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How it all began.

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Life had been busy: 4 children + our jobs, it was taking up all our life and we barely spent "quality time" together (oh how I hate that phrase). It didn't help that my (Mrs L) libido had been completely obliterated by pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones.

After a good few years of this, those hormones settled and my libido started to return. Our sex life got re-ignited and one day, just over a year ago, while on holiday, we started talking about our sexual fantasies. I had been keeping a certain fantasy a secret for a long long time. I was worried that Mr L would be jealous or think that I thought he was inadequate or even that he would think my desires were too naughty. What was that desire, you might wonder? Well, the thought of having sex with 2 men really turned me on. When I confessed this to Mr L, he was not upset, but surprised and intrigued. He instantly suggested we ought to try and visit a swingers club. His big fantasy was to see me dressed in sexy lingerie in a public place, so he saw this as a way to fulfil his own dreams. He had first suggested this over 10 years ago! I was very reluctant to visit a club. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to actually turn this fantasy into reality and swinger clubs reminded me of creepy old men. I was also worried I would be expected to instantly join in with sexy shenanigans or that I would get unwanted attention. Mr L thought it was worth just having a look, but at that point I really wasn’t ready.

A couple of months later we were on holiday in Tenerife. Our kids were being WiFi addicts and weren’t much fun to get out of the flat. Mr L knew there was a swingers club in the resort we were staying and he suggested trying it. Considering the children weren’t being much fun, I agreed. I dressed up in the sexiest dress I had with me and packed a basque and stockings in my bag. We got a taxi to the area and walked the last bit. To get into the club you had to go up a flight of stairs that was very visible from the little precinct it was on. We felt so exposed!

Once inside the door, we were given a locker key, towels & a tour of the place. It was still pretty empty, because we didn’t know what we know now: swinging parties don’t really start til late. I got introduced to exotic things like the glory hole, a sex swing and a St Andrew’s Cross. It was very exciting. We spent a while just drinking, chatting and observing. At some point we decided to take the plunge: I took of my dress & put on my lingerie & walked across the room to Mr L. His eyes lit up and I couldn’t believe I actually did it. Shortly after that we went through to the playrooms. That night we had sex outside on the balcony, listening to the ocean and the sounds of others having sex near us. We tried the swing & enjoyed the hot tub. We parallel played on the big inside orgy bed, on the outside sofas & I got my boobs fondled by someone else. It was exciting, naughty, new & intoxicating. We were hooked. The rest of that week we went back every night and had the most exciting sex we had had in years. We left that holiday knowing we would seek out such a club near us.

How that went is for another post.

Until next time sexy readers xx

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1 Comment

Mar 09, 2023

I'm starting at the beginning: this was a very bold step to take, but sometimes it pays off to just jump in the deep end!

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