking, in there they were. That really made me jump, it was so funny and kind of broke the ice. My plan to seem cool and collected was foiled though. As we greeted each other, another couple from the Discord chat and TheTwoofus walked in. It looks like it was Bedhoppers social check in time at this hotel! We all decided to go and join the Disnerds in the bar for a drink, although I did quickly go to deposit our suitcases in our bedroom. On the way back down, I encountered StarlordandPennylane, who then also joined us in the bar. It was so lovely to get together with all these people for an in person pre-social social. Everyone was just lovely and conversation was so comfortable and easy.

Then it was time to find a bite to eat and get ready to go to the venue. I have had one too many bad experiences with drinking on an empty stomach, so food was vital! I knew it was going to be a long night of cocktails and fun.

It was exactly 7pm when we were dressed and ready in our best party outfits. As we stepped into the lift, we found that the NerdyIntroverts, who were also looking fabulous, were already in there. All 4 of us walked to the venue together, which was lovely and quite useful, because we now had more eyes to spot the venue. Luckily Mr and Mrs H had shared a picture of the door of the cocktail bar earlier that day or it would have been easy to miss. The venue was a place called the Mile High cocktail bar, the most perfectly named venue for a lifestyle event if there ever was one. The venue had a aeronautical theme and you entered via a staircase that was made to look as if you are entering an airplane. It was really quite cool. Once up the stairs we were welcomed like long lost friends by Mr and Mrs H, who both looked absolutely fabulous and glittery. We then were welcomed by a whole bunch of other people we knew from Twitter and Zoom chats. It felt like we were walking into a room full of old friends, even though we had only met one or 2 of the attendees in person before. I discovered that both Secret Vixen and Violet Bessant are taller than I expected and taller than me! As someone who is usually the tallest woman at events, it was quite unusual to be surrounded by so many other tall and absolutely gorgeous women.

We grabbed our complimentary cocktails and started talking to, well, to what feels like everyone. We had great conversations with newbies and experienced folk alike.

Some of the highlights of the event were:

  • All the great conversations, far too many to sum up here.

  • The cocktails, absolutely gorgeous and, much to everyone's amusement, one was served with a piece of toast and jam.

  • The fact that every single person was dressed to impressed and, yes, everyone was genuinely sexy.

  • Dishub's fabulous shirt.

  • Reliving my trauma of finding a long curly hair that did not belong to either of us in our hotel shower in a conversation with one of the guests.

  • The fish shaped cups of one of the cocktails and how others also want them to be lined up in a light/dark/light/dark pattern (honestly, these are my people).

  • Penny from StarlordandPennylane stealing all the Bedhopper pins and sticking them all on her dress only to have to hand them back again to a stern looking Mrs H.

  • Getting to know Violet Bessant and discovering we have more in common than I ever thought.

  • Getting my phone stolen by J from the Twoofus and having it returned with pictures of her giving Mr L a kiss

  • Seeing Mr L so incredibly relaxed and happy after seeing how worried he'd been about coming to the event

  • Getting to meet the resident celebrity single guy Martyn Moreno, who is even more handsome and dashing in his suit in real life than on screen and I wasn't very good at hiding my admiration. I really am not good at playing it cool.

  • Seeing a Papa Johns pizza arrive when it turned out that the venue had ran out of pizza.

  • How time flew by and we were told it was time to go at 2am, when I thought it was only just past midnight.

2am came and it was sadly time to go. I took my stockings and heels off, because my feet were just too sore for the walk to the hotel. The city centre was busy and there was some crazy stuff going on like two girls fighting just outside the venue, which saw the police turning up and the car that pulled up right near us which had a girl sliding out of the passenger seat onto the floor telling us she "was fucked". Southampton is wild, lol.

