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2021, what a great year!

Hey sexy readers,

Yes, yes, I'm fully aware that this is a very controversial title, but I genuinely mean this. Our lifestyle year has been a great one, despite all the COVID related interruptions, and I truly hope it has set us up for an even better 2022. So what was so good about it you must wonder. Well, I will tell you.

  1. This was the year of building friendship and connection. We all know that the year started off with yet another long lockdown. But despite being stuck in the home, we managed to expand our lifestyle friendship group and connection. This was of course thanks to the magic that is social media. We got a few group chats going that entertained us and of course a lockdown isn't complete without the odd Zoom chat. When the time came to meet these people, it was like meeting old friends! It really was a blessing in disguise that we had to spend so long just chatting and getting to know each other. And of course we also had the rekindling of old lifestyle friendships. And finally, there was the amazing event that was the Bedhoppers Social. We have got to the end of the year feeling that we are slowly growing a core group of good lifestyle friends, both locally and throughout the country and that genuinely makes us happy.

  2. We had lots of new experiences. Whether that was being part of a promo video shoot for Le Boudoir, organising a MFM hotel meet, exploring kink and rope suspension, going to a club on my own or even starting an Only Fans page. All of these things were new and added a little spice to our life even if they don't always actively include other people. And none of these are things that would have ever entered our life without taking that first step of visiting a club and see what happens inside one of those.

  3. We got to travel! Yes, we got to travel again and had some awesome adventures along the way. We also got to see old and new friends that live throughout the country, whether that was to just catch up and socialise or for play. It was just amazing to be able to see others again that were too far from home up until recently.

  4. Clubs! Visiting a club is still our favourite way to engage in the swinging lifestyle. We don't go as often to our local club as we did pre-COVID, but we did overdo it a little at the time. We go regularly though and regular enough to be know and to have a core group we socialise with over in our local club. We hope that next year will see us visit clubs that are not our local one for a change!

  5. A closer relationship. I mention this every year, but for each year we are in the lifestyle, our communication and relationship seems to be getting better. This year the theme has been talking about exploring the kink scene, something Mr L is especially interested in. We have discussed topics and talked about fantasies and desires we would have NEVER said out loud 4-5 years ago. I am sure that you are all curious as to what these are, but for now we are keeping this private for now as some of these confessions and kinks are new to us. I am sure that once we have fully worked out what this will look like for us, we will be able to share our journey in more detail. You might have to be patient for this though! Discussing kinks, especially unusual or taboo ones, are a very vulnerable thing to do and being able to talk about this with each other without judgement or ridicule is one of the most intimate things we have ever done. Without being in the lifestyle we would have never had such intimate conversations and it is these conversations that bring us together.

With 2021 being so much fun, despite the lockdowns and restrictions, I can only wonder what 2022 has in store for us. I am sure it will be at least as good, if not better!

So what are our hopes for 2022? Well, for starters we hope to meet all those friends that we made in 2021. Our built in babysitter will sadly be leaving the home soon, but I'm sure we will figure something out! We're also travelling again, we have already booked our summer holiday in the sun! Missing out for so long really made me realise how much I need sunshine and a change of scenery every so often. And finally, we're hoping to explore those kinks. Mr L wants to really learn about rope suspension so we can do it at home. It would be so great if I could get to that subspace again, but this time at home by his hands! And we want to play a little with Mr L's newly discovered sub side and see whether I really am a sub or a switch! So that will be a lot to keep us occupied over the next year. I can' wait to get started!

Lots of love and until 2022!

Mrs L xx

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