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A Tale of Friendship and Patience

Hey my sexy readers,

Today's story will be a little bit different from my recent posts. I started this blog, both as a diary of our sexy adventures and as a semi-educational resource, or maybe infotainment, for those thinking about entering the swinging lifestyle. My story today, will fit more into the latter category; not as much of a blow by blow account, but more of a story about friendship and building relationships in the lifestyle.

Way back when we were still new baby swingers, in early 2019, we were in our local club. It had been a Rocky Horror Show theme night and Mr L had gone full out in corset and fishnets. He looked pretty awesome and I still regret not taking a picture of his outfit. At the end of the night, we wanted to get into the hot tub to relax with a drink before heading off home. I got into the hot tub first while Mr L went to the toilet. There were a few other people in the hot tub, including a woman, who was dressed in a bikini, which was a little unusual as people usually got into the hot tub naked. As soon as I sat down next to her, she got really close to me and said: "Have you ever been with a woman?". I was a little confused as to why she singled out me to ask the question and taken aback at the speed at which the situation seemed to escalate, Mr L wasn't around and I didn't really know what to do. So I didn't really answer, but looked around in a kind of dumbfounded confusion. She then moved closer and asked me the question again. By now I had recovered from the surprise and answered truthfully that I had. She then proceeded to tell me she hadn't, but would love to and we then started chatting. Sharon, as we found out she was called, turned out to be a lovely person, who was just a little nervous. I quite liked her. By then her partner, Dave, had also introduced himself. Mr L then turned up and we all got talking. We found we actually got on really well, despite the slightly odd introduction, and before long we all agreed to move to a playroom, so the Sharon could have her desire of playing with a woman fulfilled. After Sharon and I played for a little while, the men joined in and before we knew it, we were in a full swap situation. After play we hung out together until the club closed and of course we exchanged details. We really enjoyed their company and were kind of amused at how they made us newbies feel like old hands. It turned out Sharon had been wearing a bikini in the hot tub, because she didn't know nudity was allowed! This illustrates just how new they really were.

Once home, we set up a WhatsApp group chat and had a very sexy few months chatting, exchanging sexy pictures and videos, talking about our likes and dislikes and trying to set up a future meet. Our new friends lived in another county, but often came our way, as they love travelling and they love the beautiful towns and sights our county has on offer, so setting up a future meet was proving to be a bit tricky. In the meantime though, the chat was such great fun and still one of the best group chats we have ever had, we think back to it with fondness. The exchanging of sexy pictures and videos fuelled our own sex life at home and the amount of sex we had just soared. We also grew really fond of Sharon and Dave over that time, we just clicked in a way we hadn't clicked with anyone else yet.

Then the Easter bank holiday weekend of 2019 arrived and the big day was here. We were going to spend some quality time with our new friends by the seaside. As it was, it was freakishly warm for the time of year, so it was a perfect weekend. Sharon had found a hotel that had a room for four adults with a beach view. The room was big, with high ceilings, a big four poster bed and a beautiful old balcony overlooking the sea. It was perfect and it had been made even more perfect by Sharon who had some Prosecco waiting in an ice bucket and who had put all sorts of toys, restraints, oils and lube ready on the bed. She clearly had big plans for the night, exciting!

Despite our excitement, we were also a little nervous, because it had been a while since we had met in person. We needed a little more time to get more relaxed with each other's company. This meant it was the perfect time to go for a bite to eat and carry on the conversation over some food. Within no time after arriving in the pub, Dave and I were flirting heavily and plotting and planning naughty things. At some point, he challenged me to take my knickers off, and of course I couldn't pass by such a challenge. Next time I went to the toilet, I took them off and when I got back to the table, dropped them in his lap! Before long, it was time to go back to our hotel room, we put some music on and got down to the serious business of having sexy fun. Both Mr L and her and me and him have a great connection. This was the first time we encountered that mythical four way connection and it would be a long time before we experienced that again. Unfortunately Dave had had a touch too much to drink and was struggling to stay hard, but we still had great fun together. Mr L and Sharon finished first and moved to the other (our) bed and observed Dave and I for a little while. It was at this point Mr L felt a shift in Sharon's demeanour, he noticed she suddenly went quiet. He thought it was just because she was tired and kind of dismissed it, but there was definitely a shift in energy.