Back at the hotel, we found T&J on the sofa in the bar with a drink, we joined them and not much later NaughtyHubbySexyWife and HotwifeLou and DevotedStag followed too. We all had a drink together and then for a moment the Bedhoppers and their organising team stopped by until a taxi appeared to take them away. Bit by bit the everyone went to bed, until just the Twoofus and us were left. We had neighbouring rooms on the same floor, so thought it would be nice to have some of J's prosecco before going off to bed. We invited them into our room, as that was the bigger one and then got comfy with our drinks. We had a lovely cozy time chatting and drinking and generally just hanging out. Suddenly, Mr L came up with the plan for us all to pose for a few naughty pictures to send to our WhatsApp group to make it look like we had had sex. We all thought it was a hilarious idea and readily agreed to get this done. Well, as you can imagine, this was a plan that was doomed to fail, the night was about to take a delightful, but unexpected turn.

J and I got closer and started kissing for the camera, while the men took a few pictures. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, it is at this very early point that the plan started to go off the rails. The kissing was quite enjoyable and before we knew it, J and I got carried away and began to make out quite passionately. J and I toppled over while making out and next thing I know my dress and bra came off. The kissing and touching intensified and we started playing with each others' nipples. Mr L got onto the bed to take some close up pictures, but J had different plans for him and got his pants off to give him a blowjob. Despite enjoying this very much, Mr L valiantly moved away and carried on with the picture plan, even though it was now very clear that we weren't pretending anymore. While Mr L was getting a blow job, T had moved next to me and we started kissing. J returned to me to me, when Mr L went back to his important job of photographer, and started going down on me. At the same time, T's cock felt lovely and hard in my hands, so I moved down to give a blowjob. One of us then had the idea to get our toys out, because we were in our room, I grabbed my mini wand and womaniser and used them on J for a while, while also sucking her gorgeous nipples. Suddenly J really wanted her swinger bag, because she really really wanted to use her strap on, so she told T to fetch it. We were all in fits of laughter, when Mr L joined, in telling T to "go and get that strap on!". T immediately scuttled off next door, while we continued playing with the toys. When T got back, J got out her cordless Doxy for me to try and it was pretty amazing. I'm definitely adding one of those to my toy collection soon. She then left me to go and put on her strap on, while I carried on testing out that delicious Doxy. Once the strap on was in place, J moved over to me and started fucking me with the strap on. She really knew how to use it. I had never been fucked by another woman like this before and it was hot! What made it especially amazing is seeing how much J enjoyed it too. The men were sitting near us and were watching, but somehow I didn't notice them or feel watched. We truly were in a little world of our own. At some point we rolled over and I rode J and her strap on and then we rolled over again until somehow J fell off me and I said I fancied a fuck, by a man. Mr L said he was out of action, because the alcohol had kicked in and not much was happening down there, so J instructed T to grab a condom and do the honours, which is exactly what happened. Not too long after T and I got started having sex, Mr L sat down in a mystery wet patch on the other bed and swore out loud, which somehow set all of us off and we all collapsed in a heap with laughter. That brought play to an end, because erections and laughter don't mix very well. When the laughter settled, we noticed that the sun was rising. I looked at my phone for the time and it was 6am!! It was time to call it a day, because we really ought to go to bed, because breakfast time was merely a few hours away. We said goodbye and then collapsed on the bed and drifted off to sleep.

It was really tough getting up the next morning, because we had not had the greatest sleep due to being right by the lifts and from around 8am people were on the move. We dragged ourselves to breakfast, where we caught up with the Twoofus and NaughtyHubbySexyWife for breakfast, but we weren't the only ones in the hotel restaurant. Looking around, I was a little sad that all these people would soon all go their own way and the world would go back to its normal mundane self.

All in all the Bedhoppers social has been an amazing experience and we will definitely be back for the next one. It was the best lifestyle event we have ever been to. Normally these events can feel very much like a place where everyone judges and appraises everyone for play potential, but this genuinely was just more like a bunch of friends getting together and having a good time, with the difference that chat was often centred around sex and the lifestyle, which happen to be some of my favourite things. Our experience with J & T confirmed yet again that the best play sessions are the unplanned ones and the ones with people you know well and you feel comfortable with. It all flowed so naturally and there were no nerves or worries. It was as perfect as a play session can be after copious amounts of alcohol and at the crack of dawn! We hope to repeat it sometime in the future when we are all sober and I know that they feel the same.

And that is all for today. It has turned into a small novel, but I hope you enjoyed it none the less.

Until next time,


Mrs L xx

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