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Mrs L the Unicorn

Hey sexy readers,

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I recently went on a BIG ADVENTURE. If you don't follow me on Twitter, then you will probably wonder what on earth I am talking about. Well, I went to our local swingers club ON MY OWN!! Yes, you read that right, I went on a sexy adventure without Mr L. You are probably wondering how that came about and what I got up to. I hope that by the end of this blog post, you will have all your questions answered.

The weekend was looking very vanilla. There was a small possibility that we might be able to go to a kink event on the Friday night, if Mr L managed to organise his work schedule just right and on the Saturday I would have a vanilla birthday bash of a friend. As we got closer to the date, I realised I had got it wrong: the birthday party was on the Friday, which meant Mr L had organised his work schedule for nothing, to make it even worse, the knock on effect was that he would be working a night job on the Saturday and Sunday, leaving us with a very boring weekend to look forward to. Then Indigo and Cory, from last week's rope adventures, got in touch to see if we would be going to our local club on Saturday because they would like to see us there. Due to Mr L working, we declined the invitation. The Friday came and went and our plans for the kink event completely fell apart, because the vanilla birthday bash ended just a little too late. When we woke in the morning, Angie and Tom, good friends that haven't featured in the blog yet, but who we are fairly close with, also got in touch asking us if we would be going to our local club. I instantly felt gutted that we wouldn't be able to go now we had two good friends going and on top of that I saw all our other sexy friends making their own exciting plans. I experienced serious FOMO and said something along those lines to Mr L. He answered with a: "Well, I suppose you could still go. I'll have a think about it." I instantly got excited about the idea of going on my own, especially considering I thought his "think" would result in a yes. I was really keen to see our friends, Angie and Tom, who we hadn't seen since the start of summer, when they spent a day sunning in our garden and was hoping to also catch up with Indigo and Cory and maybe finish off what we started last week. I got on with the day, my mind continuously wandering to the possibilities of the upcoming evening. Then later in the afternoon, as he was preparing to go to work, he confirmed that he was happy for me to go. Butterflies and a nervous excitement kicked in. I know the club well and know a lot of people there, so I knew I would be safe, but what would the dynamic be in conversation, and possibly play, if there was no Mr L around. I couldn't wait to find out! Of course I let our friends know and they all said that they would happily look after me and Indigo promised to be my body guard.

Finally it was time to go, I put on a wrap dress that gave me nice cleavage and allowed the occasional flash of leg, but that wasn't too overtly sexy, because without Mr L around, I didn't want any unwanted attention. A dense fog on the drive to the club turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because I had to concentrate so much on driving down the dark & foggy country lanes, that I didn't really get a chance to get nervous or worry.. I parked up, rang the doorbell and the momentousness of the occasion kicked in. I worried about how easy it would be to find my friends, but I needn't have worried, because as soon as I walked into the bar, I spotted Angie and Tom, who were talking to another couple. I got myself a glass of wine, and walked over for a chat. We had a quick chat and then I went to find Indigo and Cory to say hi to them. Indigo and Cory were sitting on a sofa in the seating area of the club, where it is quieter for a chat. They too were talking to another couple, let's call them The Hipsters. As kinksters, they had quickly homed in on another kinky couple and they were all excitedly chatting about rope play, so I duly joined in and talked about the previous week. Conversation then flowed easily between the five of us. The conversation moved to swinger fucket lists and Indigo proclaimed that she wanted to fulfil one of the things on her list that night: a 5+ person orgy. Just our little group was 5, so they needed to find at least one more couple. We then all went to the bar for a drink refill and while there, Indigo and Mrs Hipster went looking for potential play mates. I, on the other hand, I got chatting to Angie and Tom again, who were just on their way to go and find a spot in the seating area. Together we made our way over to where I had come from and when we got there Indigo and Hipster girl arrived with another couple (The Greeks) in tow, making the potential orgy group now at least 7 strong. With both sets of friends sitting so near to each other, I could easily chat to everyone and I had great fun chatting and flirting. It was so lovely to have a cuddle with Tom for a while, something that hadn't happened in nearly 6 month and that man gives the best cuddles! It did become clear, though, that Angie and Tom weren't going to play and that they were pretty much committed to spend most of the night with the other couple they were talking too. I was interesting in joining Indigo and Cory in whatever plans they had, so after a while I naturally veered more towards their little group in conversation. At some point Indigo discovered that Mrs Greek was at the club to hopefully ave a first ever girl on girl experience, so Indigo took it upon her to be the first woman to ever kiss her, she then beckoned me and Hipster Girl over to join in and try a 4 way kiss between all the women, which didn't work, but did set us all off in giggles. Talk between Indigo and Cory and their newfound friends became very much about the orgy they wanted to organise. They wanted to have it in the "Round Room", I would say, the most coveted room in the club with a big low round bed and mirrors. To our great delight, news came not much later, that Mr Hipster had discovered that the Round Room, which was locked earlier, was now open and free and he was not leaving it until we all joined him! What were we to do, but to get up and take ourselves over to the room.

