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Looking back at 2019

The start of 2020 sort of marks our first full year in the swinging lifestyle and being that it is the time of year for lists, I thought it would be a good time to mark this by making my own list of all the positives that swinging has brought to our life.

1) Mr L and I are closer than ever, for a large part to our much improved level of communication. We are learning with every encounter, so that's definitely a work in progress! We are finally focusing on us, the couple, again, after over 10 years of neglecting that part of our life and just being parents or employees. Our encounters with other couples also reinforce for me that Mr L is my Mr Right and I am sure he feels the same way. Actually, he already knows I am Mrs Always right. (Insert bad joke drum roll).

2) Mr L and I have more and better sex than ever before. We have gone from a sex life that was comatose, after having children, to a healthy, active one. We've started exploring our kinky side and are regularly found in the dungeon of the clubs we visit. It's something that we are definitely going to continue to explore over the next year.

3) Our social life has improved 100%. We find that it is so easy to find fun and interesting people to talk to. We approach the lifestyle as a social event first and foremost, anything else is a bonus. Whether we go to a club, a party or a holiday, we always find someone to chat to. A great example was our holiday to Gran Canaria, where we made a whole load of new LS friends around the pool. That never happens on our vanilla holidays!

4) We have met so many great people over the last year. Some of whom we might even consider as friends and some even went from pants off to pants on friends after they decided the lifestyle wasn't for them.

5) We have had some fun travel adventures. Gran Canaria was such fun, but we also visited Amsterdam and explored lifestyle clubs within the UK. We have other travel fun lined up for 2020: Desire in Mexico and another Gran Canaria trip

6) My self confidence and especially my body confidence has grown so very much. There is something about feeling desired that works wonders for your self esteem. This has had a side effect that Mr L quite likes: I have started dressing more sexily in every day life and have grown a nice little lingerie and sexy shoe collection.

7) We both are going through some personal growth, learning things about ourselves we didn't know about ourselves. E.g. I never knew I could be as social as I have been over the last year, neither did I know that I wouldn't feel jealous seeing Mr L with another woman. The latter really surprised me about myself. It turns out I can separate love and sex more easily than I thought.

8) I am not sure whether Mr L would count this as a positive, but I discovered the world of LS podcasts and now have hours and hours of listening pleasure during the week and with them also the supportive communities these have created online. I have received some great support and advice online.

9) Going to clubs or meeting with our swinging friends has been a welcome distraction from life when things got tough. The year started off with a family bereavement that hit me hard, but going to a LS club, meant I could spend a few hours in a happy little bubble, surrounded with happy people and forget about the sadness that was around me.

10) Starting this blog. When I experience new, exciting and fun things, I always have a strong need to talk about it with friends. Unfortunately, swinging is something that comes with a lot of stigma and it is not something mainstream stream society approves of. As a result I couldn't let out all these stories building up in my head. Mr L suggested that maybe I should write them down in a blog and here we are!

So what kind of exciting changes or fun did 2019 bring for you? It would be lovely to hear what your highlights were.

Until next time, sexy friends xx

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