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Fun in Tenerife - part 2

Hey sexy readers,

Welcome back and I hope you have had a change to read the first part of the story about the fun we had on our holiday to Tenerife. Although it was mainly a family holiday, we did book a babysitter for a couple of nights and managed to have plenty of fun on our first night out. A club visit often fuels our sex life in the days after the experience and this time was no different. In fact, the holiday atmosphere only increased our libido and we made good use of the space we had in our fabulous hotel room, nudge nudge, wink, wink.

Our presence in Club Mystique hadn't gone quite unnoticed on social media either. The next day, I was scrolling through Instagram while relaxing by the pool, when I spotted I had a message via Instagram. It was from a Spanish couple that had been there for the Halloween party as well. Over the next few days, we little chat with the help of Google Translate. We made loose plans to meet up and say hi during our next club visit, but Mr L and I were a little unsure, as clearly this couple didn't speak English. It might make for very difficult conversation. We decided to just go with the flow and see what happened, after all, the couple might not even turn up.

Then before we knew it, a week had passed. We were a little sad, because this meant that our holiday was nearly over, but we were going to make our last night on the island would be awesome! We wondered if it would be a quieter night at Mystique, as this time it would be just a normal Saturday, rather than a theme night. We would soon find out.


ust like the previous Saturday, we left the hotel in our civvies and we went for a drink somewhere else first. This time, though, we went to our favourite beach front bar. They had karaoke every night and it always turned into a little party. We had had a few good nights there and I had spent enough time dancing on the stage and singing that the DJ got to know us a little. In fact, one night we spent some time chatting about the lifestyle. When we arrived at the bar that last Saturday, the DJ had a tough crowd on his hands, no one was joining in or volunteering for the karaoke. So when he spotted me walking in, he clearly thought he'd found just the person to get the party going. In the short time we had been in Tenerife, he had already worked out that I liked to be on stage, making a fool of myself (no honestly, self deprecating humour is my go to) and that I was kind of entertaining. Next thing I know, I was performing a passionate rendition of Valerie by Amy Winehouse, followed by Man, I feel like a woman by Shania Twain. My irresistible charm had clearly worked, because not long after, other people started coming forward and the karaoke night was go. This time, however, it was going to have to go on without us. It was time to bid our farewells, and go off to a much more exciting place: Club Mystique.

The time at the beach bar had put me in a party mood, before we even got to the club. I was excited and sure it was going to be a great night. When we got there, we were pleasantly surprised at how busy it was. Not as busy as the Halloween night of course, but busy enough. I was keen to get changed into my club dress. It was something we had bought in the London Alternative Market back in August, but hadn't had a chance to wear out yet. Mr L was very keen to see me wear it too. So while I got changed, Mr L ordered our first cocktails of the night.

As I walked out of the changing room, I could see heads turn and eyes follow me as I make my way to Mr L. The dress clearly had the desired effect! Cocktails in hand, we went to sit down on a sofa to give my feet a rest after walking to the Mystique from the beach bar in heels. We spent some time people watching, while also half and half scanning the room for the Spanish Instagram couple, but couldn't see them. It was also fun to play the "guess the nationality' game. Anyone that was great at salsa dancing just had to be Spanish, in our opinion. Your average British club goer just doesn't have those hip movements! More people arrived and it got quite busy. After a while it became clear that the back of the club is where the fun was. There were loads of people dancing over there and there seemed to be more of a party atmosphere, so we got up and went to have a look what was going on.

We position ourselves in a corner that allowed us a good view of the dance floor, the pole and the cage. There was also a huge fan on the floor and I ended up doing a Marilyn Monroe impression as I walked past it, much to the delight and amusement of those around us. This time, there were no professional level pole dancers. So I felt much less self conscious about getting onto the platform and strutting my stuff. There were a bunch of younger people generally messing about and having fun. We all took our turns on the pole and I would hop into the cage when the pole was being used by others. Two Spanish guys in particular stood out, because they had some great tricks and they, in turn seemed to like my little show. One of them even joined me and had a little dance with me! All this dancing got my feet aching again, so we squeezed ourselves in between two couples, who were sat on the bench seat facing the dancefloor. The female half of one of the couples had really enjoyed watching me while I was in the cage and so we ended up having a chat. We discovered they were from Iceland. It's always interesting to hear about what the lifestyle is like in other countries, so we had a really nice chat. However, her partner didn't speak a word, nor even looked in our direction. It was a very odd dynamic. Once they got up to go for a cigarette, we felt it was time to go to the playrooms.

This time I kept my little dress on, so while Mr L got changed, I popped to the toilet. I was a bit tipsy from my two cocktails by now (They may have been complimentary, but they definitely didn't skimp on the liquor!). On my way back from the toilet, I walk past some seats, where a Dutch and Irish couple were chatting. Something in their conversation made me stop and join in. They were really lovely and interesting. Suddenly I realise I must have stood there chatting away for a good 15 min. Mr L must be wondering where on earth I was! Worried I was going to be in trouble for vanishing, I go look for him. I find him sitting on a bench, happily watching the shenanigans in the orgy room, seemingly unconcerned about my whereabouts. I grab him and drag him to meet my new friends and we all chat a little more until everyone disperses to go and do their own thing.