The next morning we all got up and had breakfast together. We really loved the ease of their company and were enjoying every minute of it. After checkout, we had a lovely walk along the beach front. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we wished we could stay longer so we could join them in their sunbathing plans, but it was now Easter Sunday and we had to get home to our family. We said our goodbyes and told Sharon and Dave that we couldn't wait until the next time. We were about 10-15min down the road, when "PING", a message arrived in the group chat. Sharon: "I'm so sorry, but I don't think I can do this anymore. Last night I was overcome with jealousy and I don't think swinging is for us." This took us both by surprise, although Mr L now instantly recognised what happened last night as they were watching us. We were really saddened to receive this news and instantly knew we did not want them to cut off contact with us altogether, because we had come to see them as friends regardless! We replied immediately, telling Sharon that we enjoyed her and Dave's company very much and that we would be here as friends and that if they would like to stay in touch as pants on friends, then we are more than happy to do that. After that message, we heard no more from them. We understood that they had to talk about the situation and work through their emotions and feelings first, before they could re-enter our lives. We hoped that they would eventually return, but we knew that we could not be the first ones to reach out. We had left the door open and it was up to them to take that first step back through it.

Fast forward to December 2019. I was in the Morrisons car park and "PING!", a message came in. I checked who it was and OMG, it's Sharon and Dave! "Hello you two. How are you?" It reads. I text Mr L: "Did you see that?!". Of course I wrote a quick reply to say how happy I was to hear from them, and then hurry home. It was so nice to hear from them. They were clearly ready to talk to us again. Over the next few months we continued to stay in touch, we even had a zoom chat during the first lockdown and when we came out of the first lockdown, we met them a night out in a town near us. We stayed in the same hotel as them and had a great night, but this time we stayed out of each other's bedrooms. The subject of play and the lifestyle seemed like the big elephant in the room, but none of us seemed to have the courage to bring it up. Occasionally they mentioned a club near us, but they didn't go into details and we didn't want to push the issue and potentially push them away again, so left it up to them to broach the subject when they were comfortable and ready to do so. Clearly they weren't quite ready to bring it up yet. Then after Christmas 2020, contact fizzled out. Not purposely on either side, just due to life circumstances. Covid life can be surprisingly chaotic and busy after all.

Now we jump to July 2021. Mr L and I decided to try out a local naturist spa, it's swinger friendly, but essentially, it's a spa. We walked into the bar and lo and behold, who were there? Sharon and Dave! It took a minute for my brain to process where I knew those faces from, because it had been so long. We spent the whole night together, having fun. Dave and I are clearly the less mature among the four of us and we spent most of the evening in some sort of ball game in the pool that was full of innuendo and heavy flirting. Sharon, on the other hand, was much more muted and we weren't quite sure how to read her. It was clear, though, that Dave was keen to pick up the thread again, where it was dropped that fateful Easter Sunday in 2019...

Of course after this chance encounter, we got our chat going again, but we stuck to just updates of our day to day life and the flirting that happened between Dave and I in the pool, did not carry on in the virtual world . Then, while we were away on holiday in Tenerife, we received a message from Sharon and Dave out of the blue. They were inviting us over to stay at theirs! Mr L and I were both amazed. Of course the chance was very high that the invite was for a sexy night together, but we felt we could not assume, especially considering how our last play date unfolded. We expected them to mention something about their plans over the next few weeks, but they didn't, so in the end I couldn't bear it anymore and I asked them outright whether the weekend was going to be a social or a sexy night. The answer came soon enough: expect sexy. Yes! It was going to be a fun night!

The night came and storm Arnwen turned it into what we have come to call a "swingers night". For some reason there is always a storm when we have sexy plans and that night was no different. Anyway, Sharon and Dave proved to be the most perfect hosts. The second we stepped over the threshold, a glass of cold Prosecco was pushed into our hands, they carried our suitcases up for us and when we entered our bedroom. we found our bed was beautifully made up with neatly folded towels and a chocolate on each of our pillows! After this experience, we will not expect anything less of our friends now, Prosecco on arrival and pillow chocolates all the way! The four way chemistry from old was instantly there and we settled into a comfortable, easy chat, as if the last 18 months hadn't happened. It was great. Mr L gets on really well with Sharon. I don't think we have met anyone else that he clicks with so well, but on a personal level as well as during play and it was great to see the two of them get on so well.

We had a meal booked in a nearby wine bar and over food and drink we finally got to talk about what had happened and about our other encounters after the jealousy incident. We discovered that we had been right in holding back and allowing them to set the pace, because they confirmed that they had not been ready to play that time we met in the summer over 2020. The next encounter in the naturist spa was a different story, but they were there with friends and had kind of forgotten that there were play rooms as well. By the time we finished our food, there was a certain tension in the air. We didn't linger and ordered a taxi to get us back to the house asap.

