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Kink, rope and discovering new things

Hi sexy readers,

This last weekend I had the most intense and amazing experience that I wanted to share with you. It is somewhat different from our usual sexy adventures in that it falls more under the umbrella of kink, rather than swinging, however, it was swinging that enabled it to happen in the first place, so for us the two are intrinsically connected. I am aware of course, that kink is not necessarily sexual.

In previous posts I have talked a little bit about how we are exploring BDSM and kink. Since I wrote that first post about us exploring the BDSM and kink world, things have evolved quite a bit. As a couple we have discovered that Mr L really is the kinkster of the two of us and he has been sharing more and more about the things he would like to try. As usual, COVID has slowed this exploration down significantly. I think Mr L would quite happily stick to just exploring kink, however, I, the swinger of the couple, like exploring my sexy side too much, so the next step in our journey definitely includes finding that sweet spot where we find that perfect kink/swinging balance to satisfy both of our needs.

Now back to last weekend. It all started when we met a couple we had met in our local club at the start of summer, lets call them Indigo and Cory. We met them in the hot tub at the end of the night and discovered they were kinksters above anything else. Cory was a rigger, i.e. someone who enjoys tying people up with rope, and we ended up chatting about rope, because shibari is one thing we have been experimenting with. Cory got quite exited when he discovered we were also partial to playing with rope and he told us he had a suspension point in his house. This really peaked my interest, because I had always wanted to try rope suspension. We exchanged Fab details at the end of the night and stayed in touch with the intention to meet up and play with rope and have a sexy night together. Unfortunately our schedules didn't match at all and it took until October before we finally had a weekend where we were all free at the same time.

During our chats, we learned more about how much they are embedded in the kink world and how they run munches (basically kink socials) and often do work shops in their favourite kinks (rope and needles respectively). Cory invited us along to a rope workshop in late August and we took up the offer. There Mr L was taught the most important knots and how to tie a harness that can be used for suspension. At the end of the evening I even got to experience being suspended. I loved the feeling of the weight coming off my feet and just hanging there. I could feel myself getting really relaxed, but in the busy environment with a bunch of people just chatting away, I was very conscious of everything and could not allow myself to let that feeling of relaxation take over.

Then the big day finally arrived: kinky date night! We met up for a pub meal first and then went to Indigo and Cory's house for another drink and a play with ropes. Halfway through my drink, both Indigo and Cory suggested we actually ought to wait with the alcohol until after play. They were clearly experienced and know what could potentially happen. I was a little confused as to why it would be an issue, but I trusted their expertise and put the alcohol aside. We all took ourselves up to the bedroom and I got undressed to just my lingerie as Mr L wanted to have a few pictures of me tied up in lingerie. Cory removed a fake fire alarm and from that dropped a suspension point with very sturdy looking carabiner attached. He got me to stand underneath on my tippy toes and started tying a harness on me. I'm pretty excited and am in a chatty mood while he's doing the tying. Indigo and Cory comment that I'm not as much as a rope bunny as a friend of theirs who goes floppy as soon as the rope touches her skin. I have no idea what they are on about and wonder why on earth anyone would go floppy due to rope! I didn't think rope could do such a thing to people. Then Cory asked me to bend my knee and he tied my legs in a kind of kneeling position. From that point I started to feel a little sluggish and talking became harder, like I needed to make a conscious effort to get my words out. However, me being me, I was undeterred and battled on through to keep chatting. Then leg no 2 went up: I'm suspended. My head felt heavy; I just couldn't keep it up and I started feeling oddly sleepy, as if the world was retreating and I was not truly in it. Cory had a solution for keeping my head up: he pulled my head back by my hair, ties a rope to it and attached it to the ropes that were keeping me suspended from the ceiling. I told him that my hair would definitely slide out of that knot, because my hair is super sleek. He scoffed and assured me that his super duper BDSM knot will hold, but lo and behold, a few minutes later it slipped, my hair escaped and my head dropped. He had to have 2 more goes, in the end plaiting my hair into the rope!