Once inside the Round Room, I spotted that Mr Hipster had laid out bundles of rope and sex toys on the bed; this was going to get interesting. As soon as Indigo and Cory spotted me eyeing up the rope, they told Mr Hipster that under no circumstances was I allowed to get tied up. They did not want to take the risk of me going deep into subspace again, considering I was going to have to drive myself home that night. I had a little mock tantrum and I told them that that was not going to happen, because last week's event was a first, but they put their foot down and banned me from getting near any rope. Of course, I understood why they were so strict about it; their only experience of seeing me tied up was last week and we all know what happened. They had promised Mr L to keep me safe, so they this is exactly what they were doing. After this, we quickly went around and checked what everyone's boundaries were and then the play started.

Mr Hipster moved behind me, he had told me earlier that night that stockings and suspenders were his his kryptonite and now I was in just my lingerie, they were on show in their full glory. He was clearly smitten. He caressed my body, and tried to play with my nipples, but my bra was in the way, so it had to come off! He kissed and stroked me and then did that slightly scratchy thing on my back, that sends shiver through my body. His hands then moved between my legs and he started rubbing my clit, which made me let out little moans of pleasure. Mr Hipster told me he loved the sounds I was making and that this was making him hard. He then moved his fingers inside me and told me he'd make me squirt and within seconds I did. A cascade of fluid hit the floor and then the magic was broken. A large puddle had appeared on the floor and we had to clean that up before we could do anything else. Once the floor and me were cleaned up, I hopped on to the bed. Cory spotted my presence and moved over to me. He presented me with his hard cock and told me it was time I completed our unfinished business from last week, so I knelt in front of him, took his cock in my mouth and sucked his cock until he told me to stop. Indigo then made her way over to me and we started kissing and playing with each other. Mr Hipster saw us and made his way over and stopped in front of me. With his cock right in front of my face, I did what seemed like the natural thing to do in that situation: I gently stroked his cock and then moved on to giving him a blowjob. As I was playing with him, he told me that he was into tantra and that he was able to come many times in the a night without ejaculating, a bit like what Sting is known for, apart from his music of course. I wanted to see this happen, so I looked up at him and locked eyes with him while I carried on with his blowjob. Just as he was about to come, he told me to let go and then his body juddered and jerked. He looked like he was consciously stopping himself from making thrusting motions. It was a very different from the male orgasms I'm use to seeing, it almost looked more like some sort of exorcism! When he finished, he sat down with me and we kissed some more. Next to us the most amazing scene was on show: Mrs Greek was getting oral from Indigo, who was sitting on Cory's face, who in return was getting a blowjob from Hipster girl! While we were watching that sexy scenario, Mr Hipster grabbed a mains operated wand and started using it on me. He was quite amused as to how much I was wriggling around and Indigo told him I really was a wriggler, clearly remembering the previous week! He was determined to make me come, but of course I am notoriously hard to get to orgasm. I told him this and we had a little conversation about my troubles with being very much in my head. He then went back to alternately kissing me and using the wand on me and then in the end went back to fingering me and he made me squirt yet again! Again it was quite the flood, so we had another big clean up to do. As we were cleaning up, we talked about how he thought I had now orgasmed twice with him and I told him I had not. He and Cory were quite surprised, as I had squirted twice already that night. And that is how two grown men learned that squirting does not equal orgasm! They looked quite surprised and a little confused.