We walked back to the central area, where that round seat from last week sits and it struck me how absolutely gorgeous and hot everyone really was. By now I was a little giddy and high, with the effects of alcohol, the sexy environment and the fun sexy chats we had had, so I just had to tell everyone I encountered that they were beautiful and sexy. What a sight that must have been: this pink haired woman in a sexy little dress just going around telling everyone they're gorgeous. They must have thought I was bonkers! Mr L later told me that he wondered whether I'd had MDMA instead of alcohol, but I definitely hadn't done any drugs! I was just in a happy mood and wanted to spread the joy and give people a little boost.

By now it was getting late and if we wanted to play before going home, we had to get on with it, so we went into the only available room: the orgy room. It had been the scene of a lot of fun the previous week, so why not give it another go. We found to the only free spot on the bed and I went to sit on the lower half of the bed. My intention was to be at a handy blowjob height for Mr L, but instead he knelt down in front of me and went down on me instead. Somehow, time and alcohol has meant my memory is a little hazy on this bit, but somehow Mr L going down on my while I am laying down, turns into me sitting on Mr L's face. While I was having fun sitting on Mr L's face, a fit, young and muscular Spanish man beckoned me over and signed for me to kiss the woman, he and another man were having a threesome with. I moved over, lean in and kissed her. She clearly enjoyed this and the kissing turned more passionate. My attention now shifted to the woman, so I removed myself from Mr L's face, so I could get closer to the woman. She had beautiful, firm little breasts, that were irresistible, so I moved down her body to kiss and play with her nipples. I suppose seeing me bent over with my bum in the air, must have looked quite inviting to Mr L, because he soon moved behind me and began fucking me. While Mr L was taking me from behind, one of the Spanish guys played with my clit and I continued to enjoy my time with the woman. Mr L fucked me until he came and then he moved away which meant that I was yet again left with my bum up in the air. At that point we ended up with a moment of miscommunication due to our lack of Spanish and the men's lack of English: for a second it looked like one of the guys was going to try and have sex with me, which we said no to due to lack of condoms, but he was actually reaching underneath me to get to his partner and go down on her! It was all moving so fast. Once we had worked out what was happening, I moved out of the way, and in the moment, I felt the best way to do this way by just shifting forward and to now go and sit on the woman's face. It is not something I do often, but clearly that night I was very much in the mood for face sitting! While I sat on the woman's face, I was in the perfect position to give one of the Spanish guys a blowjob. He had a really really nice hard cock and part of me was disappointed I didn't get to fuck him. Around this time, the other guy vanished to find some condoms and so it's just the four of us for a while. Then when the remaining Spanish guy suddenly extricates himself, there were just the three of us are left on the bed. I asked the girl if she knows where her friends have gone and she replied that they weren't her friends, in fact, she didn't even know them! And this is how we ended up in a 5 person mini orgy with two Spanish guys and a British woman, whose names we still don't know.

I was still pretty horny and not ready to stop. In fact, my mind was on wanting to have another cock inside me. Unfortunately, Mr L was still out of action due to his fairly recent orgasm and could not help me with this. In a pretty uncharacteristic and bold move, I stood up and announced to the room that I wanted another fuck. I looked around the room and my eyes lock with a man, who is sitting on the side with his partner and another couple. He definitely looked like he was ready to go and had his condoms at the ready. I told him that he needed to use our non-latex condoms, which he was more than happy to do of course. I'm sure that would not be a deal breaker if it means you get to have sex! I turned around and he fucked me from behind just long enough to satisfy me, and himself I presume. When we were done, we introduced ourselves to each other. We kind of laughed at the fact that we only introduced ourselves after having sex. In fact the mini-orgy we had earlier was equally unusual for us. It had been fast, frantic and fun, probably the wildest thing we have ever managed to get caught up in.

It was now time to go home. I went ahead to the changing room, while Mr L went to the toilet. As I was getting changed, who walked into the changing room? It's only our Spanish friends! I called out to the and joked that one of them was much shorter than I thought now we're all standing up. He grinned and put his arm around me and then kissed me. He then pushed me down on the seat in the centre of the playroom and moved down to my clit. His taller and muscly friend then suddenly appeared in front of me with his very hard cock. It was an impressive specimen and looked really inviting, so of course I could not resist taking him into my mouth. By the time Mr L returned from the toilet, I was somehow in a threesome with these two guys. I can only imagine what went through his mind when he walked in on me like that. The return of Mr L snapped me back into the real world, I stopped what I was doing and told the guys that we really needed to go, because we had a babysitter waiting. They were very understanding, said goodbye and went on their merry way.

Boy, what a night this turned out to be. If you had told me beforehand what the evening would turn into, I wouldn't have believed you. We never enter into play situations without chatting and getting to know people a little first. This really was not our usual way of playing, in all our years of having sexy adventures. On reflection, I think this was a heady case of a mix a loss of inhibition due to being on holiday, alcohol and ermm, my hormones. All my usual inhibitions were just gone, poof, non-existent. I doubt that we will find ourselves in anonymous sex kind of situations again anytime soon, but clearly in the right situation, I am very much capable of just going for it and grabbing what I want. All in all it was a fantastic night and I have no regrets. We definitely pushed some boundaries and we both walked away happy from the night. It shows how much more secure we have become in our relationship within the lifestyle, because two years ago we would not have gone through this unscathed. It's amazing how far we have come. I doubt Mr L could have ever imagined a scenario where I would stand in the middle of an orgy room asking for a volunteer to fuck me, way back in 2018, when he suggested going to a swingers club to see me walking around wearing lingerie in public. He most definitely opened Pandora's box on that day!

Anyway, this is it for now, who knows what our next adventure will be. I, for one, can't wait to find out what it will be.

Until next time,


Mrs L

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