Once I was fully suspended, Mr L took a few pictures. Then Cory got out a wand and started teasing my clit with it, because I was so relaxed, it felt amazing and I got pretty close to coming. Unfortunately the decision wear lingerie proved to be a little bit of a curse at this point, because my knickers were a little bit in the way and the wand kept slipping away from that sweet spot. By now I was really struggling to stay fully in this world. I was slipping deeply into "subspace". Talking was pretty much impossible and I just let myself hang, relax and feel sleepy. After about 30 min, our expert hosts decided it was time to get me down. They could tell I was getting too spaced out! I was worried about coming down, because I felt like I didn't have the strength to stay upright, but I did it. I insisted on a few rope mark pictures, even though that took a lot of strength and was then fed a whole bunch of sweets, wrapped in a blanket and then I threw myself on the bed inbetween Indigo and Mr L. Cory had hoped for an aftercare cuddle, but in my spaced out state, I naturally gravitated to my safe space: Mr L.

While Indigo and Cory waited for me to return from subspace, they started playing with each other, which soon developed in a little soft play between all 4 of us. At some point Cory played with Indigo's nipples and demonstrated how sensitive they were, so I joined in with the fun and dozily started sucking and licking her nipples while playing with her clit. After a short while of this Indigo protested, saying the night was supposed to be about spoiling me, not her. Everyone concurred and moved on to me. Being as I was still feeling a spaced out, I was pretty happy to be a pillow princess that was getting pleased without having to actually move much. Indigo started kissing and caressing me, as did Mr L and Cory got up and started giving me cunnilingus before moving on to fingering me while using the wand on my clit. Because I was so incredibly relaxed and not in my head as usual, I actually orgasmed, even though it was a tiny one. This is unheard of me in a swinging setting, so that was a first! Unfortunately, this made me once again collapse into a puddle of spaced out human and I curled up and started dozing on the bed. The others all agreed that with me in the state I was, play was now fully of the cards. They all had a chat, with me occasionally trying, but failing to participated. After a while, both Indigo and Cory got concerned that I had been in that spaced out, sleepy state for too long, so they fed me yet more sweets, while making me sit upright to wake me up. Cory joked that they had broken me during foreplay and that next time they'll make me do all the work. But due to their kink background, they were both happy with how the evening went. Especially Cory felt that suspending me had been a job well done, considering how big my reaction was to it.

Not long after this it was time to go. I peeled myself off the bed and got dressed, but it genuinely was like wading through treacle. Indigo and Cory then saw us out with some very strict aftercare instructions: drink lots of water, keep your blood sugar up, have some comfort food tomorrow and take it easy; I went deep into subspace and the drop might be deep.

The next day was actually a very stormy day, so I hunkered down under a blanket and spent the day just relaxing. I was tired, but otherwise fine. I kept thinking back to the night before. I couldn't quite understand how my descend into "subspace" happened so quickly. For those who wonder what this "subspace" I keep talking about is, the Urban Dictionary defines it as follows: "Subspace is that very special place the submissive or masochist enters when he/she reaches a natural chemical high and/or change in mental and/or emotional balance of the brain chemistry, and state of mind. Best achieved when total trust is in place with his/her Dominant, and one totally immerses themselves in an intense BDSM scene." Reading this definition, I definitely recognise that this is exactly what happened to me. At the time, I couldn't consciously feel it happen, but I also knew something was up and I could not stop it whether I wanted it or not. I was in my own little world, a bubble. If you have given birth before, especially if you have experienced labour before, then you might know that deep labour bubble. That is the only time I have ever been so far into my own little world. I recognise this now as my "thinking brain" being switched off. As someone who is a very cerebral person, this never ever happens. I have always struggled with meditation and mindfulness because of this. Clearly suspending me in rope flips that switch and quietens my mind. Mr L was in awe at the power of the rope and a little bit confused as to my state of mind that night, because he too has never seen me that far out of the world before either. But he is aware that this was actually a good thing for me, and has since been googling suspension points and scouting the bedroom for the best place to put one. But before we get to that point, we are going to go back to Cory's rope group and practice knots and making harnesses and so on, so that when the time comes for us to do this at home, we can do it safely.

And that, my sexy friends was the story of how I discovered sub space and how we continue to have new experiences in the lifestyle. I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time my sexy friends, I can't wait to see what our next adventure will be.


Mrs L xx

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