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Fun in Tenerife - part 1

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Hey sexy readers,

It's been a busy time here in the Our Secret Life house. And in a good way! We have finally had the opportunity to leave this island and fly off to warmer and sunnier climes. We did have to bring the children, but with a babysitter and some imagination, we managed to fit in plenty of fun.

The 2021 summer has been a very big let down. The lack of warmth, sunshine and the fact I hadn't had any significant time away from every day life, was really affecting my mood. I really needed a proper holiday, where I had to do nothing at all. With this in mind, I was very very keen to go on this trip to Tenerife, which we had booked in January, hoping that the COVID situation would allow us to travel. We were lucky and our gamble had paid off. The weeks leading up to the trip were very tense, as a lot of classmates of our middle daughter seemed to be catching COVID, but she held on and managed to stay away from the virus. Her test came back clear and then we were all set to go. It was so exciting to travel by plane again and even more exciting to land in a warm place and to shed all our layers of clothing and dig out the flip-flops!

When we got to the hotel we had even more exciting news: a free upgrade to one of their best and most spacious rooms. It was the size of a small flat with 2 separate bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a gorgeous beach view. This was also perfect, because holidays always get Mr L and I pretty frisky. Having a bedroom that is fully private is perfect for our own after bedtime evening entertainment, nudge nudge, wink wink. And to complete the adult entertainment side of the holiday: we had booked a babysitter for each of the two Saturdays of our stay, so we could go to Club Mystique, which was a short walk away from our hotel. If you go back to the very start of my blog, you will find that this is where our swinging lifestyle journey started. So it has a special place in our hearts.

After a few days of relaxing by the pool and topping up our tans, while eating all the food, it was here: Saturday! Time for our first visit to Club Mystique. It was the Halloween party night and we had gone all out with our costumes. I was in a steam punk corset, high low Victorian style skirt, fishnets and Victorian lace up boots. Mr L was also steampunk with a dress shirt, cravat and a waistcoat. We honestly looked pretty good, if I say so myself. We were also absolutely boiling! But in Spanish clubs, you are required to undress before you enter the playrooms, so we knew we wouldn't be wearing our outfits for all that long.

To keep up appearances for the babysitter and the kids, we had left the hotel in our civvies. It was a little early when we left, so we had a drink in the bar right next to Club Mystique. The bar was very busy and we wondered if any of the other patrons were also swingers doing the same as us. A couple spotted us looking for a table and invited us along, they were definitely not swingers, but we had a nice time with them and they gave Mr L a little ego boost by suggesting he was in his in 40's! Once these two left, we played a little came of spot the swingers. Turns out that out of the three couples we had thought were swingers, two actually were. Not a bad success rate.

When we thought it was late enough to go in, we made our way over to the club. There was a little queue and they all spoke Dutch, which is my mother language. This was interesting; it was definitely going to be an international night. We paid, collected our free drinks tokens and locker key and made our way into the club. I was keen to get changed, because I didn't want to be at a theme night in normal clothing. Mr L had wanted to have a drink first, but I just knew that once I sat down with a drink, I was unlikely to get up again anytime soon! My costume was quite complicated, so I went ahead while Mr L popped to the toilet. In the changing room, I realised that the other couple in there were fellow Belgians. I am always excited to meet fellow Belgians, because I don't get to speak my own language very often. So of course I had to say hi and have a little chat with them. Unfortunately the excitement about encountering another Belgian wasn't and they moved away as soon as they were dressed. In fact, they seemed to hurry away, maybe I came across as over excited. I can definitely get a little like that at times. This encounter did make me think about one random fact you might not know about me: I might be Belgian, but I have never had sex with another Belgian before! I lost my virginity to an American and then met Mr L and of course the vast majority our lifestyle adventures have also been in the UK. Maybe tonight is the night, I wondered, after all, I had heard a fair few other Belgian voices while walking through the club. This could be foreshadowing how the night was about to go, who knows...

Once suitably attired, we went to the bar to get ourselves the first of our two free cocktails. As soon as we parked ourselves by the bar, the barmaid spotted us and immediately squealed with delight. She said something really excitedly in Spanish and then dragged us both outside to show our outfits to the club owner, who then insisted on taking our picture outside by the scarecrow decoration. It was good to see that our efforts to create a nice costume hadn't gone unnoticed!

Once back in the club, we found ourselves at a tall table at the edge of the club. It was clearly a lot busier than last time we were here, back in October 2019. As well as tourists, there were a lot more young Spanish people here this time. The music was, latin pop/dance, was definitely catering to local tastes and was very loud. It took me a little while to get used to the rhythm and figure out how to dance to it. With so many people dressed up and dancing, the atmosphere was really good. Unfortunately, the loud music made chatting with others is almost impossible, we even had to shout at each other. At some point we moved closer to the dance floor, which had a pole and a cage. A group of young people were dancing on the pole and showing off their very impressive skills. Especially the sexy pole dancing of the young women made me feel pretty inadequate. My usual sexy dancing now just made me feel like an inelegant giraffe that's mostly trying to not fall over. I was sure they must be professionals, or at the very least have had a lot of lessons. Their tricks are just amazing. So feeling not quite as confident as I usually do, I decided to dance in the cage a little, because that was a little more hidden and required fewer tricks, and then dance, concentrating on Mr L only. By now, though, we were boiling. Our costumes were not really designed with tropical climates in mind!

