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Floggers and dungeons!

"Lean over the table", said Mr L, "You've been very naughty recently and you need to be punished for that." I couldn't help but giggle, this did not sound like the Mr L I know and love. "There you go, naughty again. That confirms that you have definitely been naughty. Now tell me, what are all the things you have done wrong this week" Again I couldn't help giggling, I felt so self-conscious. "I didn't do anything wrong, I'm a good girl!" "So you've decided to be defiant, huh, well, that's another infraction." "I think you need to be spanked 10 times and you will count them out for me" And so it began, I braced myself, nervous, but excited and the first blow hit me. It was OK, it stung a little, but didn't hurt. 1, spank, 2, spank, 3, spank, 4, spank and so it went on til ten. Phew, I made it. It was OK, it was exciting and it actually felt OK. I had never been spanked before as part of play, but we had been talking about it for a while and it had finally happened. I could see Mr L was hard, very hard, which turned me on big time. The sight of me bent over the desk, the acting out of this scene that had been on his mind for weeks; it all came together in that moment, he entered me from behind and finished with the most intense orgasm I had ever seen him have. He stepped back and was doubled over with the intensity of it all. What an afternoon. So many new experiences in one go. This was definitely something we were going to be repeated.

So how did I get to find myself tied up and bent over a desk getting spanked? Well, that is inextricably linked to our journey into the lifestyle.

Being tied up and restrained has been part of my sexual fantasies ever since I can remember. In fact, it was the very first sexual fantasy I ever shared with Mr L and one that we acted upon regularly. Something about the fact I am at someone else's mercy turns me on very much, I suspect this is what it means to be submissive. When we explored our sexual fantasies a little more and entered the lifestyle, we were drawn to the dungeon area of the LS clubs we visited. We found them fascinating places, but were a little shy about joining in. We started watching films like "L'histoire d'O" and "The Secretary", which fuelled our interest even more. Then one day, only a few months into our lifestyle journey, we were in our local club and a friend introduced us to a single guy who happened to also be a dom, let's call him Drew. He was very nice and had come with a friend who was unsure about going into the dungeon with him. He wanted to find a volunteer for a demonstration to put her mind at rest. Me being me, instantly volunteered. I had never experienced anything like it before in my life, but it sounded exciting. So there I was, bent over the spanking bench, with this relative stranger whispering the rules and safe words in my ears. Once that was done,Drew got out his tools of the trade and got started: a couple of blows with the flogger and followed by a nice bum massage, a couple of blows and another massage and so he went on. It was new & exciting, but I was also nervous, so he kept things relatively gentle. Still, it clearly was a good show, because a crowd gathered to watch. It was fun and I really enjoyed the experience. I floated around on a little cloud of excitement afterwards both from the adrenaline rush and being the centre of attention that night. I got to know this man better over the years and he never got to flog me again, but he does give the most exquisite massages! From that experience we learned that I am not averse to some pain and that I actually enjoy it when the mood is right.

Things moved in an even more unexpected direction, when I discovered that Mr L is actually a switch. That is someone who both enjoys dominating or being dominated in BDSM. It was not something that he had ever really voiced to me, but during one club visit he really surprised me. It was Halloween 2019, Mr L and I thought we'd go and check out the Hellfire club. It was a club that had been on our bucket list for a while, as it has a good dungeon and often holds BDSM events. When we arrived, we were instantly impressed by how friendly the club was. I don't think we've ever had such a warm welcome in any club before or since. When we walked in, we found a small, but pretty sexy crowd in some impressive costumes. There was a little group of people that wore some amazing latex costumes and we couldn't help but compliment. We had a little chat, but didn't really hang around them too long. After we had a drink or two and got settled into the club, we ventured down to the dungeon. It was beautifully decorated and had a wood burner going, keeping it nice and warm and giving it a really nice atmosphere. Then in the corner, we found the latex clad gang we had chatted to earlier. They had a huge bag full of lots of beautiful BDSM equipment: floggers, whips, paddles, all handmade and all absolutely gorgeous. We watched them play and asked them lots of questions about their equipment and what they were doing. They clearly loved what they were into and were really happy to answer and explain. It so very useful. By the end of the night we were all upstairs again. The club has a pole and I do love pole dancing, but this time I moved out of the way, because one of the women from BDSM group, started flogging a friend using 2 floggers. Her skill was absolutely amazing and it was so fascinating to watch her in action. It was like a ninja wielding a couple of nunchucks! The control she had over the floggers, the gentle building up of speed and force of impact. It was like watching an artist in action. When she was finished, I asked her if she would like to do that to me too. She was more than happy to oblige and I leant over, holding onto the pole and she began. It was amazing. She was so good at understanding how far she could take it with me. I had never experienced anything like it. Mr L was watching and I could tell he was really intrigued. When I returned to him, he said that he was going to ask the woman if she could do that to him. I was really surprised when he said that and then somehow surprised to see him walk up and ask for a turn. And that was the first time Mr L got flogged. It wouldn't be the last time either! We actually ran into these women again a few months later, but that'll be a story for another time and let me assure you it'll be worth the wait, because it was HOT!

Now Mr L opened up about the fact that he's a switch, a whole new world of toys seems to have opened with it. Mr L also seems to be opening up more and more about some of his fantasies and then one day a strap on dildo arrived! Now that surprised me even more than him asking to be flogged.

It is quite amazing how many new things we are discovering about each other and ourselves, despite our 20+ years together. And so we continue to grow and learn into our relationship, all thanks to entering the lifestyle. I wonder what else we will discover about each other over the next few years.

Until next time,

Mrs L x

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Dec 02, 2020

Love the strapon so hot. Sexy

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