As soon as we got to the house, we all stripped off and headed to the hot tub. It was a small Lay-Z-Spa, so it was quite cozy and touching was inevitable. But of course that was the idea behind our visit anyway! Things progressed pretty quickly. In no time I had hands all over me, touching my nipples, my body and finally my pussy. There was some expert touching going on and I could feel myself get pretty wet, and it wasn't from the water! On Mr L's side, Sharon wasn't shy either. She had her hands on his thighs and his cock pretty quickly, but very stealthily, because I didn't noticed and only learned about it the next day when Mr L told me! The hot tub was in their summer house/shed and despite the wind and rain outside, it started to get very hot inside. All of a sudden, Mr L suddenly kind of jumped up and leaned over the tub and exclaimed "I'm going to faint!". We all kicked into action and hopped out to help Mr L out of the tub and into the house, where it was a little cooler. Inside he threw himself onto the floor of the living room and laid there for 5 min tops. As soon as he was recovered, he joined us on the sofa and before you could even ask "are you feeling better?", he was already making out with Sharon. Things got hot and heavy very quickly and we all agreed it would be better to carry on with the sexy shenanigans on a bed. In the bedroom, the making out and kissing continued. Not long after we got up there, someone suggested we could give each other a massage and a few bottles of massage oil suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Both men massaged us women and then moved on to going down on us while we kissed. Not to brag or anything, but Mr L's oral skills are pretty good and Sharon came pretty quickly after he started going down on her. Apparently she doesn't orgasm easily, so that was definitely an ego boost for Mr L! On my side of the bed, things didn't go quite as well, again the devil that is alcohol was interfering with play. Dave was struggling to get an erection, he tried his hardest best to have sex with me, but there was no way his cock was hard enough to put a condom on, so it was really not going to happen. But luckily for him, I am quite a laid back kind of woman and I happily enjoyed kissing him, he is a great kisser, and I also got some toys out to spice up our play. After we played like this for a while, I thought I'd see if I could get Dave hard using my hands, within no time, and much to my surprise, he came. I couldn't believe it! He wasn't even hard, how could it happen so quickly and suddenly. I have been told before that I am good with my hands, but now it felt like my hands must be magic or something! I reassured Dave that it was OK and that I was sure he would make up for it at some point in the future. Then we cuddled and I spent a moment observing Sharon and Mr L. It is rare that I get to watch Mr L with another woman, so as I was watching, I was acutely aware of my feelings. I was happy to see how well things were going for him. I didn't think I had ever seen him have such a good connection with another woman before and then realised that despite this, I didn't actually feel jealous at all, and that it is so odd, because I always thought I would be a jealous person. Yet another thing that our time in the lifestyle has shown me: when it comes to sex jealousy is not a thing for me, on the contrary. The reason behind my happiness was that, as I have said before, swinging doesn't tend to come natural to Mr L, but this night, he was having fun with no problems whatsoever. Witnessing that gave me a happy fuzzy feeling. Play fizzled out not too much later, because a combination of Dave having had an early morning and alcohol, meant that he was ready for a sleep. That was fine by us, it was a refreshing change to have a play date finish by 12.30 and I was looking forward to feeling all awake and refreshed the next morning!

The aftermath of this play date has been much much better than the first one: no jealousy, no freak outs, instead plans to meet again in the New Year. We can't wait! Dave has already promised a rematch, I think he self conscious about his performance on the night and wants to make up. I know that for some people bad performance on a play date might be a deal breaker, especially if it happens more than once, but Dave and I have such a great chemistry and so much fun together, that I don't feel it's worth ending a friendship over. There's such a great four way connection between us all, that I feel this is something that we can work on and that will improve over time as we get more familiar with each other.

The story of our experience with Sharon and Dave is one I have wanted to share for a long time, but somehow it always felt that the story hadn't quite finished just yet and when they reached out for a stay over at their house, I knew I had been right to hang on. I feel that there is so much to reflect on and learn from this experience. Mr L and I have spent many hours discussing the events over the last few years. We came away with a few conclusions. Firstly, we were both really inexperienced when we met and in hindsight it was a case of too much too fast, especially considering they were also in a fairly new relationship. It genuinely felt like a whirlwind at the time and maybe we ought to have stood still for a second and considered how secure they were with each other at the time. Secondly, the experience confirmed to us that friendship is what the lifestyle is all about and sometimes that also includes giving people space to process when things don't go as expected. And thirdly, we think that our approach of leaving the lines of communication open and following their pace when they reached back to us and inched their way back into the lifestyle, allowed them to feel safe and secure with us when they felt the time had come to explore the lifestyle again. I am convinced that this is what contributed to the relaxed atmosphere when we got there. There were none of the usual nerves and it was clear we were all super comfortable with each other, just like it should be when you are good friends.

I hope that you found this story useful, maybe you are a couple like Sharon and Dave, who had to take a step back, or maybe you are a couple who are friends with a Sharon and Dave. Either way, I hope that this story shows that taking a step back, or even stepping out of the lifestyle altogether, doesn't have to be permanent. With supportive friends, you can find your way back and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Until next time


Mrs L

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