Getting slowly overheated and aware that we had to be home by 2-2.30, we decided to strip off and go into the playroom area shortly after midnight. Although my corset looked amazing, it felt good to take it off and feel the cooler air on my skin, and I am sure Mr L felt the same when he removed his waistcoat and shirt.

We walked into the play area and had a quick walk around before settling down onto the road seat that's in the centre of the area where the doors of all the playrooms give on to. Sitting there also allows you to watch the orgy room and dungeon from a distance. I sat down and Mr L stood in front of me and I could see and feel a gloriously robust and rather large bulge in his boxers. It was irresistible and stroked him first through his boxers and inside. I quickly removed them, which meant I was able to do with him as I pleased. He just looked so beautiful and tempting that there was only one thing for it: I took Mr L's very hard cock in my mouth and spent some time playing with him using my mouth and tongue. After a while he pushed me back, pushed my legs open and knelt down in front of me. He gave me amazing cunnilingus until I wanted him inside of me. Without words, I pull him up towards me, he understood what I wanted and obeyed. We were both feeding of the atmosphere, the audience and each others' arousal and we fucked hard, right there out on that corridor couch. It was so good, I get all wet just thinking back to that moment. As the night was still fairly young, Mr L didn't allow himself to come yet and so we slowed down and took a little break when that point came dangerously close.

We had a drink to rehydrate and wandered over to the dungeon. We noticed that there were stocks in this dungeon and Mr L thought it would be fun to put me in them. I was happy to give it a go, but the neck hole just didn't seem big enough for my neck. I found it too tight, so I told Mr L that I was not going to do that, but that I was happy to have my arms restrained in the stocks. Now he had me in a very fetching position: leaning forward with my bum sticking out, he could do with me as he pleased. This is where we realised that we had forgotten the flogger, which would have been perfect for this moment. But we are adaptable and so Mr L gave me a good hand spanking instead, before proceeding to fuck me from behind. I could see people watching us with interest and again, it only fed our arousal in the moment. We were both feeling very much in an exhibitionist mood! Then one member of out audience wandered over and came in to have a quick play with my boobs. He didn't play with my boobs in a way I that tuns me on, but Mr L told me he felt me getting wetter while my boobs were getting fiddled with. I found that very interesting, because I love my boobs being touched and clearly any touch works, even if I don't consciously find it arousing. I have noticed tat in Spain consent isn't sought in the same way as in the UK or US, but I didn't mind being touched and would have definitely got Mr L to shoo him away if I minded. For Mr L this moment was also a point where he realised how much he had changed over the last 3 years, because 3 years ago another man touching me in this way, would have made him lose momentum and his protective side would have kicked in. Now, another man touching me doesn't bother him and he can enjoy my enjoyment. Once our handsy admirer left, I started getting uncomfortable in my position in the stocks and I told Mr L it was time for me to get up and change position.

We left the dungeon and Mr L spotted someone getting a blowjob through the glory hole. He surmised that he had never experienced that and the obvious next step was to rectify that situation. He went off into the dark room and I went into the orgy room and I knelt down in front of the glory hole awaiting Mr L's cock. I didn't have to wait long before it appeared. I played with it with my hands first and then took him in my mouth, as soon as my mouth touched him, I could feel his already very hard cock grow even more. I didn't think that that was possible! He was clearly enjoying this experience. I could feel him reacting to my movements and to my tongue running along the edge of his bell end and I could tell he was again coming quite close to climax. Then all of a sudden, Mr L's cock disappeared! He clearly felt it was time to stop before he reached the point of no return.

Once he rejoined me in the orgy room, we cuddled up and chatted about how the glory hole was for him, then we made out some more and before we knew it we were fucking again, again he fucked me from behind, the two 2 level orgy bed being the perfect height for that. This time Mr L didn't hold back and came hard inside me. Almost as soon as we had finished and more or less put ourselves back together, a couple next to us commented that we seemed to have a good night. Initially I was surprised anyone had paid much attention to us, but of course we had been playing out in the open all night, so of course people would recognise us! We all had a great chat, but it was clear that they were also pretty drunk. We didn't think that she was all that up for play, even though he was clearly trying to steer her in that direction. So with that nice big red flag waving and the clock ticking, we made our excuses and went back to the changing rooms to get into our civvies and go back to the real world, where a babysitter was waiting for us.

What a night it had been, we had had so much fun together. I might not have played with a fellow Belgian, but any night having this much sex with Mr L is a good night. We got to experience something new and we got to allow our exhibitionist side have a whale of a time. I have no idea what to expect of tonight and on my way back to the hotel, I already wondered what the next Saturday would bring and I am sure that you wonder the same. Well, if you wait until the next blog post, you'll find out!

Until next time,


Mrs L xx

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