After cleaning up, I went to see Mrs Greek, who had been the centre of attention for a while, but who was now alone. I kissed her and she told me she was a virgin. I asked her what she meant and she told me she meant she had no experience with women. I told her that that was absolutely fine and that we all were in her position once. She then allowed me to keep kissing her and I caressed her body and then gently rubbed her clit, which she seemed to enjoy. I stopped kissing her at that point and asked her if it felt good, she didn't answer, but Mr Greek said I was doing a great job and he then leant over and kissed me. He kissed aggressively, grabbing my head firmly between his hands and at some point almost wrapping his hands around my neck. I do not like this kind of rough play and should have told him to stop, but I am very much someone who tends to freeze in these kind of situations. Mr Greek clearly did not read my body language and carried on as I tried to pull away, but then Hipster Girl appeared to join in and play with Mrs Greek, and this broke the moment. I don't think Mr Greek had any malicious intentions, it felt more like a discrepancy in play styles and Mrs Hipster definitely enjoyed her time with him. At that point I moved away from the Greeks, as I did not want another encounter with Mr Greek. This is one of the beauties of big about big group play, it's easy to just stay away from anyone in the group you feel you don't click with play style wise (we had had a really good conversation in the sitting area) and move on to something else. As I turned around, Cory was also not playing with anyone, so I went over to him and gave him another blowjob, he really did seem to enjoy it very much and had to tell me to stop, because he was close to coming and he really didn't want to come just yet.

I then went to lay down and watched the others for a little while, Indigo noticed me and moved over to play with me, again Mr Hipster followed shortly after. This time he was determined to make me orgasm, especially now he knew that the 2 times he made me squirt did not involve orgasms. Once again he got the wand out and put it on my clit, something about him made me loose the usual self consciousness I have about how long it takes me to get to orgasm and I allowed myself, at his urging, to just enjoy the sensation. He and Indigo were with me for quite a while and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to orgasm, to the point where I could not really do much at all. Indigo tried to sit on my face and get me to lick her, but I was too far gone into my own feelings of pleasure to be able to do that. I knew that doing anything beyond just allowing myself to enjoy the moment would bring me back into my head and I would lose it, so apologised and said it just wasn't going to happen just yet. The feeling built and then I came, not my usual kind of full body orgasm, but it definitely was one. When it was over, I collapsed back onto the bed, because I had raised my bum and back up into the air as it was building, I was so fully relaxed that all I could do was just lay there and not move for a while. Mr Hipster came over and gave me a little hug for a while and then moved over to Indigo to do exactly the same to her. Because I was in that very relaxed post orgasmic state, I just sat and watched it all happen. Next to us, I spotted Cory putting on a condom to fuck Mrs Hipster, while Mrs hipster was giving Mr Greek a blowjob. It looked like play was going to go up a notch and go from soft play on to full swap.

At that point I needed a wee. I didn't think I could move on to penetrative sex with a full bladder. I was also in need of a little break now I had orgasmed. I am often a "one and done" kind of woman and was now in the mood to just watch and relax for a bit, but I did hope to fuck Cory or Mr Hipster that later night. I popped out of the room in just my stockings and suspenders. The toilet was locked so I wandered over to the bar to see what was going on, because it looked really empty. As I walked in, Angie and Tom waved from across the room. I strolled over for a chat and before I knew, it was 2am. I thought it was best to finally go for that wee and then make my way back to the Round Room. When I walked in everyone had finished! I had clearly been gone longer than I had thought. Everyone was happy to see me return, as they had been a little worried about how long I had been gone, but I had definitely missed the action and I was OK with that. I really was not in the mood for more sex by that point. Angie and Tom came to find me at that point to say goodbye. It had been so lovely to see them. I was happy I had made the decision to come to the club on my own. The night ended in the hot tub with Indigo and Cory. The hot tub session was cut short by the discovery of something not all that appetising floating in the tub. That was OK though, it was late and time to go. I got dressed and said my goodbyes to all the people I had met that night and then set off home, with strict instructions to text Indigo and Cory when I had arrived safely at home.

So what was it like to be a single women for the night? Well, I really did enjoy myself. I don't think I could go to a new place or go to the club without the knowledge friends would be there, but being the unicorn with friends worked really well. I was relaxed and felt comfortable and safe. What was unexpected was that I discovered how much I must normally check in with Mr L and how much his wellbeing and happiness during play sessions must play on my mind, because without hime there, I was able to allow myself to fully enjoy the experience and focus on myself and my own pleasure in a way I don't normally do. This realisation means that this checking in habit of mine is definitely something we will have to discuss. It would be good to see how can address this in the future when we're at a play session together, so we can both have the best experience possible.

And that was the story of the night I was a unicorn in a swingers club. I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time,

Love from Mrs L xx

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