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Exploring our exhibitionist side

I wrote this blog post well before the coronavirus lockdown hit. Little did we know at the time that this would prove to be our last in person swinging adventure in a long long time!

A couple of Saturdays ago, we visited the Hellfire Club again. It is slowly becoming one of our favourite clubs. It's small, cozy, super friendly with a fantastic dungeon area and just the right configuration of dance floor and seating for us. While we went there, we had some fun pushing our boundaries when it comes to our exhibitionist side.

A little background first. When I think back through my life, I have always had an exhibitionist streak. Even my earliest sexual fantasies had an element of being watched, being in public and I remember once purposely losing a game that involved stripping, just so I could get naked! However I also had all of the societal expectations within me and "good girls" don't act overtly sexual in or get naked in public. So when Mr L proposed to a club many many years ago these two opposite sides of me clashed in my mind and so my instinctive reaction was no, despite being intrigued by the idea. Fast forward to October 2018, when we found ourselves in our first ever swinger club and I actually got to experience this stripping off in public. I was super nervous and a little scared, but soon felt strangely at home. Then when we had sex in that club, we both found it something we enjoyed and we have sought this out ever since.

During our first visit to Hellfire, we were shown around all the rooms and the dungeon. One of the play rooms they showed us was a room that has a live feed to the porn cinema they have. A camera starts recording once someone gets into the room and starts playing. We have seen such a room before in Xtasia and were both quite intrigued, but neither of us really had the courage to go in there. Besides, during our first ever Hellfire visit we were quite occupied in the dungeon with some people who really really know a lot about flogging and by giving a good live show down there where Mr L had his wicked way with me (it was Halloween after all), while I was bent over the horse thing. A single guy may have somehow got involved too, but only for a very short time, because I had a sudden attack of feeling inadequacy at blow jobs and started apologising for my lack of skill. No amount of reassurance could get me back into the zone and we had to get up and leave.

So during this latest visit, it was a lot quieter than last time. We had friendly chats with a few of the couples there and a newbie couple in particular, but there wasn't really anyone that we felt we wanted to play with. After a few drinks and lots of flirting and essentially turning each other on, Mr L started bringing up the idea of going into the camera room. I was intrigued and the idea was an instant turn on, but I was also surprised that Mr L suggested it, I was sure he would change his mind when push came to shove. After a short conversation, where we both checked with each other whether we were sure about going in there, we made a dash for it and went in.

Inside the room, we were both nervous/excited, this was so naughty and somehow so taboo. We never thought we would ever do something so daring and public. If you had told me a year or even 6 months ago, that we were going to have sex on a live camera feed, I would have never believed it. We started by just kissing each other, but I thought that might be boring viewing for our audience, so I quickly moved on to giving Mr L a blow job. He was clearly as excited as I was! As I was giving him the blow job, he started going a little soft. The realisation that we were on the big screen clearly kicked in, he asked me to move on the a hand job and that quickly fixed the situation. After some foreplay, we then moved onto the bed and had sex in plain old missionary position, with our back to the camera. Mr L occasionally started becoming conscious of the situation again and this position was the easiest to hide this problem. After he came inside of me, I still felt very very horny, so started masturbating. Anyone who knows me, knows I really struggle with orgasming, especially in public and well, to my big surprise I came very quickly. Clearly being a momentary porn star really helped me feel super turned on.

When we came out of the room, we noticed there was a little crowd coming out of the cinema. One couple came up to us and told us they really enjoyed the show and found it very hot. They also complimented Mr L on his stamina. We didn't think we had been in the room for all that long to deserve the complement, but Mr L took it and basked in its glory anyway. We both felt elated at our bravery and had a little spring in our step afterwards. The experience had been a big success and who knows, we might become live porn stars again one day. If only we could have taken home a copy of the footage, because we wished we could have seen what we looked like on screen! It was so much fun doing something a little different. Yet again we had a fun night in a club, despite not finding a couple we clicked with.

I do hope that our little story provided some distraction for you during these COVID-19 times and until next time my sexy readers.


Mrs L x

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Dec 01, 2020

That is a hot story. Sexy pics too


Mrs L
Mrs L
Apr 24, 2020

Thank you both for your positive comments. I would have replied replied individually, but I think my computer is having a moment. 😂


Apr 24, 2020

Great experience, love to read about other people’s experiences. You seemed as if you enjoyed yourselves 👍🏻🐾


Apr 23, 2020

Loved reading that. I know the place well so it was easy for me to visualise too mmmm

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